Love In The Land Of Lakes

So Lois, Kathleen, and myself are all members of our local RWA chapter, Midwest Fiction Writers.  It’s a great bunch of writers dedicated to writing romance.  Recently, the chapter took on a cool fundraising project.  They decided to publish an anthology of stories set on or around the abundant Minnesota lakes.  We’re not called Land of 10,000 Lakes for nothin’.  😉  An amazing group of 17 writers contributed short stories, and I’ve had the pleasure to read the book, and I must say there is something for everyone beneath the cover.

So today, please welcome one of the writers, Lizbeth Selvig, who has pulled up in the convertible with us to talk a bit more about this fun project.

Finding Love in the Land of Lakes by Lizbeth Selvig

 Hi Ladies of the convertible!

Liz Selvig - computer 500x590I’m so excited to be back visiting with you—RWTTD has always been one of my favorite places on the Web because everyone here is so smart and welcoming. Thanks for letting me come and talk about Love in the Land of Lakes, a fun anthology of stories from 17 authors from Midwest Fiction Writers—Minnesota’s largest RWA chapter. Each is of the stories is set on or near one of our state’s 10,000 lakes. (In reality there are over 14,000 official lakes in Minnesota, so we and the book are definitely aptly nick-named!)

My contribution to the anthology is a fun little story entitled What’s Up Dock? It’s a mini-tale of mistaken identity and getting a new chance at love set on a North Woods lake where the water is warm,  the nearest town is small and full of rumors, and our heroine’s imagination gets the best of her—until love saves the day.

I wanted my story to highlight some of the crazy things that can and do happen when you camp or live in the woods. Anyone who’s spent time in lake country has run into everything from poison ivy to wild animals to severe weather. My favorite scene in What’s Up Dock? is near the beginning of the story when my hero, Alex, is caught fending off a creature of the woodlands—much to his future heroine Sophie’s amusement.

The idea came from an experience I had during childhood when my parents, my three brothers, and I were camping near Lake Superior. Our “abode” was a pop-up tent trailer, and we kids never worried much about wildlife until one morning when we awoke to a fairly substantial hubbub. We piled out of the camper and found most of the adults in the State Park campground gathered around our Coleman cooler. I remember the cooler looked like it had been chomped by a dinosaur. One bottom corner was gone and the Styrofoam insulation was battered and exposed. It was both sobering and exciting.

MFW Anthology Cover 360x533 There were no dinosaurs—even WAY back then—but it turns out we’d been visited by a bear. He had to have been right next to our door since that’s where we’d left the cooler. The idea that we’d missed this marvelous creature disappointed my brothers and me horribly. Mom and Dad, however, were not nearly as thrilled. They kept us pretty close for the rest of the trip, and gave us good lessons featuring “Beware of the bears.” That’s when I learned how wild animals will come after food, and never to feed them or wish for them to get too close.

In my anthology story, Alex and his peanut butter sandwich don’t exactly attract a bear—that really wouldn’t be funny.  I’ll make you read the story in order to find out what chases him, but I will tell you—in this case it takes another animal to rescue him,

The rest of the anthology stories touch on so many subjects and sub-genres—from mystery to historical to paranormal. Some are haunting, many are funny, and some are sweet and poignant—but each has a unique charm.

I hope you’ll grab a copy of “Love in the Land of Lakes,” at least to find out whether Sophie trades in her old life for an affair with an escaped convict or discovers her heart is just being guided by a wild imagination.

Meanwhile, what about you? Have you ever had an outdoor adventure fuel a story? Or do you have a favorite story you’ve read that’s based on an outdoor adventure? Inquisitive minds want to know.


Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and just as many love stories. Love in the Land of Lakes brings you seventeen of these stories, from two childhood sweethearts connecting on the end of a dock on a warm summer’s evening, to a city boy’s chaotic weekend at his girlfriend’s primitive cabin. We bring you the story of a savvy horse who leads her owner to love in post–Civil War farm country, and the haunting romance of an ageless gambler who inhabits a historic riverboat and charms the boat’s new owner.

