This part is best…

I declare January Hunk Month!  I mean, look at those menfolk featured in the January releases in the right column, will you?  Sure, one of them is mine, but there are more.  Enough hunks to go around!

So just for fun let’s talk menfolk and what it is that attracts us to them.  And let’s be blatant.  I want to know physical attributes that attract.  We all know kindness, generosity, and smarts are tops on the list.  But what are your favorite man parts?

backI’ll start.  I confess, a well-muscled back makes me forget how to speak.  Drool might even form at the corner of my mouth.  All those ridges and curves and hard lines that move and shift with every motion.  Sigh…  Sure, abs are great, but give me a handsome back any day.

Ok, your turn!


ps – and speaking of sexy men, I do have a new release featuring the ultra-delicious Jimmy Thomas.  MALAKAI is available at all online retailers and is a novella that pairs a Casanova of a werewolf with a flighty but sexy faery.

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10 Responses to This part is best…

  1. loisgreiman says:

    Weird. I like backs, too. And necks. Seriously. Makes me kind of wonder about myself.

  2. Wow! That’s one good looking guy, and I can’t even see the front! 🙂 I clicked through to take a larger peek at Malakai, and he was so amazing that I nabbed the book right there! Look forward to reading it!

    You are right–there are LOTS of great looking covers on the right hand side bar!

  3. Kylie Brant says:

    I like biceps 🙂 I get positively squishy at the sight of some hard arm muscles. Not the bulging steroid induced type you see in gym rats but the kind that come from hard work. And I’ll take the abs too. But all the muscles in the world can’t make up for sexy eyes and a wicked sense of humor.

  4. leannebanks says:

    Broad shoulders, buff chest and biceps distract me.:) And I think I like it covered by a fitted shirt or sweater. I’m with Kylie. Don’t forget that wicked sense of humor!:)

  5. Christie Ridgway says:

    Broad shoulders, strong arms and legs! Long limbs (because I’m so short). But kindness and a twinkle in the eyes are absolutely necessary.

  6. Kathleen O says:

    I would go with the arms. let they strong enought to wrap you in safety, warm enought wrap you in love and comfort… The days and nights that I have needed these kind of arms and none to be had. Sighhhh

  7. Quilt Lady says:

    He does look good, if I have to say so myself!

  8. debradixon says:

    Hands. They’ve got to have the right manly but not neanderthal hands. It’s a fine line.

  9. I like men with long arms and long legs. A nicely defined goody trail is sexy, too.

  10. I’m drawn to hands. They say so much about a man–where he lives, what he does, where he’s been. I can lose myself in watching manly hands wield tools or drive or saddle a horse or handle almost anything with care and confidence..

    But i like small butts and I cannot lie.

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