This is my intention…


In the tarot deck the Fool card is all about new beginnings and stepping blindly forth into the unknown.  I’m moving toward an endeavor that will bring a new beginning and I’m stepping into it with a sure, yet blind faith.  I’m going to build a house this fall.  And I’m asking the universe to help me accomplish that task.

I’m not going to do the actual construction; that’s the hubby’s job.  But I intend to start on the build in September.  We have purchased land.  We don’t close on that until end of July. My son is still living in our house. He moves out end of July.  We won’t even be able to put our house on the market until August.  We need that money to even begin building.  And yet, I’ve drawn up a sketch for house plans. We have an appointment to meet a drafter on Saturday.  We are moving forward, without questioning the big stuff (too much).

It’s all going to work out.  I know.  I can feel it in my very being.  Universe!  Help me make this a reality.

Now, part of asking the universe for help is putting it out there.  That’s why this blog today. I’m announcing my intentions to all who read this.  That spreads around the universal energy. All I ask of you is to believe that I can accomplish this.

And this is what I want in return: I want to hear your tales of when you have blindly trusted yourself and/or your actions when you were not really sure of the outcome.  And yet, you received exactly what you hoped would come to you.  Call it Law of Attraction. Call it being lucky.  Call it a confidence of self.

So tell me, what have you brought to yourself?  Or do you want to put out a request to the universe that you want others to share and acknowledge?


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6 Responses to This is my intention…

  1. Kathleen O says:

    Well recently I had the bathroom repainted.. I wanted it a nice sunny yellow colour on the walls and a cream colour on the cabinets. Now the latter came out just fine, but he wall turned out to be a lemon/lime colour and after it was on the walls I said to the painter that it would dry the right colour, then he tells me that yellow is the hardest colour to match from the colour swatch on the paint pallet. Now he tells me.. So let that be a lesson that yellow does not come out quite the way you want it.

  2. michelehauf says:

    Thanks for the yellow tip, Kathleen. I’m not much of a yellow person, so I’ll avoid that one. But I hear ya on paint chips never quite looking the same once you’ve painted a whole wall.

  3. Parker Blue says:

    Absolutely. The Law of Attraction has worked very well for me, and I’m confident it will for you, too. [ilong boring backstory skipped here] So I was in a poor paying job I had taken just to make ends meet and had lost my publisher, but started working the Law of Attraction. I ended up getting fired from that job because I wasn’t perky enough (yes, that was the real reason), but kept telling myself it would work out. And it did–I got a job that paid literally twice as much back in the city I really wanted to be in (which I wouldn’t have applied for if I hadn’t been fired), and found a wonderful new publisher in Bell Bridge Books. Now I’m working on being able to quit the very well paying job so I can work in the publishing industry full time. 🙂

    So, yes, I fully believe you will make it happen on your house!

    • michelehauf says:

      Thanks, Parker! I love stories of when a person loses something but then gains something even better (even though it might not feel like it at the ‘losing’ moment).

  4. Kylie Brant says:

    Wow, congratulations, Michele! That sounds fun. As hubby and I start to explore the option for early retirement, we’ve been pleasantly surprised that after both working two jobs, raising five kids, putting braces on every. single. one. of. them!, putting them all through college (two through grad school), paid for weddings et. al–we can actually retire early if we want to! Which is great, because when it came to planning for the future we just sort of crossed our fingers 🙂 Karma. I like that. And maybe only one full time job each going forward! Not now, but soon. Then I would have time to build a house. But I’m afraid that would be the end of our marriage

    • michelehauf says:

      Kylie, i so hearyou on housebuilding ending the marriage. The last time hubby and I did something together was to wallpaper the bathroom. I swore I would nwver work with him again!

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