It’s a New Day For an Old Favorite

What the Heart Knows - screen I’m celebrating!

What the Heart Knows, newly edited and dressed in a new cover, is officially on sale in e-format as well as trade paperback.  I love a good “secret baby” story, which this is, but it’s so much more.  It’s the story of a man who reached for the sky and grabbed a piece of it before tumbling back to earth.  Unlike the mythical Icarus, Reese Blue Sky survived his untimely retirement from contemporary hero status as an NBA player, but can he go home again, even briefly for his father’s funeral?  And when he runs into the woman he left behind, will he be tempted to stay, just a little bit longer?

Helen Ketterling has struggled since the summer she fell in love with Reese.  She had plenty of reasons not to tell him about his son, but her feelings for him were not among them.  She’s pulled herself out of the hole she dug for herself using gambling as a shovel, and she’s made a good life for herself and her son.  But now that she’s working to help uncover corruption that threatens the casino business on the reservation Reese once called home, how will she handle the reunion she’s carefully avoided for so long?

We writers have all been told by at least one editor that unless your name is Susan Elizabeth Phillips (one of my personal favorites) you can’t write a romance with a pro any sport player as a hero.  Romance readers won’t buy it.  Okay, rodeo might be the exception, but that’s because the “player” is a cowboy, and who doesn’t love a cowboy?  It’s one man, one beast, the ride only lasts eight seconds, and the rules are simple.  Ride ‘em, cowboy.  But football?  Basketball?  Up and down the field, up and down the court for hours and hours fighting over a ball, and the season is interminable.

Ah, but a retired player.  One who has issues, regrets, dreams yet to fulfill and a heart in need of tender loving care, now that’s a hero we can fall in love with.  Basketball is the sport in Indian Country.  As a high school teacher I was a big fan.  I was a loyal fan when I was in high school myself, a Celtics fan from way back, and now I support my Timberwolves through thick and thin.  (Lots of thin, but hope springs eternal for the romantic.)  But while it can be a metaphor, the sport itself doesn’t make much of a backdrop for my kind of a novel.  It’s merely a part of what makes a character who he is, of where he’s been and what’s brought him to the crossroads where the story begins, the intersection of relationships, the push and pull of human emotion.  No matter what the genre, a good story is all about character.

What do you look for when you check out a cover or a blub or a review for something to read?  What “sells” you?  What turns you off?  I’ll be giving away an Amazon download of This Time Forever to one of today’s commenters.

This Time Forever - screen


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Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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14 Responses to It’s a New Day For an Old Favorite

  1. Teresa Hughes says:

    I already bought This Time Forever so don’t include me in the contest.

    When buying books I like covers that capture me. I want to be able to connect with the book because it looks interesting. If its about a baby then I want to see an adorable baby. If its about a hot cowboy then show me a hot cowboy.

    As for reviews I don’t read them. Because what a reviewer doesn’t like I will probably love. Instead I go by recommendations from authors that I like. So since I love what you write if you recommend a book then I will usually like it.

    I do read blurbs to see if I can connect to the story.

    That’s about it for me when I buy books. Have a great day!

  2. Mona Kekstadt says:

    I don’t have this book. When I do buy a book I’m not really looking too much at the cover, unless i know ahead of time its about a cowboy I’ll defintely get it. Ever see Vicki Lewis Thomspon covers of her books?? There pretty her cowboys…but have to say like yours Kathleen and plan to check Amazon for some of yours..

    As for reviews I read them, but I don’t let them decide wether or not to buy the book. Everyone has there own opinion. If the story captures my interest I’m buying it. I love to recommendations from others. Hope you have wonderful day!!!

    I really love this blog. I never would have found this if it wasn’t for Cindy Gerard….thank you..

  3. Kathleen O says:

    I already have a copy of This Time Forever on my kindle. So you can exclude me from the contest, But I have to say that what draws me to a book is a striking book cover that matches the title of the book and story line. Not necessarily having a cowboy on the cover of something I know has a western theme, but it could be a shot of mountains or the open range with horses or cattle about it. I am putting this new re-issued book on my tbr list for my kindle…

  4. Thank you, fellow Kathleen! I’m with you on incredible landscape and horses. I want to be there, so I pick up the book and look at the blurb. Now tell me about the people.

  5. debradixon says:

    Basketball is the sport in Indian Country? Who’d have thunk? I’ve never understood the Texas fascination with football either. I always wonder, “What’s the linkage? How did that happen?”

  6. Kylie Brant says:

    I just love the covers on your re-issues! Absolutely lovely.

  7. Trish Jensen says:


    First the book sounds WONDERFUL. Can’t wait. But second, I’m a huge, and I mean HUGE sports fan. Give me a sports hero, present or former, anytime. One day I dropped by my folks’ house to give them chicken and dumplings I’d made for them only to find a man who was Penn State’s star running back about fifteen years ago sitting in their sun room. Almost fainted.
    But the thing that gets me with sports heroes or military heroes is that they’ve learned to be team players. They work together for a common goal, and they have each others’ backs at all times. I find that immensely sexy.

  8. leannebanks says:

    Congrats on the re-release of your fab book! I LOVE the cover! 🙂

  9. Leanna Hiner says:

    I love it when there is a scene picturing the main characters on the front of the cover. Then it is easier to picture the characters while you are reading the book. I like such a varied storyline it hard to say exactly what captures my wttention.

  10. chey says:

    I don’t pay much attention to the covers. I don’t read reviews. I read the blurb and any except I can. It depends on what I want to read at the time, what sells me.

  11. Nicole says:

    I love a cover that has a bit of mystery in it. Don’t give me everything, leave some for my imagination. Like the cover of This Time Forever ( I already have it on my kindle ) I love the fact that you don’t see his face. That’s very intriguing.

  12. Stephenia says:

    Right now books featuring sports Heros are some of my favorites (like jc burton) football, baseball, car racers and hockey as well as cowboys. I like a good cover and am usually looking for whatever theme is drawing me in right now.

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