Debra – Staying on the Treadmill and Alpha heroes.

This is my battle.  I’m about 2 months into a treadmill program.  I’ve been consistent.  I’m on it 40-45 minutes a day.  (Depends on how long I’m willing to walk the cool down.)  The one thing that keeps me on the treadmill is NYT bestselling author, Nalini Singh.  Why?

The last time I made a good run at being a treadmill citizen, I found Nalini Singh, and began running through her Psy Changeling series—a very romance centric but with strong long-term series arc involving shifters (changelings), humans, and Psy (humans with vast mental powers ranging from telekinesis to teleportation to foresight).  The books are set in the future of a much changed earth with the three species set against one another.  There’s a bit of SF feel to it, but it’s also urban fantasy.  And always there is a satisfying romance.  Usually (always?) featuring an alpha male brought to his knees.

This time, I had novellas and a few books in the series saved up for a rainy day (i.e. treadmill push).  So, Nalini and I got back on the treadmill.  I worked.  I’m a daily treadmill citizen thanks to Nalini and some other writers who I love enough that if I can ONLY read them on the treadmill…I’ll get on the treadmill.

Nalini writes some of the best, most relatable, strongly motivated alphas.  I tend to want to throw books with alphas at the wall because they’re written too hard or the author doesn’t bother to create the bond with the reader.  I have to know why an alpha does what he does.  I have to care about him.  And they must always tread that fine line of respect for a woman’s intelligence with the protective.

I’m about to start FALLING KINGDOMS by Morgan Rhodes.  Great cover done by the amazing Shane Rebenschied.  Although I may decide to pick a different book because the next in series isn’t out until December!  As a reader, I really like to start a series and go right to the next book.

How about you?  Like alphas?  Want all the books in the series NOW?

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10 Responses to Debra – Staying on the Treadmill and Alpha heroes.

  1. Sharon Mitchell says:

    My friend, Debi, laughs at me because I will hold on to a book,unread, until the full trilogy comes out. There are, of course, exceptions, who write such prolific series that I could wait forever. People like J. D. Robb, Brenda Joyce, Stephanie Laurens, Sandra Hill and Iris Johansen are so captivating that I must have – and read – them immediately. I am a certified bookaholic and read about a book a day. unless my grandchildren are visiting.

    • debradixon says:

      Sharon! Excellent. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who wanted to plow through the whole series at a time. 🙂 I loved that when I “found” Stephanie Laurens, I could buy ALL the original Cynster books. That was awesome.

  2. Parker Blue says:

    Sometimes I like alphas, but often not, for the same reasons. But I love JR Ward’s alphas. I think it’s the bond between the men that works so well for me.

    • debradixon says:

      I love the Alpha who’s an Alpha-Beta cross but only for the heroine. 🙂 If that makes any sense.

  3. I do love alphas. Thanks for reminding me of Nalini’s books. I’ve read a lot of them, but don’t think I’m caught up and I’m also always looking for books to get me through time with the treadmill or stairmaster.

    • debradixon says:

      Stairmaster??!! I’m not sure anything could get me through the stairmaster. I bow before you. This explains a lot about your level of cuteness. ::sigh::

  4. Trish Jensen says:

    I do love alphas if there’s a believable backstory that makes them that way. And they use their anger for good, if that makes sense. Angry enough to fight the good fight against what he perceives as injustice. And I don’t mind if he does it in ways that aren’t always kosher. But he’s getting the job done. Also love a female strong enough to call him out on it and also bring him to his knees. Give any strong character a background that shapes him, or her, and I’ll cheer the entire way.

    • debradixon says:

      Yes! A great alpha only works if the heroine is the right heroine. If there is an inner core of strength or a uniqueness that arrows right to the alpha heart.

  5. I have a soft spot in my heart for the alpha type, and I want him to be harboring a soft spot somewhere deep down–something real and raw and absolutely human.

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