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loveshackcoverwebsite2The latest installment in my Beach House series is now available in digital and print. This is Skye and Gage’s book, and can be read standalone, but readers of the previous stories will know the pair have been conducting a correspondence for months.

In this book, I’ve included parts of some of their letters to each other, which was very fun. He’s a globetrotting photojournalist and she’s the property manager of the cove where he summered as a kid. At the beginning of the story he decides to visit the beach and surprise his pen pal…and the surprise is on him when he finds he doesn’t feel very “pal”-ish toward her after all.

Because they consider each other “just friends” while they live half-a-world away, they don’t exchange love letters, but it did get me thinking about all the letters I used to write to Surfer Guy, my dh. We met in college and I would write long notes to him (probably during class, bad Christie) and then find his bike on campus and wedge my letter between the bars for him to find.

I was such a romantic! Looking back, I wonder what I said. I mean, we saw each other probably daily, or close to it. Silly kids in love. 🙂 When we were apart in the summers, I continued with my mushy correspondence, and he’d reciprocate with a few sprawled lines on scratch paper…still, I knew he was a keeper.

Did you ever have a pen pal or write sappy letters to your love? Get any sappy letters in return?

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22 Responses to New Book!

  1. Met my dh in college, too. He used to leave sweet notes and poems under the wiper blades of my ’67 Chevy pickup, and send letters as well, though we were just a half-mile apart. Makes me think about the current generation and those to come. I enjoy reading biographries, but with texting and e-mail, what will ever be left for posterity, or for someone researching a notable person, if nothing is put down on paper?

    Your new book sounds wonderful, Christie. I look forward to reading it!

  2. Kathleen O says:

    I don’t have a pen pal.. But I do love to write sappy letters and cards to my loved ones, and I have received them too,

  3. Kathleen O says:

    PS.. I can’t wait to read this book…. This series is great… Makes me want to live at the beach.

  4. Kathie says:

    Yes actually. I meet my EX while a senior in high school, he would write me the most heart melting letters of undying devotion. We married a year after graduation and shared a stormy 12 years until his wandering ways became too much to bear. I had forgotten those letters but cherished them at the time.

    • You were so young! Although I met my dh-to-be when I was 18, we didn’t marry for another 8 years.

      • Kathie says:

        Only young in years, I was very mature for 18. I was the oldest of 4 girls and had a great deal of responsibility. In hindsite though one always sees things differently. I could say ‘knowing then what I know now’ but to change the mistake would cost me my 3 precious children, the only true gift he ever gave me. They are all grown with families of their own now and (naturally) I am extremely proud of the adults they have become. They made everything worthwhile. Have a wonderful Easter!!!

  5. During the edits of my next re-release for Bell Books (WHAT THE HEART KNOWS) I was asked whether I wanted to change letters to e-mail or text. Heroine’s son is spending the summer at camp. Nooooo! I said. Please don’t say there’ll be no more letters. And I did have experience to back it up. No computer or cell phone access for the kids during my granddaughter’s week at camp up north last summer. Letters were encouraged. If you sent an e-mail it was delivered in print to the kid. Love that!

    • Kathie says:

      Good for you Kathleen, for sticking with your original idea. Letters are a dying art and that is sad since receiving them is heartwarming.

    • Oh, yes, totally believable that the camp letters would be real letters. My characters start their exchange because of a postcard that mistakenly reaches her and just seems natural to continue that way to them.

  6. Oh, and as for my history with love letters, well…my summer romance with my cowboy led to lots of letters during my senior year in college. We got married after I graduated, but he’d been drafted, so we had a month together followed by a year apart. Lots more letters. They’re in the bottom of an antique steamer trunk full family mementos. I envision a scene in which the kids read them after my funeral. I’ll be up there giggling.

  7. Nora Braun says:

    It was in high school that I had a note-writer boyfriend. He would write a note to me during his class, fold it up really small, and slip it to me as we passed in the hallway or stairs. I remember thinking they were the sweetest things and saved every one …. Until we broke up my senior year and I burned them all !
    We did just find the notes and love letters of a lifetime. In my mother’s closet was an old cardboard suitcase. When we opened it we found all the cards, notes, poems etc that each of us eight kids and many grandchildren had written to mom over the years – some of these keepsakes were over 50 years old! Many were laughable efforts at art and poetry, but each one must have been cherished by Mom.

  8. leannebanks says:

    Christie, this sounds wonderful. I love that you tucked notes in your dh’s bike during college. My dh and I exchanged a few sappy letters, but we spent more time burning up the phone lines when we were apart. Congrats on the new release. LOVE that title! 🙂

  9. Cindy Gerard says:

    Congrats on the new release Christie. I’m currently reading Bungalow Nights and LOVING it. These guy are great.
    My DH and I used to write letters back and forth all the time when we were dating. He lived about an hour and a half away and we only saw each other on weekends. I still have them. I love it. And I recently discovered some letters my mom and dad wrote to each other when he was in the army. They are so sweet and so special.

    • I’m so glad you’ve kept all those letters, Cindy, and now have the ones between your mom and dad. So glad you’re enjoying Bungalow Nights…and major congrats to you on your RITA nomination!!

  10. kylie brant says:

    I did, Christie. I went to high school with my dh but he was two years ahead. We didn’t start dating until he was in college, 5 hours away. I wrote him a couple times a week and he actually wrote pretty decent letters in return 😉 The time before cell phones. But that made it more romantic I think. My kids found the letters in the attic once and read them.

  11. Quilt Lady says:

    I can’t say I have ever had a pen pal but I think I wrote a few sappy letters in my early teen years. Like Written with a pen seal with a kiss if you love me you’ll answer this. Of all the boys I have ever met, Your the one I can’t forget. Our eyes have met, our lips not yet but watch it darling I’ll get you yes. Signed never the less but just the same, excuse me darling I forgot my name.

    I think it went something like that. Its been many years since I heard this.

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