Watch Michele Hauf’s New Cover Unfold

Hi all!

I’m back for the day because I just can’t stay away from the awesome Riding ladies. And also I have a new release to promote. THE DARK’S MISTRESS is a vampire romance novella, and while I’ve written it for adults, I think this one actually toes the New Adult line as well because the characters are mid-20s and it has a heavy-metal/goth atmosphere.

I’m so in love with the cover for this story. I thought I’d give you a little peek into how it was created. I create all the covers for my self-published releases. I love to play around with Photoshop, though I’m no expert with the program, by any means. If you remember the cover for Malakai, I impressed myself with that one because I actually started with a picture of a man on a white linen background, cut that out, and placed against a backdrop that I’d created by melding two pictures together. Fun stuff! But a lot of work.

Lately, I’ve been leaving the tough work to the real artists. As with the cover for THE DARK’S MISTRESS. I like to find pictures at This is an amazing site where artists, models, photographers post their work for sale, or for use by other artists.

For example, the model posts her pictures at the site:   image

Artists, especially those who use computers to enhance photographs can download and use her pictures.

The artist then might add a background to the picture:  image 

With a lot of computer magic—voila! 

New Image  The finished picture that I was able to use for the The Dark’s Mistress cover.

I love how the artist changed the original model’s hair color and gave the background a very dreamy look, don’t you?

So here’s to creativity!

You can read more about THE DARK’S MISTRESS right here on my website.  And be sure to view Kambriel and Johnny’s Pinterest board.


ps – You’re maybe thinking, Wasn’t this titled Kambriel?

Why yes, it was, but recent issues with trademark dilution have forced me to change it. The story remains the same, as does the heroine’s name.

About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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8 Responses to Watch Michele Hauf’s New Cover Unfold

  1. Lois Greiman says:

    That’s gorgeous!!! I love magic!

  2. Michele, the “trademark dilution” issue sounds like legalese, which is one of our biggest nightmares. I’m often asked about book titles. We’re able to use song titles and movie titles as book titles because they aren’t copyright-able. But your original title was the name of a character. How does that dilute a trademark?

    • michelehauf says:

      After many tedious hours of research online, I learned that trademark dilution is a ticklish legal situation that is difficult for the defending side to win. That would be moi. The company that holds the same name as my character can claim that my using it will
      ‘dilute’ the value of their trademark. Of course, they would have to be a ‘famous’ company. It’s a lot of mumbo-jumbo, but I decided that I didn’t want to deal with hiring a lawyer (or who can afford that?) and that so long as I was allowed to keep my character’s name in the story that changing the title was doable. Definitely a major headache to make the title change after the book has been released. (It’s not been a good few days). But ultimately, I like to steer clear from the legal stuff.

  3. It’s beautiful, Michele! Love seeing how it all came together.

  4. michelehauf says:

    I should mention that when you look at the Notre Dame pic it’s not immediately clear how that fit in. The artist actually put the model on the perch before the far right gargoyle, so she’s perching on the edge. The left gargoyle does show on the back cover of my book. Fun!

  5. Kylie Brant says:

    Really intriguing cover. I’m reading more about trademark issues and how that can impact the author. Oy. Like we need more to worry about!

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