A Bad Boy On the Bucket List JUST THIS ONCE

Trish JensenWelcome JUST THIS ONCE author,  Trish Jensen!

I admit to being somewhat of a prude. In fact, except for my current editor, every single one of my previous editors would call me, exasperated and say, “Nice try, Trish, but yes you have to add at least one love scene.”

So one day I decided to write a book where a minister’s daughter, who’s been a good girl her entire life is faced with what she believes are the last seconds of her life. So many of the things she’s never experienced fly through her head, and she promises herself if she lives through this, she’s going to make certain to try them all. One of those on her instant bucket list is to have a wild fling with a bad boy, a man who’s all wrong for her.

Imagine her surprise when that very night a gorgeous, sexy, definite bad boy shows up at her front door. Hello bucket list in the flesh. But she makes it clear to her fantasy man that it couldn’t be more than just once. After all, he’s all wrong for her long range plans.Not to mention, her parents will keel over if they ever meet this man who has long hair and wears an earring. He’s definitely a thug. But a gorgeous thug.

She’s actually angry when she learns he’s actually a Vice cop, one of the good guys. Bucket list fantasy straight out of the window.

But she just can’t seem to get him out of her system. So that one time turns into many more. Still, he doesn’t fit into Plan A, and she never lets him forget it. He’s quite happy with the situation…for a while. But then he begins to get irritated that even though he’s getting everything he wants, and nothing he doesn’t, that she doesn’t and can never consider him as fit her vision of her Plan A forever type of guy.

And the tables are turned. He comes to resent that she’s using him, and that he’s only good for one thing.


I loved writing JUST THIS ONCE for just this reason. Turning everything upside down and inside out.

How about you? Do you like reading books where expectations are turned topsy  turvey? Do you have favorite books where this is the theme?

Winner receives a Kindle or Nook version of JUST THIS ONCE.  It’s also available in paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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12 Responses to A Bad Boy On the Bucket List JUST THIS ONCE

  1. Teresa Hughes says:

    I love when expectations get turned upside down! To me that just makes things more believable. In real life things never go as planned so why should it in a book?

    Being a preacher’s daughter who was expected to be the “good girl” I like the storyline of this book. I loved being “bad” once in awhile because doing what was always expected wasn’t much fun.

    Thanks for sharing with us! I look forward to reading this one!

    • Trish Jensen says:

      Ah, a preacher’s daughter! One of my best friends was also the daughter of our small town minister, and she wanted wild a time or two herself. But heaven forbid she’d ever get caught, because sure enough her father would hear about it on Sunday. So I took the blame for her several times, just because I knew the repercussions to her would be harsh. For me, too, but at least I wouldn’t have my father reminding me that I was embarrassing him in front of his entire congregation.

      I guess you could say she might have been a bit of the inspiration for Shannon, although in the book Shannon NEVER tested her wild side before the moment the hero’s dog trapped her in her own back yard and she was certain she was seconds away from being dog kibble.

      Thanks so much for reading and writing!



  2. It’s fun to change things up. At one point I realized that I had written quite a few heroines who were caretakers and that my heroes were often loners. That’s when I came up with THE LAST GOOD MAN. He’s the one who stayed put, and she’s the one who’s “back in town” desperately in need of healing. I love both characters, and it was interesting to see how he responded as she got stronger and started making changes on her own.

    • Trish Jensen says:


      You know I recognized that in The Last Good Man! He was actually the nurturer, albeit the very sexy one! I LOVED that book. I can’t decide which one of yours is my favorite, but that one is definitely in the top five.


  3. Mary Louise says:

    Hi Trish. I liked to be surprised for the most part. But I have to admit that a series I am reading slowly developed the relationship between the heroine and the unattainable hero. I was certain the road would be smoother for them when, out of the blue, the hero was killed! After 4 book!! Are you kidding me? I lost a night’s sleep over THAT development.

    • Trish Jensen says:

      Mary Louise:

      Unless we find out that the death of the hero is a hoax in book five, I’d have nightmares, too. After investing so much in the character through four books, to kill him off seems almost heartless. Then again, I was shocked over and over at the characters JK Rowlings would kill off throughout the series. Wanted to throw those books against the wall at times, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Too many other characters I was so deeply invested in that I couldn’t give up on them, and just prayed none of them would be gone by the next book.

      Thanks so much for commenting!


  4. JJ Marunycz says:

    Love this plot! Sounds like a terrific read! 🙂

  5. hannahrowan says:

    Can’t wait to read this one!

  6. Trish, as a P.K. myself (preacher’s kid) I remember the expectations and restrictions that made me want to rebel more than once. All the little girls were taking dance lessons – but not me! At the tender age of eight, I just knew my life was over! As a teen, the temptation to rebel was still there, but I understood the reasons and tried to behave…most of the time. I can’t wait to read your latest book and find out what happens to your P.K. and the bad boy! Great plot! Your books are always a treat to read.

  7. hwmac2000 says:

    “Hello bucket list in the flesh.” Hee! That sentence sells me on the book.

  8. Lois Greiman says:

    Everyone should have such a bucket list. 🙂 Afraid mine isn’t quite that much fun.

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