 A kaleidoscope of sunshine, snowstorms, and thunderstorms grace our contemporary, mystery, historical, and paranormal stories as the authors of Midwest Fiction Writers spin lovely romances that will send you drifting into happily ever afters.

Click here to see where the authors are stopping to blog and chat with you the reader.

Our Stories:

Laura Breck

Bobbers ‘N Bait – The evocative marketing gimmick at the new bait store in town has the fishing outfitter all hot and bothered.

Rhonda Brutt

A Cut Above the Rest – Rachel knew that a simple haircut had the power to change someone’s life. What she wasn’t counting on though, was how it would change hers.

Amy Hahn

Lira & Gavril – A dilapidated riverboat brings together a passionate historic preservationist and a man who called it home during the Victorian era.

Rosemary Heim

Lake Dreams – Olivia had her life all planned out. All except for that one impulsive night with her childhood crush. Can he convince her the result is worth the risk?

Ann Hinnenkamp

Hook, Line and Stinker – An LA makeover artist comes home to Minnesota and must use all her skills to tame a wild man.

Kathy Johnson

Snowbound – Caught in a snowstorm, the last person she expects to need her help is the man she loved but lost to someone else.

Rose Marie Meuwissen

Dancing in the Moonlight – Anna Thorstad never imagined reopening her parents’ lake cabin would also open her heart to love again.

Barbara Mills

Hooked – An avid outdoorswoman takes her city born and raised boyfriend for a chaotic weekend at her family’s primitive cabin on the lake.

J.S. Overmier

Henrietta’s Man – A savvy horse carries her Civil War-torn soldier north in search of healing and a future.

Jana Otto

Coming Home – A young widow’s faith and courage are tested when she falls in love with her husband’s best friend.

Michel Prince

Her Stranger – Each night a stranger comes to Rachel’s cabin door. What is it that makes her fall into his arms?

Mary Schenten

Lake Secrets – A weekend getaway at the scene of the crime has Elly struggling to keep a secret from her best friend.

Susan Sey

Unwrapped – Movie star Sloan Leighton sells love; she doesn’t believe in it. Then one frozen midnight on the shores of Lake Superior, everything changes.

Joel Skelton

The Bouncing Bobber – Will a budding romance, sidetracked by youth and ambition, be what it takes to lure Jacob and Nate back into love’s net?

Lizbeth Selvig

What’s Up Dock? – Sophie’s handsome new neighbor is burying body bags in his garden. But he’s afraid of raccoons—how could he be a killer?

Naomi Stone

Wind from the Lake – Wishing on a star? Alien contact? When childhood friends Connie and Hank meet again, they don’t need to believe in anything but each other.

Jody Vitek

Roadside Catch – She swore off relationships with doctors, until one finds her injured on the roadside and has her rethinking the possibilities.

Purchase on Amazon, Smashwords, and AllRomanceebooks


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26 Responses to Love In The Land Of Lakes

  1. leannebanks says:

    His Lizbeth! Welcome to the convertible and huge congrats on being part of such a great project. I love the premise for your story!

  2. loisgreiman says:

    Hey Liz. Thanks for being with us again. You guys have done such a great job on this anthology. Will you have it at the book festival on Saturday? I’d like to grab a copy while we’re there.

  3. laurieg72l says:

    Great idea!

    Outdoor book –
    TWO ALONE -Sandra Brown

  4. Kathleen O says:

    I love books that are set as adventure and outdoors, was The Witness by Nora Roberts.

  5. kylie brant says:

    Welcome, Liz! I love the cover…makes me want to run out and pick it up. Hope it does great for you!

    • Hi Kylie!
      Thanks for coming by and double thanks for buying the book! It’s nice to be part of something that will help a whole lot of writers–I, too, hope it does well for our chapter. It’s way more fun than selling cookie dough 🙂

  6. Congratulations to all of you on your new book! I love the cover and title, and since I’m from Minnesota, I just had to click right over to Amazon and buy a copy. I really look forward to reading it! Best wishes for great success with this publishing adventure!

