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Magic Pumpkins and Manic Shoppers

My Thanksgiving centerpiece. They were giving away leftover pumpkins at the garden center on Wednesday when I stopped in for flowers, and this motley colored one caught my eye.  Scooped out the innards, filled it with water and presto.  Harvest … Continue reading

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Holidays, Nostalgia, Simpler Times, and . . . Bonnet Rippers?

Oh, and simple gifts.  On Sunday I’ll be drawing for a $15 gift certificate to be e-mailed to one lucky commenter.  An article in this week’s Newsweek (12/13/10) caught my eye.  “Love, Amish Style; These novels raise questions about modern … Continue reading

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Kathleen Says, Take Care Of the Little People

I’m running late this morning, and of course I’m going to explain why. But first–and this has nothing to do with being late, but it does tie in–I have a new book out this week. Okay, not really NEW new, … Continue reading

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Making a Difference

‘Tis the Season I’ve always loved, but since I seem to live my life trying to catch up, it’s a season of madness as well as joy. I’m looking for ways to minimize the former and accentuate the latter. Our … Continue reading

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