I tried to think of a clever topic for today. When that didn’t happen I attempted to pretend I had an interest in world events or my career or well…anything really. But the truth is, all I care about right now is babies.


Eleven months ago our first granddaughter arrived. This is Lona Pearl. (That’s a dog she’s molesting.) And here she is with her parents. Sigh. I adore her with the kind of ridiculous passion generally found in grandmothers and crazed zealots. I enjoy every minute I spend with her: teething, colic, hiccups, peekaboo, doesn’t matter. It’s all good.

Lona 1

Then on Saturday, tadah!! my daughter gave birth to Kyah Rose. She’s teeny and perfect and cute as a bug. So wonderful.


But true to my nature I HAVE to worry about something, so I’ve decided to fixate on how best to divide my time between them. Time, you see, is not really my friend. I tend to fill it up with too much stuff. This weekend, for instance, I competed in a horseshow, rushed home, kicked off my spurs and raced to the hospital to welcome Kyah into the world. The next morning I was up at five to do chores so I could get in a couple more minutes with daughter and baby before driving five hours to attend Son One’s graduation from med school.

Somewhere along the way this kind of schedule has become the norm for me. What’s that about? And how am I going to find time to properly spoil my grandchildren when my feet are all over town?
And another concern: How does one help cousins bond? I saw a plaque that said, “Grandma’s house, where cousins become friends.” I so want that for these two little buttons. I never knew my cousins and neither my parents nor my in-laws had much interest in grandparenting. So advice is much appreciated. Were you close to your cousins? If so what kind of activities made that possible? And what sort of fond memories do you have of your grandparents? I’m fully prepared to steal any ideas that will make my grandbabies love me.

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13 Responses to BABIES!

  1. Teresa Hughes says:

    I have a few cousins that I have always been close to. We always got together at my mawmaw’s house usually for all major holidays and a few weeks during the summer. I was extremely close to both sets of grandparents. I visit them often and just made time for them. Life gets crazy but some how you just find the time. Both set of grandparents are now gone. I lost my first pawpaw when I was a teenager and then lost all three of my remaining grandparents within 16 months when I was like 27-28. I miss them a lot and I am so glad for every minute I had with them.

    My advixe is try to make the time and when you can’t be there in person use Skype, Facetime, or Facebook to stay connected. When all else fails send a text or call.

  2. Lois Greiman says:

    Thanks Teresa. Great advice. Sorry the pics aren’t up yet. Technology is still tormenting me.

  3. Mona Kekstadt says:

    First Congrats on your grand-daughter how exicting…. How do cousins bond you say..Yup Grandma’s house is the it was for sure when I was growing up…every holiday or birthday party we all got together over there..After we got a little older mom always had the party at our house or aunts had the party by them…I was very close to my grandparents, they taught me a lot..made me appreciate so many things. I’m not very close to my cousins I do see them from time to time. One just moved from San Fran to Chicago. I do plan to do more things with one of my cousins this summer. But I too am connecting with some via Facebook. That’s what I would recommend too.
    I just started Facebook, and seeing the baby photos from one cousins family is awesome. He is also a very talented artist and didn’t know how well until I saw on Facebook. His drawings are amazing…take care all…hope this helps. One thing that me and all my cousins agree now and look back on is Grandma was the glue. It was sad after she passed the entire family went there separate ways. I love this blog..I was just talking about my one cousin who is getting married next year and there coming to Chicago from Virginia to have the wedding where his entire family lives..when I got married he teased me and told me it was because of him that I met my husband. He’s right I met my husband when I went to his little league games. Have a great day all…lol

  4. Trish Jensen says:


    On my mother’s side I was very close to my cousins. In fact, my cousin Mike came to live with us every summer (his father was a raging, abusive alcoholic and my mom’s sister wanted Mike to live with a happy family and get away from the SOB). On my father’s side I wasn’t that close with my cousins, but in the last few years we’ve really bonded, and I love it.

    As for grandparents, strangely enough I feel closest to the grandmother I never met, as she died suddenly before I was born. But the stories about her live on to this day. When my parents were dating in college my dad would send a Western Union message to her that would say only, “Ham and bean soup,” which would clue my grandmother in that they were going there for a weekend visit. My father LOVED his mother-in-law.

