In the Eye Of the Beholder


We’re getting ready for another birthday party, and you know what that means.  Go big or…oh, that’s right.  We are home.  So that settles it.  Big fuss, mostly homemade, which means Nana starts making stuff weeks ahead of time.  This time we’re going all Harry Potter, and there’s no end to the details you can recreate while you’re half watching something that’s half interesting on TV.  Something like “Project Runway.”  Stitching up a litter of “Pygmy puffs” was the perfect handwork to go along with tonight’s finale.  I like finales.  Let me skip the bickering, cut to the chase, and let me pick a winner.

No, no, not this one!  Yep, this is the one.  Fully half the dresses in this collection featured the big weird front pleat.  During the deliberations I waited to hear one of the judges say the obvious.  (Come one, you know what it looks like.)  No one mentioned it, so maybe it’s just me.  Okay, I liked the wolf sweater, but the designer hired a textile artist for that fabric.  Most of the collection was way too warrior woman for me.  No, what the winner had to offer—her esthetic, as they say on Runway—was not my style.

This was more my style:


Well, you had to be there.  The designer is from Taos, and her collection was fluid and flowing, replete with exquisite, handmade textiles that spoke of painted skies, warm sun, soft adobe lines.  (The headpiece?  Strictly for the runway.  It’s reminiscent of a dancer’s roach.)

Our choices are matters of taste and timing and mood and necessity, maybe more, but we do develop a style over time.  What’s yours like?  And where in your world do you think it came from?  Just wondering.  Not only do we have ourselves to dress, but some of us have these characters to shop for.


About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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7 Responses to In the Eye Of the Beholder

  1. Kylie Brant says:

    Oh heavens, I really have no idea. I don’t think I have a real sense of style…I have to see something that goes together and think, yes, I like that! I’m not really capable of throwing things together and making an outfit. And sewing? Forgetaboutit.

  2. bellwriter says:

    Oh, dear. I haven’t watched much of Project Runway this season, but I have to say that first picture looks like I do when I tie my jacket around my waist when I’m out walking. I do like the second dress. Simple and undramatic. We see the model, nicely dressed, and not a pattern that makes her look three sizes bigger. I’m not much on dressing up. I like things simple. But as Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada said, even that is catering to a specific market. My characters are definitely not me. They have more fashion sense. Hope your birthday celebration is loads of fun, Kathleen! ~ Donnell

  3. Teresa Hughes says:

    My style has always been…comfortable. I were jeans and tshirts most of the time. I think it comes from being in a religious family where we wore mostly dresses. Now that I am an adult I rarely wear dresses even to church. So far this year I have only worn 2 dresses. So if I am comfortable I am happy!

  4. Kathleen O says:

    My style would be classes as Casual Comfort.. I have a lot of basic black and white that I can throw a some colour with and if it’s night time, I can put something on with sequins or sparkle…

  5. leannebanks says:

    Your grands are so lucky. That birthday party sounds amazing! 🙂 My style is pretty eclectic. I love to wear dresses in Spring, Summer and Fall. I’m all about being warm in the winter, so that usually includes cuddl-duds and wool. If I’m at home, I’m almost always wearing some kind of socks. No more sky-high heels for me. 3″ heels at the most and I prefer lower.

  6. Teresa Hill says:

    Watching Project Runway usually makes me feel like I have no idea about style. (Which, yes, is probably true.)
    But I adored Patricia’s collection. Beautiful colors and textures and a sense of fun. There were even things I’d wear. The big, flowing, colorful tops, I would wear with plain black pants at RWA. So maybe I’m not totally hopeless and unfashionable. (Although I’ll confess, I think a woman can go just about anywhere in a pretty, colorful top and black pants.)

  7. Nicole says:

    I rooted for Patricia. I’m so glad we got to see her collection. There were many pieces from her that I like throughout the season. A few times , I think she should have won. As a designer it is nice to be able to manipulate the fabric the way she is. She definitely brought new ideas. I hope we get to see more of her designs. I really enjoyed her collection. What worries me is production of her look. Designer usually have tons of ideas but when times come to get there look produce, everything revolve around price, price, price…..It’s frustrating but that’s the way the fashion industry works.

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