    • Hi Roxanne! I sure hope you enjoy the stories and that you end up thinking we did Minnesota proud. It’s so nice of you to check in on me here today–I love all you ladies here and it’s just plain fun to come and visit!

  7. Congrats on the fundraiser! I do not camp, not even in a motor home, but I enjoy reading about outdoor adventures (from the clean, safe, warm, and dry confines of my home). 🙂

    • Hey Christie,
      You absolutely do not need to camp to enjoy the great outdoors. My daughter isn’t a camper either, as much as we tried to turn her into one! I’d say this anthology would be perfect for you, then. A lake escape–well within the safety of poison ivy-free, raccoon-less, home! Perfectly understandable! Thanks so much for inviting me here today and stopping by.

  8. Liz, this is a great idea! And the book sounds wonderful, you’re story especially. You know I’m a sucker for outdoorsy adventure stories where the animals taunt the humans. 🙂 Good luck with the fundraiser!

    • Hi Tiffinie! You are a MASTER of outdoor stories! Evidenced by your book titles, e.g., “Moosed Up”! We must share a love of puns too! Congrats on your newest release, “Edge”–good luck with that! Thanks so much for coming by.

  9. Hi Lizbeth! Your story is great, and it sounds like you all had fun putting this together! Where will the book be available for sale?

    • Hi Lynn!
      It’s so fun to see you here! You can get the book through Amazon, B&N and Smashwords, and it’s available in e-book or paperback. Miss you guys up in Alaska–I hope you’re staying warm! Thanks so much for coming by! XO

  10. Jody Vitek says:

    Thanks for having Liz today for a ride along. Her story, is funny with that serious edge of is he or isn’t he. All the stories in this book are fantastic. I’d like to give a shout out to Michele for the awesome cover. Unfortunately, my close to nature call didn’t happen in MN but in Montana. We were walking along the river and came between a mouse family. We were very lucky to slowly back away and escape without being charged at.

    • Hey Jody!
      Yes, thanks for the shout-out to MIchele–she DID design the cover and did a fabulous job of it. It’s so enticing! I had to laugh at your story. I’m thinking you meant moose family, not mouse family. I’m not sure I would have wanted to meet the mice that could charge at me — yikes! But, on a serious note–you were lucky. Moose mama’s are some of the meanest out there!

  11. Nan Dixon says:

    Now I can’t wait to get through the Anthology and find out what animal chases your hero! Of course your story is last — right?

    I don’t do camping. I like my hot water and mattresses way too much. But there is a wonderful story about my sisters camping, where my BIL worried about possible rain and he duct-taped garbage bags all over the tent. One sister worried he sealed the tent up so well, they would use up all the oxygen while they slept. I think there is a story in there somewhere.

    Can’t wait to start the anthology! Have a fun ride — but I think you need to put the top up today, ‘cuz it’s freezing!!

    • Hey Nan!
      Ooh, if you haven’t had the chance to get into the anthology yet–you’ve got all the story treats still ahead of you. Believe me, the animal in my story makes for more laughs than fear, but it’s fun. And–it could happen!! I love your camping story–there definitely is a newbie-camper story in there! I’ll bet you were glad not to be in the garbage bags! And, you’re right, we’re in sleeping bags in the convertible today–it’s a very chilly spring day here in the land o’ lakes!

  12. bellwriter says:

    I’m late to this blog, but this anthology sounds terrific. Your story especially, Liz. Can’t wait to read it. 10,000 Lakes, really? That’s a lot of water!

    • Hi Donnell!
      Late or not doesn’t matter at all! I’m so glad you stopped by. And, yes, MN actually has nearly 15,000 lakes. And to qualify to be counted–it has to be over 2 acres. So we do have lots of water!

  13. Hi, Liz! I didn’t see your note on the MFW loop that you were blogging here until today and you didn’t mention it when I saw you yesterday. Such a pro! becoming blase about blogging.
    I used to spend summers at a lake up near Fergus Falls, MN (I’ve always thought Frostbite Falls was named after us there). I didn’t see any wild animals larger than a raccoon, but caught plenty of fish in our lake.

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