It’s a guilty pleasure

pAll right, I confess, I’m addicted to Pinterest!  I say it without shame because I happen to find the online pinning board fun and inspiring.  Sure, it started out as me thinking ‘well, I have to do this because it’s another way to connect with readers’.  But it’s become more than that. It’s simply a fun place to spend a little time.  Every.  Day.  Addicted, remember?

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all at least seen the sight, or clicked on a link that took you to a Pinterest board.  I do have boards that I consider ‘promotional’.  I’ve created a board for each of my heroine and hero couples.  I know that sometimes readers like to see images that inspired stories, so this is a perfect way to do that.  And, I keep a collection of ‘Heroes’ and ‘Heroines’ and if I’m starting a new story, I just head there to browse and see if an image catches my eye.  I even sometimes have the browser open to the new page I’ve started that collects pictures while I’m writing the story.  The last few stories I’ve worked on?  Totally inspired by the pics I’ve collected on Pinterest.  It’s a lot less cluttery than have pictures spread all over my desk, that’s for sure.

But most important are the boards I pin for fun.  I am visually inspired.  So I love to collect pictures that are bright, make me think, or make me laugh.  I have found numerous excellent recipes to try, and more than a few fun gardening tips that I can’t wait to test come spring.  Erm, yep, I’ve actually clicked on pics of pretty, shiny things and ordered them, because…  Because I just did, okay?  And I browse like-minded souls’ boards to see what they find fascinating.  It’s a great way to spend ten minutes in the morning, perhaps on lunch break, and again at night.  Don’t worry, I’m not there all day.  I DO sit before the computer monitor all day, so any time not spent writing, I try very hard to make it AWAY from the computer.  But again, I think I’m a little addicted.


So I want to hear about the sites/places online that attract your attention?  What are your guilty pleasures online addictions?

Michele, whose Pinterest boards are here:

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19 Responses to It’s a guilty pleasure

  1. Kathleen O says:

    I have not tried pinterest yet…I was waiting for my new computer and now that I have it and I think it is running good, I will not start these new phase of my time… lol Yes these different apps keep one glued to their computer, don’t they.. Of course FB and the different games I am addicted to keep me busy, but lets face it my kindle and my other books are my real addiction..

  2. loisgreiman says:

    Pinterest is really fun. I’m very visual, too. My daughter sends me the funniest stuff from Pin and I think it’s a good way to connect, but I don’t use it very much.I do have a little trouble staying off the boards that sell horses though. Gotta quit that.

  3. I have to catch up on my own Pinterest boards. I spend lots of time searching Pinterest for ideas when I’m putting something together. Last fall it was #1 son’s wedding. This week it’s almost 9-yr-old granddaughter’s birthday party. She chose Wizard of Oz theme. I tend to go overboard, but I love “creating atmosphere.”

  4. Cindy Gerard says:

    I am purposefully staying away from Pinterest because I know it would suck me in. I have enough guilty pleasures that waste my time – but I sure enjoy them LOL For me, it’s the aquatic forum. Yup. Since I’ve become a fishmommie, I haunt the boards learning everything I can and helping newbies get things set up right.

  5. BrendaE says:

    Pintrest has proven to be hazardous to my DH’s health. I’ve spent many weeks over the past couple years either in the hospital or at home in bed. I’ve passed the time either reading or “pinning.” DH’s honey-do list has grown by leaps and bounds. “Hey honey, look at what you could build,” “Hey babe, look at what this person made.” “oooh- look how they painted this.” He cringes now when I have my laptop in front of me and start to talk to him.

  6. elaing8 says:

    I used to be on Pinterest ALOT but they canceled my account.(over a few butt shots of guys..Have they seen other peoples boards. Very racy and I’m the one that gets the boot,,oh well) They said I could resign up and when I did it just wasn’t the same. All that time put into my boards all for nothing.I still pin but not crazily like I used too. maybe that’s a good thing.

    • michelehauf says:

      Really? THey’ll kick you off for that stuff? I don’t post the skin myself (try to keep it PG-13) but I follow a few that post ‘almost all’ skin pics. Very tastefully done, and no ‘parts’ on display, but still. Huh.

  7. kylie brant says:

    I’m on Pinterest but I really haven’t spent a whole lot of time on it. I’m a little at a loss as to how to use it to connect with readers.

    • michelehauf says:

      I have a link to each of my hero/heroine boards at my website, so if a reader is checking out one of my books, then can click over to see the images. Also, I just think it gives the reader a look inside your head. Whether or not they’ll like what they see is another thing entirely. 😉

  8. Quilt Lady says:

    I am on Pinterest but haven’t been on it any so I don’t know much about it.

  9. I signed up and then walked away because I thought “time sink!” Except I really think I could find it inspiring, so back I go. Thanks, Michele (I think).

  10. Heather L says:

    I spend a good portion of my online time at, but Pinterest can be equally addictive. It’s sooo easy to get sucked in if not careful.

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