Golden Globes




I thought the Golden Globes awards were fascinating last night. Not fascinating enough to keep me awake during the entire program, mind you, but it would take a miracle to keep me conscious that long. Still, here are several things that I found interesting.

Mel Gibson: I mean, he’s come under some pretty serious scrutiny lately, but he must have an amazing support team because Robert Downey Jr. and Jody Foster seemed to be really pulling hard for him.

And speaking of Jody Foster: who knew she was gay? Probably most of the world. Still, I was surprised. She seemed a little incoherent to me, but apparently she’s 50 and we’re all a little loony at this age. And almost none of us look that good when we hit the half century mark.

How about Ben Affleck? He was blackballed by Hollywood? Why? When? How? And who saw his Argo movie? Me, I loved it, but I like a lot of his work. I thought he seemed disingenuous and utterly appealing as he accepted his award for best director.

Jennifer Lawrence (from Hunger Games and Silver Linings right?) was beautiful and breathless. Why is it always so charming when those mega stars lose their composure? And is it allowed to say, “I beat Meryl Streep’ when you beat Meryl Streep?

President Clinton announcing the Lincoln nominee??? He was declared by some to be ‘the biggest celeb of the night.’ When did Bill become everyone’s darling? I’m pretty sure I remember a time when about half the population hated him.

But let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? I mean, we all know the Globes are all about the gowns so here are a few  goodies:

red dress

Gorgeous dress.

weird dress

Weird dress.

ugly dress

Unflattering dress. (Notice expression of woman in background.)

alien dress

Odd dress.


Odder dress.


Hmmm, but who cares cuz it’s Halle and she could make a banana peel look chic.

So those are my worthless opinions. How about you? Any incite on the Globes?


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18 Responses to Golden Globes

  1. Teresa Hill says:

    A warning to all mothers of daughters, especially those in their teens and early 20s: Girls will terrify you about what your daughters’ lives might be or become. Lena Dunham’s characters are all a mess.
    That said, I have to applaud her naked honesty about life. (And showing us a naked body that’s not perfect. I get uncomfortable every time I see it, but part of me is going… a real-looking naked young women. How often do we get that?)
    Then I want to take her aside and say, “Honey, stop having really bad sex with boys you either barely know or don’t like. Please.”
    And the writer in me thought… Look at the reception she got from her peers! If you say peers when 99% of them are older than she is. But I think her work is bravely honest and raw, and Hollywood gave her a huge ovation last night. I doubt she’ll even realize how loud and genuine the applause for her was until she watches a clip of her winning. They clearly love her and what she’s accomplished. Bravo to her.

    • loisgreiman says:

      I hadn’t even HEARD of ‘Girls’ until last night. Intriguing.

      • Teresa Hill says:

        Girls is THE hot show right now. Maybe only 2nd to Homeland. But the really interesting thing about girls is that HBO gave a girl who was… I think 24 at the time, a deal to create, write, direct and star in a show. She’s a real powerhouse. Has done two indie films on her own, one shown at Sundance I believe.

    • I might have to get HBO again. I dropped it a couple-few years back when I wasn’t getting much I liked, but I want to see Newsroom. Curious about Girls, but I have granddaughters, 8 and 10, and I’m already getting nervous.

      • Teresa Hill says:

        Newsroom is fabulous! I adore it. And Jeff Daniels looks amazing. I keep meaning to look up his age. I know he was Flap in… oh, brain blip. Flap. Ages ago. And I have a giant crush on the little nerdy assistant producer with all the hair — Jim. How adorable.

  2. Kylie Brant says:

    The first dress is swoonworthy 🙂 Loved loved loved Argo. Want to see Zero Dark Thirty next. There was a Hollywood led movement to get the director banned from an Oscar nod that seemed to work. Have to believe politics are in the awards just like everywhere else….

    • loisgreiman says:

      Why did they want to ban the director, Kylie?

      • Teresa Hill says:

        The movie opens with a brutal torture scene and implies that torture gave the CIA a lead that eventually lead to a lead that led to Bin Laden.

      • I think the people opposed to recognizing the movie with awards are saying that because the movie was made with cooperation from CIA, military, etc that it’s biased in favor of the go’t. Others say that the torture scene shows that using torture was ineffective because the breakthrough came only after we stopped using torture. I haven’t seen the movie, but this is what I’ve read.

      • Teresa Hill says:

        Kathleen, That’s the conservatives. They have protested that it’s biased toward the Obama administration. The liberals object to it implying that torture helped us get Bin Laden. So it’s being attacked from both sides. But I can’t wait to see it.

  3. leannebanks says:

    I loved Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and I frankly wished less time had been spent on the awards and more time on Tiny and Amy! My understanding as to why Robert Downey Jr is so supportive of Mel Gibson is because Mel Gibson gave Downey a chance when no other movies were able to get insurance for Downey to work on the set due to Downey’s addiction issues. Some people are saying that Jennifer Lawrence’s comment about Meryl was a quote from “The First Wives Club”. I’m always glad when some of the dresses are ugly. Gives the commentators something to argue about.:) Great blog!:)

  4. Cindy Gerard says:

    I thought it was a really fun show. and Jennifer Garner looked amazing in RED. I just watched a Girls marathon. And Theresa couldn’t be more right. It’s a scarey, real, poignant, frustrating and brilliant show. Lena is brilliant. And I also want to see Argo and Zero Dark Thirty.

  5. Could be a case of “if it’s too much skin showing, you’re too old,” but Jessica Chastain was my what-was-she-thinking? moment. That dress made her look saggy from all angles except the back. She said she was firmly taped in and could’ve done a cartwheel and not fallen out. Maybe the tape was working against her assets. Not flattering unless we’re going for a different look these days–one I think I’ve lately achieved. Should I be flaunting it?

  6. Quilt Lady says:

    Sorry I didn’t watch.

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