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Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a huge TV buff.  My can’t-miss shows can be counted on one hand.  But there have been a few shows in the second season (after Christmas) that have caught my interest.  Enough so that I’m still watching.

DownloadedFileThe first is The Following.  It’s *dark*.  I like dark 🙂  It features Kevin Bacon as an ex-FBI agent wounded a few years ago trailing an infamous serial killer.  Now the killer is behind bars and Bacon is on disability with a pacemaker and what might be a substance abuse problem.  But when the villain breaks out of prison, Bacon is pressed back into service as the foremost expert on him.  Only to discover that the game has changed.

During the killer’s stint behind bars he’s been cultivating ‘followers’ and molding them in his own image.  Now there are fifty or more on the outside ready to do his bidding.  The bad guy has been planning for a long time, and he wants payback.

The first few episodes have been absolutely chilling.  Enough so that I’m willing to overlook a few of the contrivances and stop second guessing the writers long enough to watch the next few shows.

imagesRed Widow is one I seem to like more than the critics do.  And even without Goran Visnjic as the evil Mafia boss the premise is intriguing.  (His photo is waaay more intriguing than the one for the show <g>).  Marta Walraven is the unsuspecting suburban mom whose husband is gunned down in the driveway.  Only then does she find out he’s been smuggling marijuana and ripped off a shipment of cocaine.  Visnjic’s character is determined that Marta pay her husband’s debt and she’s pressed into criminal servitude.  Marta is torn by the continual pressure of the FBI agent investigating her husband’s death, and her fear for her family if she disappoints the crime boss.  I adore Goran, but he scares the bejeebus out of me in this show.

Scandal is another show that originally caught my eye, but my attention is already fading.  It involves a president who got shot and in his recovery has lost all sense of political self-preservation.  He’s intent on divorcing his pregnant wife and marrying his mistress, who also happens to be part of his campaign team.  Oh, and she was inadvertently tied into the reason for his being almost killed :).  The political machinations on this show are almost too realistic.

Often times that happens.  I start out really fascinated by a series and then it fails to deliver on its promise.  There are only a few tried and true series that I continue to tune in for:  The Good Wife, NCIS (the original), The Office, Southland and Justified.  If anyone hasn’t yet tuned into Justified on Tuesday nights, on FX, you’re missing some of the best TV on these days!  Timothy Oliphant as the trigger-happy US Marshall Raylen Givens is not to be missed.

Which new shows have made it to your favorite list?  Do you have any recommendations?  

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17 Responses to Hot TV

  1. Teresa Hughes says:

    I am glued to Criminal Minds. Due to work schedules, children, and all the reading I do that’s about all the time I have to watch tv anyway.

    • kylie brant says:

      Teresa, I love the plots on Criminal Minds. Very dark! But I’ve never been able to connect with the characters 😦 They just don’t seem to have the chemistry that keeps me coming back. But the writers come up with great ideas!

  2. Willa says:

    No recommendations – across the pond here we don’t get lots of those shows or they are on cable . . . but Yes to NCIS and Swoon to Goran Visnjic 😀

    THUD – faints dead away!

  3. Lois Greiman says:

    Oh man, now all I want to do is watch TV. Cuz I don’t get much time for that. Life keeps getting in the way. But I’m with Willa…love Goran Visnjic. And when I have time I tend to lean toward sitcoms. Love How I Met Your Mother and the Big Bang.

    • kylie brant says:

      The Big Bang Theory had to grow on me. At first I found it annoying but somehow the humor grew on me and I will watch it if I’m around. The Office is one that I’ve always found hilarious and my husband just never ‘got’ the humor.

  4. michelehauf says:

    Not much into the crime series shows, though I am a diehard Bones fan. New shows? I recently discovered Lost Girl, which rocks. Great for fans of Supernatural. Also never miss The Big Bang Theory.

  5. Kylie, you mentioned a couple that I’ve meant to watch but keep forgetting–Justified and Red Widow. I watched the first installments of The Following–Kevin Bacon is a longtime favorite, and James Purefoy first caught my interest as Mark Anthony in “Rome”–but so far it hasn’t really mesmerized me to the point that I’m looking for the next installment the way I do “Ripper Street.” That’s my current “must see.”

  6. Linda says:

    I watched part of the following and decided ummm nope. I do watch Justified, have to DVR it and then watch it early in the morning before I go to work. There are a few shows in TNT that I think you might also like, one is Major Crimes (does not restart until after basketball is over I think). But I also like Person of Interest and Elementary on CBS. Oh and you should try to catch Ripper Street.

  7. Cindy Gerard says:

    You’ve listed most of my favs Kylie – but then, I think I turned you on to Justified! Oh la la. THE BEST show on TV hands down. I’ve got the hubby hooked on the south’s version of the Sopranos LOL. We’ve done a couple of marathons lately watching the first 2 seasons on DVD. I’m liking The Following as well. very creepy. One of my new fav dramas is HOMELAND. amazing show. And for comedy – I’m crazy about The New Girl and Big Bang. both are too silly for words and I love that.

  8. Quilt Lady says:

    Really enjoy Person of Interest but its not new. Also been watching some to The Following, have it DVR. Of course I glued to the TV for Grey’s Anatomy, been hooked on it for years.

  9. roxrustand says:

    I didn’t realize Justified was on again! And the other ones you mentioned sound good, too. I don’t watch TV in the evenings, other than a serious addiction to Downton Abbey while it was on this season. Thanks for the good tips!

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