I’m excited to announce that my new Harlequin Special Edition has hit the stands.  how_to_catch_a_prince_lgr  I’ve been writing a lot about “royal babies” lately.  Lois talked about babies earlier this week, and I must confess I find babies irresistible (royal or not).

If we’re talking royal babies, though, I start thinking about Kate and Will and how they will raise their child.  I’m thinking they may be traditional with a lot of mothering from Kate.  What do you think?  I suspect there will be no trendy names for this baby.

In my book, HOW TO CATCH A PRINCE, the hero fights his feelings for the shero so long that he loses her and must win her back again.  I do love to see a good man fighting for the love of a good woman.  This book received a 4.5 star rating from RT Book Reviews, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.  If you get a chance to read HOW TO CATCH A PRINCE, please write me at leannebbb (no spaces).

So just for giggles and grins, let’s name Kate and Will’s baby, girl or boy.  I will draw a winner of a backlist book from one the commenters on Saturday.  Ready?  Go!


Leanne Banks

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  1. Teresa Hughes says:

    For a girl…Diana Katherine. For a boy Johnathon William.

  2. Deanna Vrba says:

    Diana Elizabeth, William Jacob

  3. I love Diana also. My choices would be Eleanor Diana for a girl and Richard Henry for a boy.

  4. CateS says:

    Mary Elizabeth [great and grandmother] and George Phillip…. you can check out the royal family tree here..

  5. loisgreiman says:

    The book sounds fantastic, Leanne. Best of luck. I’m all about babies these days. Names are hard though. I think they should go for something crazy to stir up the royals…ummmm Jemima or Incado. 🙂 Actual names my own kids have considered by the by.

  6. DENISE says:

    Girl, Charlotte Diana Edwina Louisa; Boy, Richard Charles Albert William–don’t they get four names?

  7. Alex says:

    For a girl – Alexandra Diana Elizabeth
    For a boy – Arthur William Philip

  8. michelehauf says:

    Congrats, Leanne! Now I’ll be muddling over royal baby names all day. Which, isn’t a bad way to spend the day. 😉

  9. Kathleen O says:

    Victoria Wilhelmina Diana …lol
    Congrats on the new release….

  10. Liz Flaherty says:

    Diana Katherine Elizabeth or Philip Charles William–I don’t know how many names they get, though.

  11. Leanna H says:

    Diana with Kate’s mothers name if it is a girl and Alexander William for a boy.

  12. Carolyn Walker Rhodes says:

    How about if it’s a girl then…Deidre Kate and if it’s a boy…William Duncan!

  13. CrystalGB says:

    How about Isabella Caterina or Alexander William

  14. Your new book sounds wonderful. Congratulations on the fabulous rating from RT Magazine!!

  15. You book sounds wonder. I don’t know her/his official name, but I do know it will be HHR 🙂

    I can’t see the queen being happy with Diana as a first name. BUT as independent as Will and Kate seem to be, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Diana as the second or third first name.

    I like Victoria Diana

  16. Cindy Gerard says:

    congrats on the new release, Leanne. How timely with all the speculation about the royal offspring. I can’t come up with any better names than have already been suggested. I like the way you guys think.

  17. krishelin says:

    I hope it’s a girl and it definitely should have the name Diana somewhere. Although the Queen might not be thrilled, Princess Diana was still Prince Williams’s mom so she should definitely respect them choosing that name for his sake!

  18. Ada Hui says:

    Definitely think Prince Diana’s name has to be somewhere and since baby becomes third in line for the throle I kind of like Victoria Diana. And if it’s a boy, Henry Leopold. They both sound stately and dignified 🙂

  19. Sharon Mitchell says:

    Diana Elizabeth and William Spencer seem right to me.

  20. Kathyj86 says:

    I’m thinking they will definitely use Diana for a Girl and I have no ideas for a boy. Love your books and am very excited about the new release.

  21. leannebanks says:

    Kathyj86, thanks so much for your kind words. I would like to see Diana’s name somewhere in their too.

  22. Quilt Lady says:

    Emily Michelle for a girl. Joseph Michael for boy.

  23. Tinny Wilkens says:

    Congrats again, Leanne for everything you have accomplished! How about Eve Katherine w/ Kate’s Mom’s name&Will’s Mom’s followed for a girl’s & Adam William w/ Will’s Dad’s name&Kate’s Dad followed for a boy’s? I thought it’ll be fair for either side of the family?

  24. laurieg72l says:

    Prince Stephen
    Prince Eric
    Princess Laura
    Princess Julia

  25. donnasquaw1952 says:

    Princess Diana Elizabeth
    Prince William Charles
    Donna harris

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