Years ago I spoke to an author who said she bought herself a new trinket every time she released a new novel. I beleive that author was Jill Barnett, so those ‘trinkets’ probably cost more than I make in a year. But the monetary value is neither here nor there. (At least that’s what I tell myself.) My point is, I’ve always thought it important to remember to celebrate our successes, no matter how humble. When you finally remove the peeling that peeling bathroom wallpaper or finish your thesis or lose those pesky extra pounds, one should give herself a moment to celebrate.

Personally, my celebrations almost invariably involve food, so celebrating weight loss has often been counter productive. Nevertheless, I believe in my theory. Why work like little demons if we don’t take time to revel in our achievements. ie get a new pair of shoes, have a chocolate brownie delight, or get a mani/pedi.

horses 2012 188

So I bought a horse. (You didn’t see that coming, did you?) But here’s the deal, Home Fires was just released and I feel compelled to acknowledge the moment. I don’t particularly care about jewelry, I’m already saturated in chocolate and my manis and pedis are all beyond repair. But a new horse….ahhh…that will honest to goodness make my life better. And here’s why:
Sagacious Sage, my much beloved gelding who I’ve had since birth turned 20 on Valentine’s Day and will eventually need to slow down.


His sister, Bint Ayrea, has arthritis in her left carpus and probably won’t be competing again. And I loooove to compete.

Ergo, this little guy:

My Baby Colt

His name is Infinite Image. I think I’ll call him Finnegan. He’s not weaned yet, but I fell in love with him weeks ago and baring any unforseen problems, will be bringing him home June 17th.

So as Kylie said a few days again: Happy Release Day to Me!

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13 Responses to Yay!

  1. What a wonderful Release Day “trinket”, Lois! He’s a beauty. May you have many beautiful days together.

  2. Teresa Hughes says:

    I definitely didn’t see the horse coming! But, what an awesome gift to yourself! Beautiful pics!

    When I congratulate myself I go the mani/pedi route. Or I get my hairstyled.

    Happy Release Day!

    • Lois Greiman says:

      I told myself that if I finished the triathlon (which was Sat. and I’m still alive…so yay!) I’d get a massage, but I may be too busy….or cheap. A mani/pedi would be fun though. And relaxing. Sigh.

  3. Mary Louise says:

    OMG!! He’s magnificant and I can how you fell for him, he’s gorgeous. And, I love the name. Congrats!

  4. OMG! He is beautiful. I can see how you fell in love with him!

    Are we having a “welcome home” party when he arrives at your house? I’ll bring wine! 🙂

  5. Lois Greiman says:

    I may need wine. He’ll be weaned just days before I pick him up. :-/

  6. Kylie Brant says:

    Oh, how absolutely precious 🙂 Trinket is cute…but I prefer Finnegan. He’s perfect! And I love the idea of celebrating sales or new releases with some sort of commemorative piece too. My brother first suggested it. And unlike you, I do appreciate jewelry 🙂 But I may be at satiation point there. Shh. Don’t tell my hubby Congrats on the release and mega-congrats on your new little man!

  7. Nikki H says:

    He’s adorable! Congratulations on your new release!

  8. roxrustand says:

    What a perfect way to celebrate!! He is darling–love the color.

  9. Happy release day. Home Fires is on my kindle and I am carving out some time to read it asap.
    What a cute pony. I love the name Infinite Image and the nickname Finnegan.

  10. Nora Braun says:

    Late to seeing this but had to say what a beautiful baby! Congratulations! Horses are to you what shoes are to my Alison — you can never have enough 🙂

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