Dreaming of spring…

555620_10151777172262334_1318627592_nI. Am.  So.  Eager.  For  Spring.  I know it’s coming,  but right now, looking at bare brown earth interspersed with patches of ice and  crusted mounds of snow, it seems too far away.

As usual at this time of year, I’m starting to think about flowers, imagining the beauty of perfectly planned flower beds.  And vegetables–all in neat,

304740_10151777170027334_354889370_nperfect rows promising to produce bumper crops clear up to the first frost.

Unfortunately,  it never P1020318quite turns out that way. Notice the barrel–it started out full and lush, with a cascade of flowers spilling over the sides.  This is how it looked by July. <sigh>

Under my care, vigorous, healthy plants become leggy and sparse, or simply give up altogether, and crafty weeds  intertwine throughout the rows the minute my back is turned.  Weeds, it turns out, are something for which I actually do have a talent, though one plant has actually become rather scary.

See the rose bush in the top photo?  My dh used the loader on his tractor to bring up a nice load of…ahem…dirt from behind the horse barn before I planted it.  That bush tries to crawl across the sidewalk and sends branches up the steps by August every year, and it takes over the flower bed next to it if I don’t keep after it with shears. It’s almost as if it wants to come right in the house, and it’s starting to remind me of something out of Little Shop of Horrors.

I love hearing Cindy and Kylie talk about P1040027their gardening–while naming a fascinating litany of flowers I’ve never even attempted. I’ve seen photos, and their gardens are beautiful!

Notice my nice, neat garden early last spring.  There was hope!  And below…what it looked like after we were gone for just TWO WEEKS in the summer.  How fair is that?  Why don’t the veggies grow crazy and take over?P1020332

Every spring is a chance for new beginnings, and I plan for it to be the year I succeed.  Who knows…maybe 2013 will be my banner year!

Do you have flower or vegetable or flower gardens in the summer?    Do you have favorite flowers that you plant every year?

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10 Responses to Dreaming of spring…

  1. Lois Greiman says:

    Accckkkk! I can’t take any more winter!! All the photos are gorgeous. Fantastic. Anything with green in it is a miracle. I love plants but I do best with ummm low care perennials. My clematis are my favorites, climbing and blooming and being beautiful for six months or so.

    Please make it spring.

  2. leannebanks says:

    Roxanne, my winter has been lame compared to yours, but I’m ready for warmer temperatures and pretty blooms too. Even today, our temps are in the 30s. That is NOT warm!

  3. Kathleen O says:

    It will be awhile yet before we have any flowers blooming up from the ground.. We had more snow yesterday and it is till quite cold…
    I am not much of a gardener.. Lucky my landlady loves to be out in the dirt and our gardens will soon be blooming with wonderful colour… I can’t wait for our Magnolia and Lilac trees to be in bloom.. They are two of my favs…

    • Ooooh…I love lilacs, too! I had a big, beautiful bush close to our mailbox, and the county road crew came and took it out. 😦 Apparently it encroached on their right-of-way. I need to plant more!

  4. Nora Braun says:

    I took up growing roses after my dad — at one time he probably had over 15 varieties growing in our backyard. Daddy was out in his garden every day pruning and weeding etc. unfortunately I am an on again off again gardener and by July my rosé bushes look like someone totally forgot they were here…..guess they missed the memo about vacation! But like the rest of you, it is a new year and I’ll try again……and again…..

    • I’ll bet our dads would have enjoyed trading horticulture stories! Dad had rose gardens in various locations on his three acres, many unusual kinds. He had other large flower beds, a massive garden, an orchard, and bees….and he was also a master gardener who volunteered hundreds of hours at the U of M Arboretum in Chanhassen. I’m afraid I learned none of his skills!

  5. Cindy Gerard says:

    Rox – I have to confess that Tom is the gardener around here. If it weren’t for him, well, it wouldn’t be pretty. REALLY
    He uses a lot of miracle grow and water. He waters daily. DAILY – and in the heat of August sometimes twice a day. Fortunately we have a deep well that we use for the horse barn and the gardens or our water bill would be ridiculous. Our flower baskets still look gorgeous going into fall – again, thanks to Tom.

  6. I’m ready, too, Rox, but even better, my cowboy is ready. He’s excited about re-doing the vegetable plots and maybe even experimenting with some new-to-us techniques. It’s so much more fun when he gets interested early and starts googling and checking books out and drawing up plans.

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