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Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.

Is November Over Yet?

It’s always been an eventful month, at least for me.  Lots of up and a few downs in the years since I was born on the 8th day of the 9th month.  November 2013 was no exception.  It ended happily, … Continue reading

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“I still believe that people are really…”

Would you finish the sentence with a) selfish to the core b) naturally brutal c) always dumber than they look d) good at heart? Last week in the Minneapolis Star Tribune caught my eye.  “Instead of ‘I do,” a jilted … Continue reading

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Need a Reason To Believe?

In people, I mean.  Here’s one.  We just watched a NatGeo Wild episode called “The Lady With 700 Cats.”  Lynea Lattanzio calls herself a crazy cat lady, but she’s no animal hoarder.  She runs a 12-acre sanctuary, no-kill rescue facility … Continue reading

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More Covers, More Book Giveaways

Book covers.  The only thing that excites a writer more than a great book cover with her name on it is a bigger-than-expected royalty check with her name on it.  I had half a mind to buy my first cover … Continue reading

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Watch Michele Hauf’s New Cover Unfold

Hi all! I’m back for the day because I just can’t stay away from the awesome Riding ladies. And also I have a new release to promote. THE DARK’S MISTRESS is a vampire romance novella, and while I’ve written it … Continue reading

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Al Fresco Reading, a Seasonal Treat

Photo: Tom Wallace, Minneapolis Star Tribune. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool, print on the fingertips, paper paper reader, but I’m glad I can refer you to today’s Strib online, because I particularly enjoyed “Sky’s the limit for reading outdoors.”  I could be … Continue reading

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For Your Summer Reading Pleasure (You Could Win a Book!)

 REASON TO BELIEVE just came out in e-book format!  The new paperback is there, too, but at the moment they’re not on the same page.  We’ll have that fixed in a flash.  Meanwhile, I’m thrilled to bring you this book.  … Continue reading

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