A Labor of Love?

I found a don’t miss movie clip for your enjoyment 🙂  It’s the tale of two men who were brave (or foolish) enough to sign up for a labor simulation.  An OB/GYN hooked these fellas up to electromonitors to stimulate contractions.  You don’t have to be a sadist like me <g> to find this freaking hilarious.  Especially when one of the guys whimpers, “Is that–I’m guessing that was a 7?”  And someone told him, “No, that’s about a 4.”  But see for yourself:


I also had a homemade movie hubby shot a couple weeks ago, which I like to call the “The Tale of Nutsy.”  Unfortunately I’m technologically challenged, and can only get the movie to show up here as a picture:


Hubby was working in the yard and came in to get me because a baby squirrel was out there and wouldn’t leave him alone.  It was running across his feet and following him everywhere (especially when he ‘chirped’ at it), even coming up on the porch and sitting beside him.  He ended up giving it water out of a bottle cap and hand-feeding it Cheerios.  The Internet says when baby squirrels get separated too early from their mother, that they will seek the help of humans.

The website also said that it’s a myth that the mother will reject the baby if humans have touched it, and that they’ll come back for it when given the chance.  So we’d go in the house for a while, only to go out and find Nutsy sunning himself on the top step :).  It would perch on hubby’s shoe and run up his pant leg.  I came up with the brilliant idea of having him take it across the street to the parking in front of the house, because there were a lot of squirrels there.  Just then it perched on John’s shoe again, so my manly guy was tiptoeing across the street with this squirrel on his toe (to avoid stepping on its tail.)  When hubby gently dislodged him the squirrel sat there for a while before starting to play around a large maple.  When it got on the other side of the tree, I urged hubby to come back while it wasn’t looking.  John got about ten yards away when the baby saw him and started *squealing*.  It was bizarre.  It took a while but the baby squirrel ended up back at our house on our step again, back to the water and Cheerio meal.

The last we saw of him he was under the porch step (and safe from predators).  By dark  he was gone.  We hope Mama Squirrel finally came to his rescue.

And finally–just because this is my new favorite song, I bring you a little Pink:


I don’t think you can be a romance writer–or reader–and not listen to this song and imagine all sorts of wonderful reunited lover plots!

Which was your favorite video?  Do you have anyone you’d like to see hooked up to the electromonitors in the first clip???? <evil laugh>

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25 Responses to A Labor of Love?

  1. Trish Jensen says:


    Same thing happened here with baby squirrels. Came home one day from the store and saw a dead squirrel near my driveway. Broke my heart, as always. But suddenly three baby squirrels were showing up on my back porch, where I have a ton of bird food. And whenever I’d go outside they’d follow me around. Made the mistake of feeding them peanuts. Voile! Squirrel mom. I didn’t know what to do. My dogs were ordered not to bug them, and they reluctantly listened. Finally called Animal Control to save them and safely release them back in to the wild when they were ready.

    I’m madly in love with Pink (in a non-sexual way) but that’s not my favorite song of hers. My favorite is one I WANT to call Perfect, but I don’t think that’s the actual title. It’s the one where she had to record two versions, one for her album and one for radio, because the actual, original song she calls the guy effing perfect (using the real word) but toned it down so radio stations could air it. LOVE that song. Both versions. 🙂 I can live with her potty mouth when her music is amazing. 🙂


    • Kylie Brant says:

      Yes! I know that song! Love her…and I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan, too. I like the gals that step outside the norm a little. Alanis Morrisette started out that way… I found an animal rehabber on line who lives within an hour. If the squirrel hadn’t disappeared I would have taken it to her.

  2. Teresa Hughes says:

    I loved them men feeling labor! But, loved the baby squirrel too.

    I would love for my ex-husband to have to feel what labor is like.

    Thanks for a fun post!

  3. Guy D. Ogan says:

    I’ve often thought if we men had the babies the world would not even be close to over population (fact is the human population might be in danger of “winking out”). Whoever called women “the weaker sex” must not have had any idea what women endure, not just in childbirth but in the daily frustration of dealing with us! Rather than weak, perhaps “masochistic” might be a better term. (-;

    • Kylie Brant says:

      LOL, Guy. Everytime I was going to the hospital I thought, “Oh man! Why am I doing this again? I don’t *like* this!” I just liked the outcome.

      • Guy D. Ogan says:

        I agree, babies are so cute but that notwithstanding, men are just babies themselves when it comes to their willingness to volunteer for pain (they may be capable of enduring it but won’t volunteer for it – thus they might have one but not another if they had any say in the matter)!

  4. Hands down my favorite is the movie that only shows up as a picture accompanied by the mental movie I made of your teddy bear of a hubby carefully crossing the street with a baby squirrel on his toe. Wonderful story!

    • Kylie Brant says:

      It was a riot 🙂 Tough guy farmer that he is, he was scoffing at my worries about the baby’s survival. “If it lives, it lives. If it doesn’t it doesn’t.” Yeah, this from the guy who realized the squirrel didn’t know enough to pick up the Cheerios and was holding them out one at a time for the squirrel to take. And who was still going out to check for it under the porch two days later. And when he was ‘walking’ it across the street, I say, “Watch out for his tail! It’s getting under your shoe!” So he was tiptoeing with it perched on the toe of his shoe. I should have gotten a picture of that!

  5. Kathleen O says:

    The Guys in Labor has got be number one, but I tell you the Baby squirrel one is so cute.

  6. Willa says:

    Awwww – the squirrel wins hands down! So cute! 😀

    Am currently re-reading Waking Nightmare, love this book! Wanted to ask – having never come across the name Ryne before, how is it pronounced? is it Ryne = rhymes with bin OR Ryne = rymes with dine? or something else?

    Two weeks til the end of May . . . holding in Squeeee of excitement! 😉

  7. Kylie Brant says:

    Willa, I stole the name Ryne from a student that once attended our school 🙂 It’s pronounced to rhyme with dine–one syllable.

  8. Cindy Gerard says:

    LOVE the labor video. Where do you find these things?
    And I can see John babying a baby squirrel. what a guy

  9. Quilt Lady says:

    Great song! Love the baby squirrel story.

  10. leannebanks says:

    I HEART the squirrel story… as long as it didn’t have rabies. Yeah, I’m practical like that. But I would have loved to see the video. The story was great. There are two males I would love to see experience the pain of labor. And neither of those is my husband. GREEEEAAAATTTT BLOG!

    • Kylie Brant says:

      That was the first thing John thought, too Leanne. He was sort of creeped out at first because he was afraid it was sick. But a vet told me a baby animal is unlikely to survive having rabies long enough to pass it on. Hubby found that unconvincing until he recognized how healthy it was acting.

      We found out later two of our sons profess to be creeped out by squirrels. Geez…squirrels, clowns, mimes…I raised a bunch of wimps!

  11. Stephenia says:

    I like pink and love that song but have never got why she has a creepy glowing eyed teddy bear in it??

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Actually, I think the cover of the video is hot, but the gist of it…her rolling around on a bed by herself with that bear? Looks like they were on a budget or something. Really didn’t go with the song, I didn’t think.

  12. Sheila says:

    Tell your hubby he is a good man for helping out that baby squirrel.

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