when things don’t go as planned

Good mid morning.  Just got a text from my buddy Leanne.  It’s her day to post but her internet is completely down – sooo, you’re stuck with me.

And I’ve got nothin’ Surprised smile)

So let’s chat.  How is everyone handling the flu and cold bugs this winter?  Our kids have been struggling for a month.  Seems one of the wee ones gets it and it spreads slowly through the entire family.  Not even mom and dad are immune.  My hubby babysat for the youngest last week when she was sick and yup, you guessed it.  Now he’s suffering with a miserable cold.  Me?  So far (big knock on real wood) I’ve dodged the bullet.

One thing I do religiously is wash my hands after I touch things.  When I go to the grocery store, I make use of the disinfectant hand wipes they provide by the shopping carts.  Other than that, I try to get plenty of rest and again wash, wash, wash my hands.  I’ve sang ‘happy birthday’ so many times this winter I sometimes wake up singing it in my head.

So what do you do to help stave off infections and bugs?  Do you take things like Airborne?  Do you wear masks and latex gloves?  Give.  We want to know what you do to keep healthy and if you haven’t managed that tricky feat, what do you do to get better?

I’ll draw a name from the commenters today and send an autographed copy of KILLING TIME, my latest New York Times bestseller – thanks to all of you!!


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42 Responses to when things don’t go as planned

  1. Kathleen O says:

    I am big on hand washing.. and so far this flu season with the help of the flu shot, the only thing I have had is a head cold… I have to be very careful as my immune system is not the greatest. So I try to make sure what every I touch is free of what germs I can disinfect…I too wipe down cart handles… So far, so good…TOUCH WOOD….

  2. Cindy Gerard says:

    I have the same issues with my immune system, Kathleen. That’s why I’m so careful. Glad to hear that you’re keeping healthy :o)

  3. TrishJ says:

    It is just me and hubby now. But the grandkids comeover almost every weekend. So of course we get every bug they catch. I am big on the handwashing, for them and me, but I can’t give up the hugs and kisses. So I suffer with the runny nose, etc. Love those little germ carriers. 😉

  4. Leanna H says:

    I always get a flu shot and have never gotten the flu. I am also very good at washing my hands.

  5. Linda says:

    Well either I am the luckiest person or I do a realy good job. I have not had the flu in years (and I do not get a flu shot). I rarely get more then a head cold and this was the first year I had one in the last three years. I take zinc daily starting in August to help prevent colds and wash my hands multiple times a day (after every appointment, after every animal I treat or examine). You are right that getting plenty of rest helps too.

  6. Barb Wright says:

    I go shopping when stores first open before they get crowded. I also keep my house at what I call “operating room” cool to discourage germs. I did not get a flue shot and I have not been sick in years.

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      I’m good with everything but the operating room temp. I’m pretty warm blooded but in the winter, I need to be warm. Good for you though and I’m glad it’s working!

  7. Teresa Hughes says:

    I work in health care so I wear gloves and wash my hands all the time. So far my family has missed the flu/colds. Hope to stay that way!

  8. The dh makes a cocktail of Airborne and EmergenC that I avoid at all costs. We haven’t been sick (knock on wood) which is sort of surprising considering Surfer Guy is a schoolteacher so comes in contact with lots of germs. Like you, Cindy, I wash, wash, wash my hands. Let’s stay well!

  9. april says:

    I wash my hands, but I have a toddler. No amount of hand-washing will fight the germs a preschooler brings home. So, I got the flu this year. I’ve been lucky though in years past.

  10. Nikki H says:

    We got flu shots this year because we went on a cruise at Thanksgiving. We were afraid that people would be infectious, but didn’t want to lose their payment, so they would go anyway, thus infecting others. And since we are both retired this year (absolutely wonderful!), we aren’t around
    little sick kids at school. Poor babies. Poor teachers. Poor parents. So. Washing hands and getting enough rest after over 30 years of teaching seem to be doing the trick. Oh yeah. Lots and lots of vitamins.

  11. loisgreiman says:

    I do everything wrong. No flu shot, terrible at washing, lots of physical stress, but I seem to be about as healthy as anyone else. Hubby (and about a million others) got a terrible flu this winter but I managed to sail through it. I think I have so many bugs fighting for supremacy inside me that I’ve confused them. 🙂

    Lovvve that cover, Cindy.

