by Trish Jensen

There was a time (probably yesterday) when I thought to myself that I’d love to try something just once. Why not? No real consequences, just a few minutes or hours of new fun my way. I used to be afraid of flying.  No more. Afraid of parasailing. Loved it. Afraid to go ziplining. Now I’d do it every day if I could.

That, strangely, was my inspiration for Shannon’s journey. I wanted her to try things just once.

But she never planned on having it happen when a dog traps her in her back yard, and she’s pretty certain her life is over. This dog was going to kill her, and her bucket list was out the window.

When she figures out that the dog is truly a cupcake, but a seemingly confused one, she begins a journey she’d never even imagined. And one that brings her face-to-face and too up close and personal with a man who’s so wrong for her. But really, that bucket list is waiting, and she’s realizing he’s just been added to it. But just this once. And then he’ll be gone and she’ll be back to her normal life.

Her boring life.

And Shannon is the exact opposite of what Rick’s looking for, too. Yet he understands hisimage3.png dog’s attraction to her.  She definitely has just once potential, so is absolutely on board with her rules about how it is going to be.

Too bad for both that neither likes what they’ve signed on for. But juggling their deal with their actual desires just never quite mesh.

This was a fun book to write. I loved having both characters trying to tell each other they are only good for one time. And both frustrated because they want once more. How bad am I that I torture these people? Very. But I sure loved doing it just this once. J

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5 Responses to JUST THIS ONCE

  1. Hey, Trish, welcome! The premise of this is fascinating to me. I truly believe in “meant to be” moments–those times when you take a chance that is totally out of character but something tells you this is it, this must be. It happened to me in a big way. A junior in college, I was waiting for something or someone in the career counselor’s office when an “Invest Yourself” brochure about summer volunteer programs caught my eye and nearly jumped off the rack into my hand. No kidding, I wasn’t looking for anything different to do that summer, wasn’t even looking at the rack. And I couldn’t afford to do anything other than go back to the same summer job. Volunteer? Seriously? But like the brochure, a grant fell into my hands. Eventually, so did an Indian cowboy who could’ve posed for your lovely cover. I kid you not. (Oh, yeah, he’s a keeper.)

    • Trish Jensen says:

      May we all test out the truthfulness for ourselves? An Indian Cowboy. YUM. Before I became ill I was a ninny when it came to heights. After I made it through I thought, “I’ll never know if I don’t try.” And suddenly I was taking what I’d previously considered dumb risks at an alarming rate. And still do. Haven’t tried skydiving yet, but it’s in my bucket list for sure. An Indian Cowboy? Yum. Not that I’m fixated on that part.

  2. debradixon says:

    Trish you love torturing characters! And your fans like it so keep doing it!

    • Trish Jensen says:

      You created that cover and that man’s body. So who’s into torturing more? Every male friend I have demands to know how you managed to get pictures of them. Dream on, boys, dream on.

  3. Lois Greiman says:

    Thanks for joining us, Trish. Looks like a beautiful cover on a wonderful book. I’m all about bucket lists these days. Time is fleeting.

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