Hooked on the Harlem Shake

Everybody’s doin’ a brand new dance now

Only it’s not new.  It’s based on a traditional Ethiopian dance.  You have to see this video—it’s so cool! 


About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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4 Responses to Hooked on the Harlem Shake

  1. michelehauf says:

    I’ve heard about this song, but this is first time I’ve heard the music. Is that the actual song playing on the video?

  2. bellwriter says:

    So cool! Thanks for sharing, Kathleen. I make a motion we all do this dance. Everyone looks so happy 🙂

  3. Michele, that’s the music they’re using for the flash mob-type event. Did you read about the kerfuffle at the local high school? Kids dancing on the tables in the cafeteria got suspended. I almost blogged about that, but #1 son wore me out debating pros and cons. Among the suspended were hockey players who couldn’t play that night so the team lost so they don’t get into the big tourney. My view is that school staff is damned if you do, damned if you don’t. But if it involves athletes, all bets are off.

  4. The dance is looks phsyically energizing for sure.

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