  12. michelehauf says:

    I am a relentless hand washer. Doing it all day, every time I walk in the door from going anywhere. I haven’t been sick in a decade. This year? I’ve gotten the flu twice. It freaks me out, because it’s like I just run into a store and WHAM! It got me.
    Also tried the Airborne, which I think is not bad, but obviously didn’t help me from getting sick. My son, who flies a lot, swears by it.

  13. jacifoss says:

    I have a horrible immune system so I have learned very fast several tricks that are LIFE SAVERS! One is to eat healthy, just by cutting out sugar gives a huge boost to your system. Also there are so many natural immune boosters in many foods. Cinnamon is a big one. You can put it in just about anything, tea, coffee, oatmeal….ect. If you use it every day it will help. So will Garlic and onion. My big go to however is apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is a natural antibiotic and is great at fighting nasty germs! When everyone around me is sick and I feel like Im just coming down with it I make a tea out of hot water, apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon and cinnamon. (Doesn’t taste great, but works EVERY TIME!)

  14. No flu here, but I’ve had a cold for the last week. I’ve heard others sing the praises of apple cidar vinegar–understand it has to be the kind have to keep in the fridge, which I actually use, tastes a lot better than regular vinegar. And I’ve been using antibacterial everything, but with the recent news about the harm triclosan–one of the antibacterial ingredients in so many of these products–is causing in our water supply, I’m re-thinking. MN is considering some kind of ban on the stuff. Chemicals, chemicals.

  15. NL Gassert says:

    Handwashing, for sure, which isn’t difficult to do with a toddler around. She’s always sticky with something and needs to be hosed down constantly. We don’t do flu shots. I actually think there’s nothing wrong with getting sick. We’ve had a cold work its way through the members of the family, one by one. Of course, we can’t get it all at the same time 🙂 My husband swear taking extra Vit C helps, but I keep forgetting to take it. So, in short, I really don’t do anything different.


  16. Chelsea B. says:

    I get sick. Doesn’t matter what I do. I get sick. So, I try to stay in as much as possible during the winter. That’s the only thing that helps. And this year, I’ve gotten pretty lucky 🙂

  17. Quilt Lady says:

    Don’t enter me because I have already read your book. I did get a flu shot this year and I do wash my hand often. Also use the wipes at stores if they have them. Walmart doesn’t seem to have them though so I try not to touch my face or anything until I get home and wash my hands. So far I have not had a cold this year. Knock on wood.

  18. Kylie Brant says:

    I ended up with the crud four days over Christmas break 😦 I *never* get the flu but there I was. Sucked. Other than that I’m the one who hasn’t been able to breathe for 7 months. Have finally figured that it’s allergies so now going down that road.

  19. roxrustand says:

    Flu shots every year, the pneumonia shot, the shingles vaccine….we even got the repeat DTP vaccination recommended for adults who will be around babies, because of our two littlest grandkids this year. I’ve got hand sanitizer everywhere–in all the bathrooms, in my purse, in my car, and even cringe at the “passing of the peace” handshaking at church, so I try to avoid being close to other people if at all possible. But still, every winter I end up with a four-five week bout of asthma exacerbation with bronchitis and end up on several rounds of antibiotics and prednisone, and my nebulizer and I become new best pals. I love winter, but it doesn’t love me!

  20. Stephanie F says:

    I’m a bit of a germaphobe in general so I’m always washing my hands flu season or not. Managed not to catch the flu from my husband so here’s hoping I missed the whole thing. I don’t go crazy by wearing gloves or masks but I do try to avoid holding things like the poles on subways and the handrails on escalators. The main thing I make sure to do is wash my hands before eating, especially if I’m touching the food with my hands. In a restaurant I wait until after we’ve ordered to wash my hands. Imagine how many people and their grimy hands have touched those menus. Germ city, yuck. 🙂

    Love your books! I’ve read every one and am looking forward to Killing Time. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into your writing, it’s very much appreciated! 🙂

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      thanks Steph. Riding on airplanes seems to get me every time. I almost always end up with a bug after a flight. Has made me consider wearing a mask more than once!

  21. donnas1 says:

    Im always washing my hands. Especially in the winter.

  22. Sonya Heaney says:

    Summer has just finished here, so I haven’t had that problem (and I’m going to be in the Northern Hemisphere for summer there this year – eighteen months of summer! 🙂 ).

    My big thing is getting sick when I’m travelling. There always seem to be new and exciting bugs to catch in other countries!

  23. Teresa J says:

    I am big on washing my hands too–but I swear by flu shots. Plus we eat good and I haven’t had the flu since I was in high school–and it has been many years since I was there.

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