P1040653We got back from the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico late Saturday evening, and I’m experiencing a bit of withdrawal today.  Laundry?  Dishes?  And someone had to make supper last night, too.  Me!

It’s nice to get away from everything for a while, float around in a pool, and wait for  handsome young waiters to stroll by offering mudslides and strawberry margaritas. P1040706  And it was great having time to finish reading three books on the trip…though one cancelled flight and an unexpected stop in Guadalahara  helped with reading time.  It was fascinating to see the level of security at the airport….including a lot of serious young men in army uniforms with very serious looking weapons.

But honestly, though I enjoyed the trip, I’m glad to be home again.   It’s such a beautiful time of year here in the Midwest!  It’s hard to beat these sunny, 70 degree days, the cool nights, the wonderful scent of grass growing, and the budding trees. It’s also great to be home and back at the computer, because I’m exciting about the making progress on several different writing projects.

Thought I’d share a few photos, here… the bottom one is of the beach in the town of Puerto Vallarta, outside The Blue Shrimp, and the one above  is of a young man in the most amazing headdress I’ve ever seen.  Click on the photo to see it larger.

He played the drums while another fellow performed a fast, wild dance on the beach just outside our open air restaurant in full regalia….though I didn’t quite hear P1040631the P1040620introduction and I’m not sure what culture they were portraying.  Mayan, maybe?

The next evening, a larger group performed a fire dance on the beach outside our hotel, and it was wonderful.  None of my photos turned out, though–the lighting was dim and those guys were moving fast!

We had a few glitches in our travel plans this trip, but everything worked out fine.

What unexpected adventures have you had while traveling–whether by land, sea or air?

Roxanne Rustand

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12 Responses to Traveling….

  1. Kathleen O says:

    I have not done much travelling in the past few years. But I have had some adventures getting home in past trips. One such trip had a delay of 8 hrs because of weather. An Ice Storm at home, where planes could not land. I was in Florida at the time, so my friends and I called my aunt, who had just finished dropping us off at the airport, a call and she came back and got us. We had a few more hours of sunshine before we had to travel back home to cold icy Toronto. That was one for the books… Ah the joys of travelling..

  2. CateS says:

    Most of our trips are via the car and driving.. Since we’re retired, the schedule is much more relaxed and we don’t have to shoe-horn everything during school breaks..

    • roxrustand says:

      That’s nice, I’ll bet! And driving is probably just as fast, given how early one has to get to the airport, then wait….and wait….plus the cancelled and delayed flights, missed connections… Road trips sound more relaxing!

  3. Mona Kekstadt says:

    That’s the worst part of traveling is coming home and facing the one thing I hate doing is laundry.
    At least you had time for relaxing and just looking at the pictures well I’m jealous. Funny thing I had to cook dinner last night too, but I shouldn’t complain…my husband was off all week and cooked.
    Honestly now I’m wanting to go somewhere and float in the pool, be served some fruity drinks which I love by some cute guy. When I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon they have little flags on the back of your lounge chairs. You put them up when you want a drink…have a great day…
    It’s finally warming up…I live in Chicago….take care.

    • roxrustand says:

      What a great idea–flags on the chairs! And that’s cool, about your husband doing some cooking. Mine forget how to do everything, once we were married! 🙂

  4. Lois Greiman says:

    Wow, that looks gorgeous. Glad you’re home safely. I remember on our honeymoon, we were so naïve we got to the airport right about when the plane had to leave….thought that’d be fine. Umm, no. They sent us running through the airport, placing bets whether we would make it in time. Which we did…we were younger then. 🙂 Then, when we got to LAX we were so surprised our luggage hadn’t made it on the plane.

    • roxrustand says:

      What did you do without your luggage?! I hope it caught up to you quickly!

      Things have changed so much. I remember flying alone in high school and college on “student standby.” You could go to the airport, go right to the gate, and If a flight had empty seats, you could get a super cheap ticket at the last minute. Wouldn’t happen now!

  5. leannebanks says:

    Roxanne, welcome home! 🙂 Your trip sounds lovely. Sorry you had to cook. I didn’t mind cooking after returning from my latest trip because my husband went to the grocery store for me. As long as I could stay in my yoga pants and go sans make-up, I was happy. I’ve had several trip interruptions — delayed flights, cancelled flights. One time, coming home on a DIRECT flight from Atlanta, ALL flights were cancelled to Richmond, so I had to stay overnight at a hotel. THEN they lost my luggage! On a DIRECT flight! Other bad experience in Atlanta was when there was a bad snowstorm. Atlanta was my connecting flight. All flights were shut down for three days. I was lucky. My sister lived there and I was able to stay with her…. but I always get a little nervous about flights that include Atlanta. 🙂 Enjoy your Spring!

    • roxrustand says:

      Oh my, Leanne. The experiences you’ve had! I think we could all get together and write something like a Chicken Soup for the Frustrated Traveler’s Soul. 🙂 How on earth could they lose luggage on a direct flight?! Did you ever get it back? We’ve never had a problem going through Atlanta. But Chicago–I try to avoid that one at all costs!

  6. Kylie Brant says:

    It looks fabulous, Rox. Was the beach white sand? How did it compare to Punta Cana or other places in Mexico you’ve been?

    • roxrustand says:

      This resort is one of my most favorite. I love the three huge infinity pools, the huge infinity hot tub, the absolutely wonderfully helpful and cheerful staff. However….this one is close to Puerto Vallarta, on the Atlantic side, so it doesn’t offer the beautiful turquoise water of the Pacific side, nor does it have the white sand beaches. The beach is still nice—it isn’t rocky at all, like some places in Jamaica. You can go in the water, and the sand is almost soft as corn starch. But the sand isn’t sparkly white–its more gray and tan.

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