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Party At Tiffany’s

           It’s a book!            It’s a movie! It’s a terrific party theme, this one facilitated by my daughter.  I’d call her a chip off the ol’ block, but Elizabeth has her own flair, and she’s a quicker study and … Continue reading

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Holiday Projects, New Books, and Everlovin’ Cowboys

This news just in from Bell Bridge Books marketing department!  NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK will be $1.99 at Barnes & Noble (the Nook Store) as a digital download this weekend–December 22-24, 2102.  At that price you can treat yourself to a … Continue reading

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Easy Decorations, Homemade Celebrations

I admit to being a hoarder and recycler.  The name of the game is repurposing, and Halloween is a great time to play.  Old sheets, old wood, old bones—they might rest in pieces in my house, but never in peace.  … Continue reading

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Cindy is feathering her nest with Leather

I’m an HVGT fanatic. That’s HGTV to those of you who aren’t dyslectic, or in my case cross-eyed from spending so much time at the computer lately. Not enough time, apparently, was spent taking decorating advice from the experts. I … Continue reading

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Guido’s Home Decoratin’

Yo. It’s me. Betina’s pal Guido. She has axed me to come an’ once again elucidate for youse on a subject close to my heart. Home decoratin.’ Which I have been doin’ a lot of lately on account of my … Continue reading

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I would live like a bear in a cave rather than face a full-scale decorating project, which is why I have to “sneak” up on it, one piece at a time. It seems less daunting that way. I also have … Continue reading

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