Oscar night…..

Lincoln_2012_Teaser_PosterSo, it’s over!   Were you  glued to your TV last night as the awards night unfolded?  How did the results play out–did your favorites end up winners?

I missed most of program, but looked for results online as soon as I could, and then caught the last few awards live.

I was so glad I got to hear Daniel Day Lewis accept his Oscar with such such grace and humor…and especially enjoyed his brief tribute to his wife, who has ended up “living with many strange men” over the years while he has immersed himself in his varied roles.

On the other hand, I thought Hugh Jackman was  amazing imagesin Les Miserables, and wish he could have won, too. 🙂  I never could have made a decision between them. Did you agree with the voters on best actor?

What about Best Picture?  I figured it would be Lincoln, and liked both Lincoln and Life of Pi better than Argo…but some of the other finalist movies I haven’t seen yet.  What was your favorite?

annehathaway2_300And then for best actress…who was your favorite nominee?  I confess that I haven’t seen all of  those movies, but I thought both Sally Field and Anne Hathaway were amazing and again, wish both could have won.  What are some of your other thoughts on the Oscar winners?

Since I missed the Red Carpet parade,  I need to get back online and check  out all of the glamorous dresses.  It’s hard to imagine a lifestyle that involves designer gowns and Winston jewels, but its sure fun to look!

You know, the writing world has some very prestigious awards too, such as Romance Writers of America’s Rita, and many of the authors here have won a lot of honors!  If you’re curious, you can look at the horizontal bar at the top of this blog, click on the author names, and you’ll arrive at their websites.

Best wishes to you all.  have a wonderful week!

Roxanne Rustand

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10 Responses to Oscar night…..

  1. I have such mixed emotions about the Oscars since I’ve learned so much about all the politicking and “buying” that goes on to get the votes. The “special” showings, the gifts that go to the voters, etc. Now I realize that the movies and actors nominated come about because intense marketing. I realize that it was naive of me to think votes were based on merit.

    Kind of reminds me of the story going around right now about authors buying enough of their books to get on a best seller list. Sigh.

  2. Kathleen O says:

    I knew Daniel Day Lewis was going to win for Best Actor, although I must admit I was pulling for Hugh Jackman…As for Best Actress, I was sure Sally Fields was going to get it, but Anne Hathaway was deserving too. The one category that I was upset or disappointed in was Supporting Actor award.. I thought it should have gone to Robert DeNiro… And I knew that Argo was going to get Best Movie.. Hollywood was upset that Ben was not nominated in Best Actor or Best Director categories… All in all I thought the show was very good. My fav part was when Dame Shirley Bassey came out in the Tribute to 50 yrs of James Bond and sang just like the classy singer she has always been. And Barbara Streisand did a good job of Memories, but I thought her performance of that song was just a little bit off.. Well all the hoopla is over for the year, all the post mortems will be gone over about who’s dress was the best, who made the biggest faux pas of the night and whether Seth McFarlane was the best host, on all the talk shows today. For my money I think Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Siegfried had the best dresses of the night..

  3. loisgreiman says:

    Who was the mother in Silver Linings??? I thought she was so phenomenal. Was she up for best supporting actress?

  4. michelehauf says:

    I just checked in for thirty minutes. Saw Jennifer Garner’s dress. Wow! Gorgeous color and style. Usually I wait for Monday night ET to see all the dresses. 😉

  5. leannebanks says:

    I thought it was WAY TOO LONG! I was happy for Daniel Day Lewis, but would have liked to have seen a tie with Hugh Jackman even though I won’t go see Les Miz. Yes, you heard that correctly. Too many of the main characters die in that story!:/ Great blog! I did watch the whole thing, but now feel it was a bit of a time suck.

  6. Rox, Anne Hathaway won best supporting, Jennifer Lawrence best actress. I watched the whole show. At first I didn’t think Seth MacF was going to do it for me–thought the opening monologue was mostly a dud–but it got better with the tribute to recent musicals. Catherine Zeta Jones and Jennifer Hudson were amazing, but bringing out the whole Les Mis cast out for a musical reprise was breathtaking. Loved Streishand’s “The Way We Were” tribute. They should have lopped off the last musical bit–Here’s to the Losers? Really?. I’m a movie buff, and I enjoy seeing the stars come out in couture finery and borrowed jewels.

  7. Oh, did you see Hugh Jackman leap up to do the gentlemanly thing when Jennifer Lawrence fell going up the steps? What a guy! Any other year he would have won best actor for Les Miz–he was wonderful–but Daniel D-L was unbeatable. I thought he was amazing as Lincoln.

  8. It was a year for great movies. My pick was Lincoln, with Les Miz a close second. Beasts of the Southern Wild didn’t have a chance, but it was right up there for me. Those 3 were outstanding. Haven’t seen Pi yet, but we will. I love Ban Affleck’s comeback story, and Argo is a good movie, but not the best in my view.

  9. Kylie Brant says:

    I agree, Michele, I loved Jennifer Garner’s dress the most. Absolutely stunning!

  10. Quilt Lady says:

    Sorry I didn’t watch the Oscars

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