How Do You Use Your Wishlist?

You know, those places at online stores where you can place items that you want to buy or wish you could buy.  I’m going to focus mainly on Amazon, since that is where my wishlist is, but I know Barnes & Noble does it too.  And you can probably use Goodreads that way as well.  Any other cool places with wishlists online?  Let us know!


Anyway, I most often will put a book on my Amazon wishlist if it’s something I want to read, but I either can’t buy it right away, or I’ve decided to think on it a month or more to see if I really want to read it.

Other times I’ll put books on there I want to remember to buy when they come out. They’re still listed as pre-order and I’m not so keen on pre-ordering, but I don’t want to forget about the title.  Also, favorite authors new stuff.  As soon as their newest book is listed, it goes on my wishlist.

I put research books that are very expensive on my list, in hopes that they’ll go down in price, or eventually someone will offer up a personal copy at a cheaper price.  That Marie Antoinette book below?  At one point it was listed at $2400!  It’s down to $150 now, but still too rich for my blood.  On my list it shall remain.


I put more than books on there.  I have some Betsey Johnson jewelry that truly is just a wish, and some shoes and even a dress on there right now.  I like to have access to family members’ wishlists, and I have been known to say around Xmas time “If you don’t have a wishlist, don’t expect a gift from me.”  It just makes shopping, for me, so much easier, to be able to go through someone’s wishlist.  And my mother is notorious for emailing us with ‘what do you want?’ around the holidays.  It’s easy to send her a link to my wishlist.

I also put Products I Don’t Want To Forget on my list.  Like for example I have a certain kind of mouthwash I like and I keep it on my wishlist just so I can remember the brand. And lately, I can only find it online, so there is that. (ACT no-alcohol Cinnamon flavored mouthwash; love it!).  I keep my cats’ brand of cat food there, just in case there’s a snowstorm and I can’t get to the store I figure I can have it delivered within two days.  (Sorry, cats, not even I will brave a snowstorm for you.)  As well, I like organic weird flaxy quinoa crunchy healthy stuff.  I might see something at Amazon, put it on my list, then look for it next time I go out grocery shopping.


I also have a few big ticket items that I’d love to own someday, and maybe will.  Things I’ve seen while browsing other stores online, and instead of trying to remember what website I saw them at, I’ll look them up at Amazon, add them to my list, and voila!  I’ve got a giant wall map of Paris on the list.  Wouldn’t that be so awesome in a bedroom?  Someday!

ParisMapInstallSo, what’s on your wishlist?  How do you use it?




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14 Responses to How Do You Use Your Wishlist?

  1. Teresa Hughes says:

    My wish list is all books. Actually, I have never thought of listing anything else. I use Amazon to buy ebooks but, I actually have a spreadsheet for my list. I still buy a lot of paperbacks which I order from a friends bookstore.

    Interesting post. Thanks for sharing:)

    • michelehauf says:

      Wow, a spreadsheet? Now that is book wishing at a new level!

      • Teresa Hughes says:

        Tell me about it! I average reading 20 books a week! So I always have a long list. Plus this way its easier for my friend to order them. I list the title, author, release date and price. My ebook list was like $1000 worh the last time I was brave enough to check. I don’t ever check the paperback/hardbook price list.

  2. Parker Blue says:

    I do the same thing, Michele. But I didn’t know Betsey Johnson had a jewelry line…have to check it out!

    • michelehauf says:

      OMG, I’m so addicted to BJ’s jewelry. Our Nordstrom Rack usually has it at half price, but she’s recently switched to Macy’s so I’m not sure where I’ll find it now!

  3. taurus says:

    I use my Amazon wish list the same way, Michelle. My family enjoys the organic rolled oats and chia seeds that Amazon stocks. On Barnes and Noble, I have a Nook wish list and a list for everything else. I do maintain an upcoming book release worksheet on my computer too as books may not be listed for preoder when I hear about them.

  4. Mona Kekstadt says:

    I too only put books on my wish list. I never think to add anything else…since I have my IPad I don’t my CDs any more..I make my own. I do download some,books on my IPad..hubbie has a special credit linked so all I so is put my password in and book is bought..Sweet! And very dangerous. I guess it will tell me when I can’t buy anymore right? I love pre-ordering books and keep an eye on it…I have found sometimes the price goes down and Amazon doesn’t tell you. It has happened to me several times already. I emailed them and they took care of it right away. If you pre-order and it has not shipped out you get the lowest price…just have to stay on top of it.
    I never heard of Betsey Johnson either. Does she have her own website? Love this post…

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  8. Woah, been a while since I’ve been browsing. ^^;

    But how do I use my wishlist? Let’s see…..
    I have a list set up for cheap-ish items my family might want, like these kindle apps my nephew wants or ebooks my folks want,
    a list for particularly expensive items,
    a list for books that I’ve read before, really want to keep, but (due to dust allergies and lack of shelf space and insert-other-reasons-here) I’m replacing the print versions with digital,
    a list for random books that look interesting,
    a list for books that are later in the series from either of the two previously mentioned lists (e.g. I’ve only owned the first five books of insert-series-here in print; book 6 goes on the “series” list rather than the “replace with Kindle” list),
    a list for various physical items I want to buy at some point but will hold off until I just need to add something to get the free shipping,
    and four, count ’em, FOUR separate lists for Doctor Who related items based on factors like whether they are from the classic series or the reboot and whether they are intended as kid’s books.
    And several other lists besides.

    Most of these lists are kept private, as they exist solely to remind me I wanted to buy certain items, but I do have a very few that I keep public…. just in case. 😉
    I earn Amazon gift cards through different reward sites–not much, but a little–and I’m usually able to buy two or three ebooks every month (I usually sort my lists by price and buy the cheapest thing; I have so many books on my Kindle to read it’ll be a while before that makes a problem for series order) and still have enough left to save up for the more expensive purchases.

    My Christmas list is something else entirely. That consists of a sheet of paper listing off various items I want or need and that I can’t afford to buy for myself or wouldn’t get any kickbacks if I tried…. like clothing that I have to try on before buying.
    Ebooks and movies boil down to “I’d like money/gift cards” because I get kickbacks that go into my student loan whenever I shop at certain websites.

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