Cindy Gerard visits!

the way home9781476735207It’s fun to return to my old stomping grounds and talk to you a little about my new release, THE WAY HOME.  Thanks, Kylie, for inviting me.

But first – allow me to play catch up a bit.  It’s been a busy year, as usual.  We took our kids and grandkids to Disneyland, California Adventure, Hollywood Studios and the beach this past summer.  Wow what a trip.  Gramma and Grandpa had figured it would be an endurance test for us and more or less planned to watch the kids on the rides.  Well, that didn’t happen.  If they went – they insisted that we went.  And when you’ve got a 5 year old sitting in the front of a rollercoaster with her hands up high in the air, saying “Come on you guys.  It’s not scary”, well what can you do but get in the darn ride. :o)  And you know what?  We had a blast.  We rode everything the kids did, got scared have to death in the process and laughed until we cried.  Goes to show – it’s good to do something that scares you once in a while.

We made several trips to the cabin with friends and family, had a couple of class reunions and in between I managed to write another book.

As I said above The Way Home came out the end of October and I’m so excited about it.  It’s my first hardcover, it’s a bonus book in the One Eyed Jack’s series, and it’s a special Christmas story.  I’m feeling very gratified that the reviews have been wonderful.  Readers have embraced this book which, although contains my usual military heroes, action, romance and suspense, also contains deeply emotional elements.  Here’s the jacket copy to give you a feel for the story.

Killed in Action–the most dreaded words imaginable for a soldier’s wife. Jess Albert has been living with them for four years, since the death of her husband in Afghanistan. Finding blessed numbness in routine, she doesn’t dare to look ahead, any more than she can bear to look back. Then Tyler Brown, former Special Ops warrior, shows up at her small general store in the Minnesota North Woods, jarring her back to life. Jess knows better than to fall in love with another man who places duty to his country before love of his wife—but there’s no denying the longing and the hope for a future that Ty makes her feel.

A world away, a man ravaged by years of captivity and torture, a man with no memories, finally escapes—clinging to life and sanity in a hostile land. In his darkest hour, he awakes in a lantern-lit cave to find a woman at his side. Dark-haired and dark-eyed, her touch is caring, despite the resentment he hears in her voice and sees on her face. Rabia is bound by honor to save the lost American soldier in her keeping, this broken warrior from a war that has brought so much devastation to her land. But is it honor igniting her compassion for her enemy, or is it something more?

While a Black Ops team plans a daring rescue mission to bring the soldier home, two women on opposite sides of the world walk a dangerous path between betrayal and honor, and must find for themselves where to draw the line between duty and love.

I promise that this is a deeply satisfying story.  One I’m hoping you’ll enjoy enough to want to buy for a friend or family member as a Christmas gift :o)

But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s a snippet of what Susan at Goodreads said:

“I wish I could give this more than 5 stars! If I could, I’d give it 254929663269 stars!
Cindy Gerard writes some of the best romantic suspense books I’ve ever read. She balances action and romance and it’s always perfect. This was so unlike anything I’ve read by her before; and it was still perfect.”

Check out this link for the rest of her review and many, many more.

In any event, thanks for letting me tell you about The Way Home today.  I’ll be giving away 2 e-book copies of When Somebody Loves You – a 2 book volume of 2 complete Loveswept novels from my backlist to be randomly chosen from today’s comments.



Buy link: Amazon

Buy link: B&N

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11 Responses to Cindy Gerard visits!

  1. Carolina says:

    Looking forward to the new book. Sounds very exciting!

  2. Kathleen O says:

    Cindy my local library just let me know that this book is in for me to pick up and read.. I can’t wait and how coincidental is it that I currently ready Killing Time.. okay I just got Goosebumps…

  3. Amy Denn says:

    I have loved every book of Cindy’s that I’ve gotten my hands on! I miss your knowledge at your old job with the state, but I love your books more! Besides, I stll have Tracy!

  4. Cindy Gerard says:

    Hey guys. thanks for stopping by. I’d feel pretty lonesome without you :o)

  5. Susan T. says:

    Love your books. Can’t wait to read to read The Way Home. Totally looking forward to One Eye Jack’s series.

  6. Miranda Bly says:

    I love your books, too, and I enjoyed meeting you and asking you questions at RomCon a couple of years ago. You and Tara were a blast.

  7. Jessie Morrill says:

    I can’t believe I still haven’t met your new characters. 😦 It really is a crime against nature. Hoping to have better luck commenting here! (Yes, I will stalk you anywhere to win a copy, I love your books that much! lol)

  8. Quilt Lady says:

    Hi Cindy, love your books and I am looking forward to reading this one. Thanks for sharing with us today!

  9. Always a treat to read one of your books!

  10. Cindy Gerard says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Ladies.
    Carolyn and Miranda are the winners of When Somebody Loves you. Please contact me at: so I can get your e-books to you:o)

  11. It’s so great to see you here on the blog again. We miss you! I totally love this cover, and I’m so glad it is receiving the great reviews it deserves. WONDERFUL book, Cindy!!

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