Have a Vampire Summer!

Hey all!  Me again, and late, as usual, with my post.  Appropriate for this day, the last day I’m going to blog here at Riding.  Because, I’m late for a reason.  We have a great, handy-dandy schedule that all the Riders can  check so we know when we’re supposed to blog.  I knew I was supposed to blog today, but forgot.  Because, well, blogging just doesn’t feel important to me any more.  Or maybe it’s that I’m all out of blog topics.  Probably a combination of both. I’m involved in most of the social media options out there, and I think blogging has settled to the bottom of the pile.


So let me say goodbye by introducing you to my next release, which is out beginning of July, BEAUTIFUL DANGER.  I love this story.  I am in love with both the hero and heroine.  It was nothing but a joy to write it, dark as it tends to be.  It is probably one of those ‘gift books’ that writers talk about when they say the words come easily and it seems to write itself.

The vampire hero, Domingos LaRoque, is one of my most tortured heroes yet.  Literally.  He’s just escaped the wolf pack who had held him captive, forcing him to the blood games (vamps pitted against one another to the death) and has sworn revenge.  Thing is, his time in captivity did not serve him well.  He’s a bit touched in the head.  He constantly hears voices and music in his head, and has severe UV sickness.  Okay, the dude is insane.  But going in to the story I liked to think that all he really needed was some understanding, and a hug, to bring him back to sanity.  A stretch, but love heals all, right?

The heroine is, of course, the hero’s worst nightmare, a vampire hunter.  She’s the only female in the Order of the Stake, and is determined to slay a vampire for every day her (now dead) husband was kept captive and tortured by vampires.  That was a year and a day.  She’s on slay #72—Domingos—and he’s challenging her at every step and turn.  Of course, that’s how it should work, right?

Anyway, they clash, they fall in love, they learn to trust, they doubt, they are torn apart, and then it all ends (mostly) happily ever after.  So I hope you’ll check it out if you love to read vampires.

And thanks to my fellow Riders for the great friendships and camaraderie over the years (that’ll never end), and to the readers of this blog it’s been an awesome ride in the convertible.  Have a great summer!


Check out my Pinterest board featuring pics that inspired BEAUTIFUL DANGER here!

And here’s a teaser trailer!

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5 Responses to Have a Vampire Summer!

  1. Kylie Brant says:

    As usual I love your cover! We’ll miss you, Michele. But I nose around your Pinterest site so I’ll still know what you’re up to 🙂 Besides FB, Twitter and Pinterest what other social media sites do you do?

    • michelehauf says:

      I also love Tumblr, and have three FB pages (two, too many), so that keeps me busy!

      • Guy D. Ogan says:

        Great cover! I used a local artist for “Immortal Relations” & “Immortal Relations, Love and War” but going with pre-made cover for my third “Immortal Relations Coming Out” as the artist left the area. Best of luck with your new book!

  2. Rosemary K. says:

    Great cover. It grabs you and won’t let go. Sorry to see you leave, but I know that there are only so much time to spend and you have to use it well.

  3. You’ve been such an asset to the blog, Michele. We’ll miss you!

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