Made it to Silver!

wedding-3Today is my 25th wedding anniversary.  Whoda thought?  I can still remember back to a time when I used to look at married couples who were celebrating a milestone number and thought, “They are SO old.”  I spent some time going through our wedding photos, and man, did we look like we were too young to jump into this crazy thing called life together?

So in honor of making it to a milestone I thought I’d list a few of the ‘symbols’ for various years of marriage.  25th is silver, but I told the kids “no silver platter”.  Hey, my brother and I did that for our parents (it was so Brady Bunch kids without the song and dance), and seriously?  Who ever uses a silver serving platter?

The first year of marriage is paper, cotton or a clock.  I’d avoid the clock because time is only going to speed up from here on.  (Note about surviving 25 years: some days it feels like 50 years.  Other days?  Did I just meet this guy? Doesn’t seem like we’ve been together that long.)

The 4th anniversary suggest either linen and silk, or appliances.  Guys, you’d better guess correctly on that one.

The 10th anniversary brings a tin or aluminium gift.  And no, you can’t hand your significant other a can of Pepsi.

15th brings crystal.  Hmm, I am seemingly lacking in crystal.  Someone definitely missed that anniversary.

The 21st suggest brass or nickel.  Depending on how good your sweetie has been to you over the years, he or she could end up with five cents to honor the day.

The 35th offers coral or jade.  I’m looking forward to this one.  Guess I’ll stick around a while longer to see how things pan out.  😉

The 60th suggests a yellow diamond, while the 75th suggests gold or diamonds.  Heck, if you make it that far you deserve diamonds.  Lots and lots of diamonds.

The list I checked goes all the way up to the 85th.  The gift?  Wine.  Nope, no champagne.  The bubbles might be too much for your dear old hearts to handle.  Just keep it calm and gaze on into the sunset together, hand in hand, a sip of wine, and two hearts who withstood the trials, danced through the joys, and always, together.


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13 Responses to Made it to Silver!

  1. Teresa Hughes says:

    Thanks for sharing the list. Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Kathleen O says:

    A Very Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary… I bought my mom silver earrings and my dad a silver tie clip that had their anniversary engraved on it.. I can’t remember what my brother’s bought them.

  3. leannebanks says:

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I love the pic! ❤

  4. Nikki H says:

    Happy Anniversary! Cute couple!

  5. Kylie Brant says:

    Happy 25th, Michele! I let the hubby know a year and a half in advance that the 25th at our house meant a new diamond…this one a carat 🙂 He came through like a champ. I tell people the 25th is when you ‘re up’–either sign on for another 25 or not. We did 🙂 Working on 36 this year. I remember being terrified at the thought of ‘forever’ at the wedding…who knew it would go so darn fast???

  6. michelehauf says:

    I like the idea of being ‘up’. Renewing that commitment, I guess. My hubby wanted to buy me a diamond, but I said I’d rather have shoes. We are heading to Paris the end of this month. I will report back in if I snag the shoes. 😉

  7. loisgreiman says:

    Wow!!! Look at you guys! You’ve ALWAYS been adorable. Congrats. Hope you have another 25. Weird thought though isn’t it?

  8. MaryC says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  9. Mona Kekstadt says:

    Happy Anniversay!

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! It seems like we just had our 25th, and we’ll hit 37 this August. I really don’t know how that happened so fast!

  11. Quilt Lady says:

    Happy anniversary! My girlfriends parents just celebrated their 70 wedding anniversary and their 90 birthday in the past couple of months. I thought it was awesome. I stayed with them so much as a child it was like they were my parents.

  12. michelehauf says:

    70 years is amazing! Very close to that 85 yr mark and the wine. 😉

  13. What a gorgeous couple you’ve always been, Mr. and Mrs. Hauf!
    So. Young lady. So old, huh? You hit the silver milestone, you get the sterling frame, and you start flashing the wedding pictures on your anniversary. Welcome to the club, m’dear.

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