Holiday Happiness?

Amid the long list of hubby’s oh-so-admirable qualities, one would not find a love for all things Christmas.  Or holidays in general.  This dearth of Christmas spirit has become a standing joke in our family (he doesn’t see the humor), whenever he starts his annual and as yet in vain attempt to cancel Christmas.

It usually starts on Thanksgiving when conversation turns to plans for the upcoming holiday.  While we’re all talking he’ll insert his usual, “We’re gonna cancel Christmas this year.”  We all keep talking.  But he’s determined.  And his voice gets a little louder.  “We’re just skipping it.  You guys don’t need anything.”

This is usually when I roll my eyes and my kids all start laughing and launching into memories of similar cancel-Christmas assertions he’s made Every. Single. Year.  You have to admire his perseverence.

Sometimes I can join in the humor.  Other times it’s just downright annoying 🙂  I’ve coped over the years by forcing him to join me for at least one mega shopping trip for presents.  Believe it or not, that does help, because he gets an opinion on what we buy (kinda sorta) so he has some input.  And he gets to give ideas when I’m out of them.  (Sometimes I listen.)  But on and off throughout the season I’ll still get treated to the grumbling and the waste talk and the one I most enjoy, the you-know-how-rich-we’d-be-if-you-stopped-spending-money-on-the-kids talk.  That’s my favorite, in the same way you have a favorite ice pick to stab through your eye 🙂

Lest you think he’s a total Grinch, he goes out and sells grain in all the kids’ names and sticks a check in their stocking.  So he’s okay with that end of things, I guess, because he sees cash as a very practical gift, unlike the actual wrapping things up and watching people unwrap them way.  Which for me is the magical part of Christmas.

I suspect some sort of childhood trauma has led to this bah humbug Christmas spirit.  Apparently the year his brother got the Johnny Quest speedracer and he got the remote control red race car scarred him permanently.  And he isn’t all that great about receiving presents either.  What’s wrong with this guy?  Who doesn’t like presents?  But then he’s also the guy who never had a Christmas stocking until I made him one when he was nineteen, so maybe that’s the root of the problem.

Once the presents are wrapped his cancel-holidays thoughts turn to the food.  He snatches up the list I’m making and demands, “What’s this?”

“A grocery list.”

“For what?”


“Who’s going to eat all this?”


(I know, I know, you’re jealous of our communication skills already right?  If you like that, you’d love the part minutes later when I clap my hands over my ears and sing, lalalala–I’m not listening because you don’t get a vote on what I’m making for Christmas—lalalala.  It’s downright spiritual.)

He’s fine once the day arrives and he’s surrounded by family and fun and commotion.  He’s the first one taking all the pictures and videos.  He’s the one schlepping out to the driveway to fix whatever is wrong with every kid’s car before they leave for home again.  And that doesn’t get a peep of complaint from him.

I’ll never figure this guy out.  He’s a great giver…the man’s taste in jewelry is above reproach 🙂  But not so much of a receiver.  If I could just figure out a holiday that doesn’t involve a huge menu and a truck load of presents to buy and one that  involves lots of auto repair I think I can make his favorite holiday.  And if it involves something sparkly for me, it might become mine, too <g>

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12 Responses to Holiday Happiness?

  1. Willa says:

    Hahahahahahahaha 😀 Chortled my way through that post . . . bless him!

  2. leannebanks says:

    Haha Kylie! Great blog! Sometimes it’s like pushing the elephant up the steps, isn’t it?:) It sounds like you had a great Christmas despite your lovable Grinch. I decided to turn off the news and most of our regular shows and watch the Hallmark channel over Christmas. It really improved my mood. It surprised me when my husband said (the day after Christmas), “You know, I just want to watch one of those Hallmark movies tonight.” For REAL, he said that!lol

  3. loisgreiman says:

    I’m not very Christmasy either. Partly because I’m not good with groups of people. I’m okay one on one though…sometimes. But I’m getting better and better at sitting all alone day after day like a sinister curmudgeon.

    That said, happy New Year everyone. 🙂

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Lois, I can’t imagine anyone less curmudeon-y than you 🙂 I’m the more-the-merrier type but only in crowds of people I know. Not so much with strangers. His grinchiness is much more gregarious than I am.

  4. What a fun, delightful post–all the more because until this year, I would have said our dh’s were cosmic twins….right down to the grocery shopping! Like your dh’s check, mine thinks in practical terms for each child. A set of tires. Paying to rebuild an engine. A sofa. Great, useful things–much needed–but given a month ahead of Christmas, and then he thinks we are done shopping. Nope. 🙂 It isn’t Christmas to me without presents to unwrap!

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Yes, it’s all about ‘practical’ and ‘useful’. He always says, “They don’t need that.” To which I respond, “It’s called a present. They don’t have to need it. Presents are for what people *want*.”

  5. Quilt Lady says:

    What a lovely post, sounds like my husband. Oh he loves to get gifts but he is not good at buying them. When it comes to the holidays I do it all. The shopping, the wrapping and the cooking. He just sets in his chair and waits until I get everything done. He is very happy to open gift for himself but just slaps some money at me if I am lucky, then tell me I never asked for anything.

    • Kylie Brant says:

      LOL Quilt Lady, I ask for plenty 🙂 We were once in a sporting goods store and I saw a running suit I liked. I was trying to tell him that I liked it but he was doing everything but listening to me. I grabbed his face and said, “Pay attention! I like this!” A guy standing behind him burst out laughing 🙂 Looks like I caught both of their attention 🙂

  6. Linda says:

    There are times I think like your husband… I am a better giver then reciever when it comes to gifts. But that comes from how I grew up. But for me to give something it tends to come from the heart and even better when it is something that I had a hand in the making. Your hubby sounds like the kind of guy who likes to do things for people and not just give frivolous gifts.

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