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The farther you travel…the closer you get to home

Welcome deep-in-her-heart Texan and 2013 RITA finalist Jean Brashear! I am a 5th-generation Texan, and the Lone Star State runs deep in my blood. That doesn’t mean, however, that I couldn’t wait to see my small town in my rear … Continue reading

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Holding Out For a Hero

This young man stole my heart the other day at the end of a news broadcast peopled with lowlifes.  He’s dressed all macho, secure in his manhood, and just watch what he does.  And then there’s the firefighter giving oxygen … Continue reading

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Holiday Projects, New Books, and Everlovin’ Cowboys

This news just in from Bell Bridge Books marketing department!  NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK will be $1.99 at Barnes & Noble (the Nook Store) as a digital download this weekend–December 22-24, 2102.  At that price you can treat yourself to a … Continue reading

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Kathleen’s Big Book Week

I’m celebrating again today. One of my favorite heroes is Thomas Warrior, who started life as young Tommy T in THE NIGHT REMEMBERS, which is still available from Avon Books as an e-book.  Now Tommy T is all grown up, … Continue reading

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Lucky Number 7

When I returned to Silhouette Special to write IN CARE OF SAM BEAUDRY about three years ago I wasn’t thinking of writing a series of connected stories.  I tend to come up with one idea at a time and become … Continue reading

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Cover Conundrum

  If you’ve been reading my books and/or my RWTTD post, you know by now that I’m a cowboy fan.  TV cowboys were my first love—second to Daddy, of course—and when I found my true love, he was wearing a … Continue reading

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The Scent Of a Man

I love the smell of horse on a man.  But you know what?  Old Spice ain’t half bad, either. I’m supposed to be pitching a book.  COWBOY, TAKE ME AWAY came out this week, and I’ve visited a couple of … Continue reading

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