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Chelsea B. is the winner of the Amazon Gift Card!! Thanks for joining us.

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Enter and Win!

I am my mother. I know because two weeks ago when I flew to San Diego, I boarded the plane with a pocket knife in my purse. Why you ask? Not the point. The point is, I was x-rayed, as … Continue reading

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Mary C. you have won an Amazon gift card. Please email me at Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone.

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Mixing Magic-Now Available

It began almost four years ago when my daughter, Tara, suggested we write a book together. She was still in school then and was on something of a young adult reading binge. But she was tired of books that featured … Continue reading

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It has recently occurred to me that I would know practically nothing if I didn’t write books.  Like most of us, I’m ridiculously busy with family and hobbies and housework and careers. Which is where my weird need for trivia … Continue reading

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Backs. We’ve all got ‘em. At least I hope we do cuz if you don’t all you’re left with is your front and fronts tend to get kind of…mushy. But I digress, what I wanted to talk about specifically is … Continue reading

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Acccck!! I totally forgot to list the winner of the gift card from my post a couple weeks ago. But here she is: Thanks everyone for visiting our little blog.

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