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Behind the Curve on Movies… Your recommendations?

I’m WAY behind the curve on watching movies.  The last movie I saw in a theater was “Lincoln”, which I really enjoyed.  I’ve been so busy writing I’ve felt like I shouldn’t take the time to indulge in a full-length … Continue reading

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Congrats Nancy Swern WINNER!

Congrats Nancy Swern!  You are the winner of my Days of Jubilee blog.  Please send your snail mail address info to me at leannebbb @  (No spaces)  YAY!   xo, Leanne

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Day(s) of Jubilee/BOOK DRAWING!

I just finished two back-to-back deadlines and am returning to the land of the living.  I sacrificed several things to finish those books – Romance Writers of America National Conference, Sheryl Crow concert (we already had tickets), an extended week-end … Continue reading

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What gets us through….A few fave quotes… Share yours!

I flew to Milwaukee recently and heard a wonderful new quote, so I thought it was time to share our favorite quotes.  Quotes inspire us, amuse us, and make us think.  Here I go…. “Flying is like kindergarten.  You take … Continue reading

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What an interesting week!

In America, we started off with the Boston Marathon Bombing.  I was obsessed with every bit of news we were given about this event.  Horrified by the deaths and injuries, I prayed for the health and safety of the victims.  … Continue reading

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It’s not just April Fool’s Day!

It’s the first day of April and you know what that means.  You’re either bracing yourself for pranks that will be played on you or planning your pranks for others.  I try to play at least one April Fool’s joke … Continue reading

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If you ever get stuck in an elevator….

I recently read a news report about people getting stuck in an elevator for an hour.  And I wish I had been there.  Crazy, aren’t I? Well, dang, the people who were stuck in the elevator included three of my … Continue reading

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