    So if I had any advice it would be to be the greatest mother-in-law to your kids’ husbands/wives, so that they look forward to visiting and visits so you get to see and love and spoil the kidlets as much as possible.

    Congratulations, Grandma!


  5. leannebanks says:

    Your babies are gorgeous! So happy for you! And huge congrats to your son! You are a super woman, going all these places, working all this in. I can’t imagine it. We often visited our grandmas after church because we lived in the same town. We also took one of our grandmas to the beach with us a few times. Great memories from that. My mom has been a “super grandmother”. She always came and helped after the babies were born. Sometimes gave gifts of cleaning services or diaper service. She offered to keep babies while the parents went on trips. She really set the bar high! 🙂

  6. Cindy Gerard says:

    Congrats Lois. the babies are unbelievably perfect :o) But then, they’re yours so why wouldn’t they be?

  7. Nora Braun says:

    Congratulations, Lois! She is beautiful — actually both are! One thing I’ve found is that as my grandbabies get older, they can come with me on all sorts of outings. And they love to just ‘hang’ with me. And grandma’s house is where the cousins get to hang out — especially overnight together. My one cousin and I still joke about me pretending to sleep and her being the night owl saying “No Mae you awake?” Even my nieces bonded as cousins at my mom’s house. They would spend a couple nights, do projects with grandma, help grandpa in the garden. One of the coolest things those two cousins did was to put glow n the dark stars all over my parents bedroom ceiling, with a heart made of stars right over where grandma slept! And with all the fun things to explore at your place, grandma’s is definitely going to be where the cousins become best friends! Enjoy!

  8. Trish Jensen says:

    Oh, Lois, one more thing. Well, two. 🙂 First, when I read your blog the baby pics were nowhere to be found. But oh my gosh, they’re here now, and they are BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE your baby laying all over the doggie. And what GORGEOUS eyes she has.

    Second, another grandmother story, but this one of my father’s mother. She was a very strict Christian Scientist. So when my mother became pregnant instantly (probably on their honeymoon) my dad’s mom fretted and fretted that they’d had premarital sex, and that my mom was already preggers before the wedding. What could she tell her congregation? So on the anniversary of their nine months of marriage my dad called his mother and said, “Hey, mom! We’ve been married nine months as of today. And Nancy’s still pregnant.” My grandmother whispered, “Oh, thank God!” My oldest sister was born about a week later. Phew! But that was good enough for Nana. 🙂

  9. marilynpuett says:

    First, congrats on babies and graduations! Second, there’s no way you’ll ever be able to give everyone equal time and attention so just stop worrying about it now. Do what you can do. And I agree about being the best mother-in-law you can be so they’ll want to visit. I have a great relationship with my daughter-in-law. Bless her, when I divorced, she rode it out with style. My older granddaughter is nearly 7 and she spent New Year’s with me. Did we ever have fun!!!!! Her little sister is just 6 months old, but I’ve kept the both of them once (and remembered why God gives babies to young people LOL). I look forward to growing old with those sweet little girls in my life.

    You’ll do great. The fact you worry about it means you care.


  10. Kylie Brant says:

    Oh my my. Sigh. They are adorable. (as is the dog!) And I am totally with you on the gaga grandmother-hood. I make no apologies–I earned this! I am very lucky (right now) that all five kids are in the same city so cousins spend a lot of time together at this point. But–

    Since the boys were two they all come to Gamma’s for 5-7 days in the summer. We fill every day with adventures and fun, seeing and doing so much that they beg to go to bed at night 🙂 We have a blast. This year I get the girls too–they’re both two–at their own time since we will have to have a schedule to include dress up and tea parties.

    So that’s an option–planning a time all the cousins come to visit, or staggering the times for different age groups. Another option I’ve heard is ‘cousin’s weekend’ where they all come on the same weekend to bond and do fun things. The summer option works better if some live far away, though.

    One group of cousins went home for Christmas Eve every year and the kids always put on a play for the adults. As they grew older they started writing and directing their own. They had lots of fun with that.

    Oh and family vacations help all the cousins know each other too. We try for one at least every other year.

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