Baby induced insanity



Babies are everywhere these days. Or maybe that’s just my perspective. My granddaughter is already eight months old, my niece is being induced this morning! And my daughter is six months pregnant.


So I’ve been surrounded by mommy hormones for a while now and here’s what I’ve discovered: Babies make people crazy.

baby 2

Let me begin with a friend’s story. I’ll call her Stacy to protect the less than sane. A couple of months before Stacy’s due date, her mother in law contacted her son (Stacy’s husband) to insist that he hold the phone to Stacy’s belly during the night so that she (the mil) could bond with the fetus in uteri. Stacy (justly, I think) said ‘um, is she crazy?’ That’s when she was informed that his mom had assured him that the little mother-to-be had already agreed to this fantastic idea. Stacy then spent the remainder of her school day crying noisily in her psychology classes.

baby 3

When another niece was showing off her baby at a recent family function everyone oohed over the newborn except my mother who, at 94 is sometimes a little outspoken. She said, “Why doesn’t that kid have any hair?”

baby 4

But it’s not just women who are driven bonkers by impending babiness. When a friend of mine went into labor, her husband insisted on going to the bank to take care of a ‘little financial business’ on the way to the hospital. Oops, make that…her ex husband.

baby 5

My father, upon hearing that my sister was going to name her daughter Courtney, said, “Oh well, that’s okay, I’ll just call her Jennifer.” I thought that was loony until I heard about a woman whose mil decided she should name her baby Fergus. The mother regretfully declined, but mil still wrote Welcome Baby Fergus on the shower cake.

baby 6

My husband, though relatively sane in most ways, said, “Oh no,” when our daughter announced her pregnancy. However, when she later declared that she was having a girl he gleefully clasped her shoulder and said, “Good job!” as though she had just aced a chemistry test.

baby 7

I think my family is fairly normal, honest, so what makes us so wacky where babies are concerned? And does anyone have a story to make me feel better about our oddities? I particularly appreciate mother-in-law tales. 🙂



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18 Responses to Baby induced insanity

  1. I love all of your adorable photos!!

    Congratulations on the new niece, and super congrats on your daughter’s new little one who is on the way. All of it is super exciting, and I am thrilled for you!!

  2. Kathleen O says:

    Congrats on all the Babies that have come into your family and or are coming into the family.
    I love all of these beautiful Baby pictures.. Gives one a happy feeling to see these cuties…

  3. loisgreiman says:

    Thanks. Courtney is being induced this morning. Just waiting to hear.

  4. Nikki H says:

    Congrats on all the babies! But, really? No. Just no. 🙂 Your family wins, hands down.

  5. leannebanks says:

    I think you’re right, Lois. I think people go nutso over babies. I hope to have the opportunity to go a little nutso. I hope my children will reproduce, but for now I have to wait and coo and awww over other peoples’ babies and grandbabies (wah).

  6. Nora Braun says:

    Love all the baby pics! All I know is that cute babies always gets my husband to make the silliest faces just trying to elicit a smile. Love your stories about your family — you just have to smile and enjoy!

  7. Cindy Gerard says:

    congrats on all the new babies Lois. I’m a nutso gramma – but in a good way. I don’t interfere but I’m there if they need me. and I went so crazy buying clothes for the first grandchild that I lied and told everyone I won a gift certificat so they wouldn’t think I was nuts LOL Not sure it worked.

  8. Cindy, I’m with you on the baby clothes. Love baby clothes. Baby toes. Bows. Shall I go on?
    Lois, you must be on Cloud 9. I love all these baby craziness stories, but knowing you, I’ll bet yours can top them all. ‘Fess up, now. Your grands already have their own horses, right?

  9. michelehauf says:

    Love those pics! And so funny about the poor kids getting called a completely different name by their relatives. Bizarre. Not like I’d ever call my son ‘Bob’ if that wasn’t his name, right? 😉 I can’t wait to buy baby clothes for my grandkids, but I fear I have a looooong wait.

  10. CateS says:

    A little background.. my pregnant friend was in the middle of moving and building a home [yes she was crazy].. so all their mail went to the in-laws home.. same town.. baby arrives, new parents name the baby, move into new home.. About 6 weeks later, they receive the ‘official’ birth certificate. Baby girl’s name not even close to being correct… yup. the state board of health sends you a form to verify the spelling of the name.. The MIL didn’t like the chosen name, so when she got the notice [remember all mail going there].. she changed the name… Not a good move to make with your daughter in law… I’ve since lost touch…but always wondered how long that marriage lasted..

  11. Quilt Lady says:

    People do go nuts over babies! My niece named her baby girl Charlie. I don’t care for the name so I just call here Sissy, because she does have an older brother.

  12. Kylie Brant says:

    Oh the wackiness is probably all me 🙂 As soon as we’re alerted the daughter-in-law’s are heading to the hospital, I hang up the phone and tell my husband, “We have to go!” He is always less certain but so far when a grandchild is born our family is there in spades. I try to imagine how I would have felt if that had happened when I was having kids, but I excuse our behavior by telling myself that we’re so much normal than my husband’s family, who wouldn’t want us around

  13. Kylie Brant says:

    Oh and you have to check out 🙂 Soooo cute! And Zulilly! LOooooove Zulilly. I bought the girls cheetah print and zebra patterned tutus 🙂 Oh and fairy outfits.

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