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Okay guys This will be short and sweet. I have, in my hot little fist, a hot off the presses Advanced Reading Copy of KILLING TIME, book 1 of my new One-Eyed Jacks series that is not due for publication … Continue reading

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Debra Webb to face Black Friday – NOT!!! She’s giving away a book instead!

Black Friday As my family and I sat back, stuffed and feeling lazy, after Thanksgiving dinner, the conversation turned to Black Friday. I’m not sure how long the day after Thanksgiving has been used as the launching pad for holiday … Continue reading

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Please welcome debut author, Joan Swan

The Crush I live in California on the beautiful central coast in the heart of wine country. Everywhere I look, the hillsides and valleys extend to the horizon with rows upon neat rows of grape vines. It’s harvest season now, … Continue reading

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More Kick-Off Touchdowns, Bargain Hunter Style

I learned my lesson last year.  I waited too long to get the grandkids Halloween costumes.  I had noticed TJ Maxx’s costumes in the past, but I wasn’t in the market for them, and I didn’t know how quickly they … Continue reading

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The Joy Of Bargain Hunting

Let’s talk about how much fun we can have saving money.  I know we simple folk are supposed to be spending to pump up the economy while the rich folk save to pump up their bank accounts, but at this … Continue reading

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Does “Cool” Still Mean What I Think It Means?

“Mrs. Eagle, wasn’t Paul McCartney in another band before he got into Wings?” I’ll never be quite sure whether my 8th grade student was putting me on when she asked me that question.  Perfectly straight 8th grade face waiting for … Continue reading

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When a Klutz Joins the Gymnastics Team

Welcome Michelle Willingham, author of CLAIMED BY THE HIGHLAND WARRIOR! (No, this isn’t Michelle on the beam.  She performs even more amazing feats.  Michelle writes great books.) When I was sixteen, my mother suggested that I try out for a … Continue reading

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