The farther you travel…the closer you get to home

image Welcome deep-in-her-heart Texan and 2013 RITA finalist Jean Brashear!

I am a 5th-generation Texan, and the Lone Star State runs deep in my blood. That doesn’t mean, however, that I couldn’t wait to see my small town in my rear view mirror at eighteen or that I didn’t diss country music with my every breath. I fancied myself a budding intellectual and could not wait to drench myself in bright city lights.

So maybe the cliché should be: the more things change…the more they stay the same?

Here I am (cough) years later, tweeting my way through the American Country Music Awards and singing along to every dang song, which I know why? Because ever since I started writing romance novels (cough) years ago, nothing puts me in the mood like listening to country ballads.

Even worse, I write an inordinate amount of stories set in small Texas towns, and—gasp—any number of heroes who know how to ride a horse. Readers tell me they love my eccentric characters and how I make them feel that those small towns are home, and I love hearing it every sweet time.

Because…? The small town girl has traveled to many a big city, but she has never left her hometown behind. It travels with me in my heart, and I hope all my rancher forebears will forgive my wandering ways. (Probably sooner than they’d forgive me for going vegetarian eons ago, I promise you!)


Country blood breeds true, and Texas is in my bones, my breath and my heart. I love the endless blue bowl of sky, the ever-blowing wind, the down-home goodness of the pioneers I come from.

USAToday bestselling author and five-time RITA finalist (please, Susan Lucci , take the curse away) Jean Brashear’s first writing success came when a letter to Rod Stewart resulted in a Cinderella 16th birthday for her daughter. Come play with her at her website, Loving Life or on Facebook or Twitter

Jean and four of her friends are releasing a boxed set of 5 full-length novels for 99 cents called LOVE ME SOME COWBOY – the boys invite you to come play! (Okay, sure…the girls said you can come over, too. But Hands Off.)



About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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24 Responses to The farther you travel…the closer you get to home

  1. So I should have asked…how close or far from where you grew up did you wind up living? Or have you wound up anywhere yet…still looking for the place that’s home?

  2. Air Force brat who never thought of a ‘hometown’ even though I spent most of my childhood in Enid Okla. As an adult I followed my heart and hubby to Kentucky but now I long for “home” – not for the place but wish I were near my family. People make a place home. (Ps reading about cowboys does remind me of my Oklahoma days and home!)

    • Enid! Near my home world! But you’re right–the hardest part is being far from family.

    • Hey, fellow AFBrat! You nest where you land, right? I consider all that travel to be part of my education because it wasn’t vacationing. It was way more than hitting the high points, seeing the sights. We learned so much about people from such an early age. My parents were from VA, which is where I was born. We lived in TX, KS, ID, Guam, MA and some 3 month TDYs along the way. The one place Daddy was never stationed was ND. As I recall, Grand Forks and Minot were pretty far down everyone’s list. Brrr. So where did I skeedadle off to when I graduated from college in MA? You guessed it. Why? Because I’d met an irresistible cowboy, of course.

  3. Teresa Hughes says:

    Great post! I couldn’t live without country music either!! I’m from a small town with a lot of country boys. Sadly there are not many cowboys:( But, at least because of authors like you I can read about them:)

  4. Rogenna says:

    It’s so funny because even I joined the Navy to see the world, a little more than ten years later I wound up back home in Colorado, about 20 miles from the house where I grew up.

  5. I’ve loved each place I’ve lived in from New York to MA to TEXAS–yes, Jean–and now in FL. In Texas, I finally listened to country music and came to love it. Want to know why? Because each song is a story told in three minutes. The good writers…ah, they get me every time. I’ll be cheering from home at the Rita awards. Congrats on the nomination 🙂

  6. karensandler says:

    I live 400 miles away from my “small town”–Los Angeles! I’m in the small town now, in Northern California.

  7. I’m half a country from my roots in South Dakota, but all of my family lives on the west coast, now, so I’d feel left behind if I went “home” again. I love my adopted state, despite all its faults–no pun intended. 😉 But I’m happiest in my tiny little blink of a town.

  8. I was born in a small Central Texas Hill Country town and grew up just south of Houston. The folks on my Daddy’s side of the family were cowboys in Texas from before the Civil War–came over from Tennessee. So I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Texan who now lives in California. A long way from my roots. But I sure love to write about them. And cowboys! Texas cowboys.

  9. Quilt Lady says:

    I am around 40 miles from where I grew up. My sister still lives there so I still get to visit sometimes. It is still home to me.

  10. Leanna says:

    I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and last July I moved to Austin, Texas I love being a Texan! We have such state pride here and everyone is so nice!

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