Guest CJ Miller–and a giveaway!

(The lovely CJ Miller is back, once again offering a give away of one of her fab books.  You won’t want to miss this one!)

Moving and a Giveaway

When my first book came out in September 2012, I was 8 months pregnant with my second child. My third book, Protecting His Princess, is out this month and I happen to be in the middle of moving to a new home. What can I say about my timing? Life is crazy busy, but always fun and exciting.

I’m living in a sea of boxes and organized chaos. My To Do list is dozens of items long, some more critical than others. For example, I would like to stop feeding my family take out and stock the pantry and refrigerator with lots of healthy meal and snack choices. Other chores, like cleaning out the fireplace, can wait for when I have more free time.

Have any tips to share with me on how to sort and organize? Share your thoughts and leave your email address (or email me at cj AT cj-miller DOT COM with the subject line RWTTD Giveaway) for your chance to win a copy of Protecting His Princess.

9780373278473Book Blurb:

In this kingdom, not even the royals are immune to danger

With a sexy FBI agent posing as her suitor, Princess Laila of Qamsar is home for the wedding of her brother the Emir. In truth, the beautiful royal and Harris Truman are on an undercover mission: to find the infamous terrorist her brother is suspected of aiding.

But once the festivities begin, Laila faces a bigger threat than Al-Adel. Her secret meetings with Harris pose a danger to her safety­—and her heart. To gain his love and live in freedom as his equal is her ardent desire. But will she betray her traditions for a man whose kisses are part of a charade?

Protecting His Princess, the third and final book in the Truman brother miniseries is out this month from Harlequin Romantic Suspense is available in print and e-book.


Barnes and Noble:

About C.J. Miller:

A 3rd generation Harlequin reader and the 1st in her family to write professionally, C.J. published her first book with Harlequin Romantic Suspense in 2012.

She lives in Maryland with her family. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and reading. C.J. believes in first loves, second chances, and happily ever after.

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15 Responses to Guest CJ Miller–and a giveaway!

  1. Leanna says:

    I would reccomend making meals that you can cook snd put in the freezer for later. Lasgna is great for this. Use a slowcooker put everything in it and dinner is ready for you when you comr home. Check the internet and Pinterest for some good recipes.

  2. Laney4 says:

    When I have dozens and dozens of things on my list, I write them out on separate pieces of paper (actually, I use the backs of old photos and then shred them later), stacking them so that I can change the priorities. Starting with the #1 priority, I work my way down. Some days I can only get to a couple of things, but other times I try to do one new thing every hour, even if it only takes 5 minutes to do (as “real life” consumes so much time otherwise). Mind you, other times I scream, have a long bath, and read a book to calm down. But that’s just me, LOL!
    seytype [at] hotmail [dot] com

    • C.J. Miller says:

      I like your idea of having tasks on individual pieces of paper. I can see the stack getting smaller as I get stuff done and I can easily re-prioritize, as opposed to rewriting the list. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Moves are definitely stressful. When my daughter moved we labeled every box with what room it needed to go into and what was inside. We used different colors to indicate priority. RED being open at once.

    Anything you remember as not being important store in the basement or garage. Leave the chore of finding those items a new place until you have more time, after the holidays or until spring time.

    Take the time to sit down and write down what jobs are most important to you, figure out what must get done immediately: for example curtains on the windows. Put away the things you can’t live without: kitchen items, set up the children’s bedrooms, find all their clothes and toys, find your bathroom essentials, make up the beds with clean sheets and put towels in the bathroom, put your clothes away. Set up your computer and writing space.

    Once you’ve completed what you consider essential you’ll feel better. The other items can find their spot when you figure out where everything needs to go. Also when you have more free time.
    johns lake at usa dot com

    • C.J. Miller says:

      I wish I had been more organized about my move! My settlement date was moved up, so we quickly packed our belongings and stuff was everywhere. Luckily, we do have space in the basement where we’ve been putting boxes to be sorted later. It makes me feel more calm to not trip over boxes in the hallway! Thanks for your comment!

  4. Kylie Brant says:

    Absolutely no help here since I haven’t moved since ’84 🙂 But I’m a list maker. So the organizer in me would prioritize what needs to be done in order. And I’d be relying on the crock pot to throw things in to in the morning and have something nutritious to eat later without a lot of worry throughout the day.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Organizing, take a large space (floor) Divide into 2 spaces 1-Donation or give away pile 2- throwaway pile 3- to Keep pile. Box up the give away and take or have them taken away immediately(so you can’t change your mind) Throw away all the junk or yeah I’ll fix or finish later later stuff. It leaves you with hopefully the lots smaller pile of keep. I’ve even done this with clothes as women we keep the bigger clothes and the I”ll fit into this again pile. yeah right and I figure if I do get there I will celebrate and buy something new for myself as a congrats gift. Plastic bins are good also for storage of seasonal or anything and stacked in the garage or closet will make room and keep handy. remember to label all the bins so you know whats in them. Food prep is great making healthy meals. Have someone take the kids for a day and plan to make several meals in that one day double up recipes and freeze into meal packets. This way you have what to choose from and only have to defrost and reheat. It is a time saver for me anyways. I just make the veggies and sides and poof meal is done! Love your books, have a great day!

    • C.J. Miller says:

      I finally parted with my “before I was pregnant” clothes. Not only did they not fit, the styles have changed. I haven’t managed to give away any baby clothes. I keep thinking “what if…?” But those are probably next to be donated!

  6. Bonnie says:

    oops 3 spaces!!! LOL sorry

  7. Mona Kekstadt says:

    I’m sorry no help here either,.,wish I was more like mom…she makes dinners and freezes them.
    When she visits from AZ she makes several meals for the days she and dad are by my house, and even when they go back home…She is a true gem…I have to do more crock pot stuff…
    I have a question C.J. do I need to read Hiding His Witness first before I read Shielding the Suspect, and Protecting his Princess are these connected? Thank you…

    • C.J. Miller says:

      Hi Mona, Thanks for your comments and question. Hiding His Witness, Shielding the Suspect and Protecting His Princess are related to each other, but are standalone novels. Each Truman brother has his own story and the books can be enjoyed without reading the others. I think it’s fun to catch up with characters in different books, to see what’s changed in their lives.

  8. C.J. Miller says:

    Congratulations, Leanna! You have an email from me. Please reply and let me know where you’d like me to mail your copy of Protecting His Princess.

    Thank you to everyone for your comments!

  9. MichaelHer says:

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