The Lingo Tango

computerLike all the rest of you, I’m sure, I spend a lot of time with my digital devices. I have a desktop computer, laptop computer, smartphone, and iPad. I blog, I Facebook, I tweet. I comment on blogs, I text friends and family.

I had to learn new lingo, especially for Twitter which gives you only 140 characters per message. Still, I can often get stuck on an acronym, scratching my head and feeling like I’m working on a puzzle to decipher what it could possibly mean. texting

LOL (laugh out loud) was probably the first I learned. BTW (by the way), next. IRL (in real life) often comes in handy for those of us who fictionalize for a living. There’s OMG and TY (easy peasy to guess) and one I always have to think about IIRC (if I recall correctly).

There is some digital lingo not so easy to figure out, which I think was developed by kids trying to puzzle their parents. POS (parent over shoulder) clearly came about to warn users that oldsters (and clearly not coolsters) were nearby. One I recently discovered is “459.” Know it? It signifies “I love you,” because those numbers represent the letters I, L, Y on a telephone keypad. Cute, huh?

But I was made curious by a new one to me when Twitter told me I had a new follower. Each time I get a new one, the social media networks sends me an email that includes the person’s bio. A new follower to me says that she’s passionate about CFNM. I’m thinking…a new hobby? A band unknown to me? So, of course I googled it. BTW, the link to follow is NSFW (not safe for work). From wikipedia:,_naked_male

Who’d a thunk it? What about you? A fave acronym or piece of internet lingo?

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11 Responses to The Lingo Tango

  1. OMG you’re so right about Twitter…140 characters…FOR A WRITER? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We need a minimum of 200 just to say hello to someone! LOL

  2. Teresa Hughes says:

    Haha, I actually learned a few. I did not know IIRC, POS or 459. So that was new to me. I like to use IKR for I Know Right! Besides that its lol or OMW for me.

  3. Trish Jensen says:

    Wow, Christie! You taught me several I haven’t even seen before. The one that hangs me up every time is IIRC. I keep reading it as URK! So I have to think a moment and read it in context to get it right in my head. But the annoying thing to me is I sometimes find myself writing LOL! in a manuscript because it’s become ingrained in my head. Then I shake my dumb head and delete and actually have to write, “She laughed out loud at that one.” I’m waiting for the day when those shortcuts actually show up in books and not as mistakes, but as shortcuts because they’ve become “normal language.”

    • christieridgway says:

      I’ve written some texts into a book and so have used a shortcut a time or two. LOL on you writing that in the narrative. 😉

  4. Mona Kekstadt says:

    I just started Facebook…after a little wine with my sis…she set it up…and some blogging I do with several authors. My sister will text me something and I’ll ask her what is that? Then after she tells me it makes sense for the life of me I can’t remember…I use the LOL or OMG…
    I did not know the IIRC, POS, or 459 that’s new to me. That’s funny On my way! Or Oh my word…
    This is a great Blog…all of them are but this is funny…LOL!!! Everyone… Have a great Memorial Day!.

  5. Trish Jensen says:

    Oh, I have a new one for you, Christie! XHFH.

    Stands for Ex Husband From Hell. Although since we’re still great friends, he expects it when he gets a note from me. Obviously he’ll sign his to me XWFH. 🙂 Oh, that’s another thing! I’ve put in smiley face (:)) icons in my manuscripts as well. I usually catch myself and take them out, but once I forgot and the line editor wrote, “You didn’t really mean to :), did you?

  6. leannebanks says:

    I feel so lame, but J/K for just kidding! I have so far to go! GREAT BLOG! xoxo

  7. Laney4 says:

    BTW, I LOL when I read your blog today!!! TY so much!
    I sign family emails with TTFN (ta ta for now) or TTYL (talk to you later).

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