Writing in a World

tsmMy latest, THIS SOUL MAGIC, was just issued in digital format on March 1st.  I don’t consider it a sequel, but it does tell the story of secondary characters that I featured in THIS WICKED MAGIC, which was a Feb release.

Ah, the joys of writing in a World.  I have this huge paranormal realm that exists inside my head and scribbled on notes and stuffed in a binder.  It is peopled with vampires, werewolves, faeries, demons, angels, familiars, and other things.  All things can exist in my world.  I gotta leave it open for any ideas I may get in the future.  😉

So my stories will often feature a secondary character that either, has already had their own story told, or may have their story told in the future (if I like them enough).  That’s what makes it so fun.  If I’m writing Hero A and Heroine C’s story, yet Secondary Character G pops in and seems like a fun kind of person, I can make a note of that and later, if I’m lucky, write their story.  Or if I have a favorite SC that I don’t ever feel like they need a whole story, but like them a lot, I can pop them in and out of various stories because they exist in my world.  And all characters can interact with each other.  It’s so fun!

Take for example a warlock I introduced back in The Highwayman, Ian Grim.  He’s not exactly redeemable hero material.  He practices malefic, dark magic.  But I like him.  He’s fun to play with on the page.  So he has since appeared in Moon Kissed, Seducing The Vampire, This Wicked Magic, and he’ll show up in two more future stories.

I like to think that readers who follow my ‘world’ enjoy seeing common characters pop up every now and then.  And for those who may be picking up one of my books for the first time, they don’t need to know a certain character has had previous guest spots in stories, but if they’re compelled to read more, there is always my backlist.  😉

So as I started, This Soul Magic is now out, and it features Libby Saint-Charles, the sister to Vika (who was the heroine in This Wicked Magic).  Libby had a small role in the previous story, and she had a burgeoning love interest.  Okay, so it was a one-sided love affair.  Reichardt, the soul bringer, has lived two thousand years ferrying souls to Above and Beneath.  Always.  He’s never had a relationship, doesn’t know what emotion is, and, well…the dude’s a two-thousand-year old virgin.

Libby has such plans for this man.  😉

So tell me your thoughts on characters popping in an out of more than one story.  You like?  Confusing?  Worlds are great?  Or do you prefer one-offs, no continuation of any world, character, or theme?


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11 Responses to Writing in a World

  1. Kylie Brant says:

    It’s always nice to ‘say hello’ to familiar characters. And gratifying to the writer to get reader mail regarding a particular character, asking for his/her story! Sometimes after writing one that pops in and out we discover they do have their own story to tell later…one that starts to take up occupancy in our mind and grows until it’s insistent to be told. If you’re anything like me, so much of what eventually gets written was originally unplanned. The characters dictate the directions I take, to a large degree.

    • michelehauf says:

      Yes, I like to follow the characters in whatever direction they like to go. And it is a wonderful surprise when a minor character will whisper that he needs his story told as well.

  2. G. Ogan says:

    Hi, your mind’s world sounds so very interesting! My own Adult Paranormal Romance stories take place in our world, with “Immortal Relations” and the sequel “Immortal Relations, Love and War” tracing along with the here and now, but throwing in some twists and turns (many threats likely to become all too real, such as the Chernobl’s cap failing & Fukushima’s potential as an E.L.E.). As for reading outside the genre’, I prefer to read other’s vampire works because almost all are of the “Bram Stoker” type of evil vampire(s) vs. whoever or whatever. My own “guardian vampires” are totally different…so no “conflict of interest” in reading how nasty their vamps are. So far, I’ve had zero interest in moving into a different genre’, I’ll stick with my Immortal Relations series (book three should be out this Summer). Wishing you the best of luck with your new book!.

  3. Cindy Gerard says:

    I love familiar characters and like Kylie, readers seem to love them too. I know the same hold true for me when I’m reading as well as writing. Familiar is good :o) Congrats on the new release Michele

  4. My recent Wild Horse Sanctuary series for Special Edition ran the longest of any set of spin-offs I’ve done, and I didn’t start out with that in mind, certainly not with the first two. Since I write from character, the spin-off is usually conceived when a secondary character becomes really intriguing during the writing of a book. Or maybe the mention of someone interesting, usually important to the back story but who’s elsewhere at the moment, which was true in THE LAST GOOD MAN. The hero’s half-brother was a presence even though he doesn’t appear in the story’s present time. When a character walks away leaving that back book cover slightly ajar, you’ve got to follow. It’s almost like he left a trail of breadcrumbs for his creator.

  5. Recurring characters are really popular with readers. I remember that you posted a while back on how you manage to keep track of these worlds and your many characters, and from reading today’s post I can see where such a good record-keeping system would be essential for keeping all of your wonderful stories straight!

    • michelehauf says:

      my ‘world book’ is a very fat 3-ring binder. It’s got many ‘unwritten’ characters just waiting for their moment (or not); some will never get their own story, but work really well as secondary characters.

  6. leannebanks says:

    Sounds wonderful Michele! Thank goodness for your binder. I will say that I love to see dark villains turned into heroes. It’s such a delicious, usually painful experience.:) Good for you!:)

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