And This Says it All


We have our share of winter weather in Iowa, but about mid-March it’s usually become a distant memory.  As a matter of fact, I start getting complacent mid-February.  It’s almost March, I tell myself.  I don’t care what happens, March is spring.  We go on spring break the second week in March every year, and often people back home are having weather in the sixties and seventies.

But not this year.  So when I came back from vacation I hunkered down.  Surely the next week would be better.  And then the next.  March had roared in like a lion.  It roared out the same way.  None of this lamb sh**.  Okay, though.  Once March was over, so was winter.

Wrong again.  April held very few nice days, lots of gale force winds and more rain than I recall in the last few years.  The old cup of positive had me thankful that we were replenishing the soil moisture levels after last year’s drought.  (Hey, I own farmland!)

But snow in May?  Really?  Really???  Having to tell kids on Monday and Tuesday to be sure and not wear those shorts and flip flops the rest of the week because we were going to get a winter storm?  That’s crazy talk.  And this is what crazy looks like in my neck of the woods today:


Of course we have the standard parents who refused to go to the attic to get their kids’ winter coats/hats/boots (#whatthehell???) because apparently the effort is beyond them.  And on the way to school today I saw the standard Middle Schooler walking to school in shorts, short sleeve shirt and flip flops.  That brought a smile, because you just know not all the sidewalks are going to be shoveled.  Ah.  Sometimes karma is just too sweet 🙂

Are you getting bizarre weather this year?  Any words of encouragement for someone who had to don *snowboots* for safety patrol duty today???

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22 Responses to And This Says it All

  1. Kathleen O says:

    I feel for you with the snow.. It seems it does not want to leave some parts of the world… We are finally having Spring here in Southern Ontario… We have three day in the 70’s and today looks like another beautiful day. I was glad to see that last of April.. We had the whole gamit of weather. Snow, rain, hail, thunder, lightning, and that was all in the same day.. It seemed like it was never going to end, but we have seen the last of it…I hope.

  2. bellwriter says:

    Kylie, I *WISH* we were getting blizzard weather. I’m totally in the #whatthehell camp because we are in drought conditions. I’m still waiting for some genius to invent an electric snow transporter to help relocate all the white stuff to the places that need it, and by white stuff I don’t mean flame retardent. That poor kid walking to school in shorts and flip flops. Don’t get me started on that one. Summers got to be just around the corner, right? ~ Donnell

    • Kylie Brant says:

      I hope your drought conditions improve. After all year forecasting that we would have another drought, with the constant rain they are changing their minds 🙂 Really no prediction in the forecast if they wait until the weather happens and then prognosticate!

  3. roxrustand says:

    Our son Brian had to travel from Minneapolis to Iowa yesterday. There was around 14 inches of snow between Owattona and Albert Lea, a single lane on the freeway was open–but not plowed, so it was heavy slush and ruts and ice, and he said traffic was moving at 21 mph. He lost count of the cars and semis in the ditch. Then ALL the traffic stopped–because there were five semis ahead that couldn’t make it up a not-so-steep slope around Albert Lea. All I can image is really needing a rest stop and being stuck in traffic for an hour! 🙂 It was bad all the down to Waterloo.

    How can this be!? We used to think that we MIGHT get one last storm around the beginning of April. Maybe. And this is May!

  4. Kylie Brant says:

    I still talk about the three day blizzard of ’73…but six inches of snow in May is going to top that story!

  5. Teresa Hughes says:

    I think all the weather has gone crazy. I’m in NC and had to turn our heat back on! Not really sure what I can say to be encouraging except you are not alone and eventually things will get better. Yeah, I know not much help:(

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Teresa, you’re right, the weather has been crazy all over. We haven’t had measurable snow in May since 1947 here! But if it doesn’t snow in May again for the next fifty years I guess I can’t complain 🙂

  6. CateS says:

    Hope things are melting.. and that they know what to do at schools for frostbite!

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Just a little bitter here that everyone around us cancelled or was late yesterday, but we were on time. Several teachers went in the ditch or had accidents coming to work from out of town. That’s just not right 😦

  7. debradixon says:

    Holy cow! That’s amazing. We’ve had some back and forth weather but not this!! I’m cracking up at having to say, “Don’t wear flip flops in case of snow!”

  8. Kylie Brant says:

    And of course one of my students wore them. Seriously. I just shake my head!

  9. Willa says:

    😯 😯 😯

    Good grief!

    How’s the book coming on . . .? 😛

  10. Quilt Lady says:

    Its been really weird here also. It is in the 70’s today but they say its going back into the 50’s tomorrow.

  11. leannebanks says:

    Kylie, March was called Marchuary. Should April have been called Apriluary? Mayuary? I’m wishing you warm temps asap! xo, Leanne

  12. Sonya Heaney says:

    On the other hand, here in Australia it’s still practically summer when it should be winter by now!

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