Holiday Projects, New Books, and Everlovin’ Cowboys


This news just in from Bell Bridge Books marketing department!  NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK will be $1.99 at Barnes & Noble (the Nook Store) as a digital download this weekend–December 22-24, 2102.  At that price you can treat yourself to a hot cuppa and some quiet reading time with a story guaranteed to warm you up on a winter’s night.

Speaking of long winter’s nights, the reason it feels like The End Of Days up here in the Northland today is that the winter solstice really means something here.  A whole lotta dark.  Not quite Arctic dark, but gettin’ there.  When Scandinavians immigrated to the U.S. about a century ago, they flocked to Minnesota and found it felt much like home.  Deep in December back in the old country they would (I’m told) haul in the Yule log and the fresh-cut spruce tree, cover the tree and some pretty little blonde girl’s head with candles, and let there be light!

I always feel like I’m channeling my Swedish grandfather this time of year when I decorate for Christmas.  I string white lights all over the place, plug them in to timers, and I don’t take them down  until at least Valentine’s Day, when the days are beginning to feel longer.

I’m not much of a holiday baker, but I do love to turn the house into a fairyland this time of year, and my granddaughters have become my decorating cohorts.  Last weekend’s project was inspired by—who else?—Martha Stewart.  (We subscribe.)  The little “Toob” penguins decorated her last birthday cake, and we already had most of the other pieces, too.  Martha called for a round jar with a screw top, but the bowl worked just fine.  The only part that took any time was shaping some Styrofoam packaging material and covering with “Buffalo Snow Flakes.”  Voila! Fake snow globe that we can take apart after Christmas so the penguins—Piper’s 2012 favorite animal—can live to serve yet another day.  We’ve used “Toob” figures for all kinds of class projects, dioramas and the like—very handy.


I’m giving forcing paperwhites another try.  I’ve tried before, but mine never turn out like Martha’s.  I was handed three free bulbs at the garden center when I went shopping for greenery for outdoor arrangements, and I’d just come across a no-fail recipe for no-flop stems, so what the heck?  The recipe is 1 part rubbing alcohol to 10 parts water, which should cover your pebbles/glass bits/whatever just up to the bottom of the bulbs.  My shoots are growing straight and tall, but the proof will be in the blooms.  I’ll report back in a couple of weeks.  Anyone tried forcing bubs?  Got any more tips?


I just got the cover for ONE LESS LONELY COWBOY my March Special Edition (on sale February 19).  If you have any pre-adolescent girls—that would be post-toddler, pre-middle school–in your life, the title might sound familiar.  It’s one word off the title of a Justin Bieber (aka the Biebs) song.  And that word is, of course, Cowboy.  After years of struggle to put herself through school to become a teacher, single mother Lily Reardon returns to the Montana ranch where she grew up and the father who sent her away thirteen years ago.  Staff cutbacks have left her with no job, no money, and no place else to go.  Jack McKenzie is the best hired hand in the county, but he’s seen his share of troubles, too.  ONE LESS LONELY COWBOY is a story of redemption and second chances, a favorite theme of mine.

And I just got word that there’s a possibility that one of my all-time favorites, THIS TIME FOREVER–winner RWA’s RITA Award for Best Single Title Contemporary Romance—might just possibly be available by Christmas.  It’s already out as an Audible release, and I’m really excited about the brand new e-book and trade paperback formats.  I should know more soon.

What are you doing for holiday decor?  Tell us about your favorites.  Trying anything new this year? 

About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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11 Responses to Holiday Projects, New Books, and Everlovin’ Cowboys

  1. donna harris says:

    I bought something new this year a Horseshoe Christmas Tree with Cowboy Boots Ornaments. This is really neat, I love horses, cowboys and everything to do with western. Of course we still put up the regular Christmas Tree which is a small one, we don’t have much room since we moved a few years back. It’s only us this year, no kids, his kids, my kids, are going other places. When your kids grow up, get married, we have to share with other families.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    • Donna, yes, cowboy ornaments. On our tree we have miniature boots, chaps, hats, horse, a Lone Ranger lunch box and the like, but our treasure is a straw hat with beaded hat band and bead work around the brim, a gift from our nephew several years ago.

  2. Trish Jensen says:

    Kathleen: First, congrats on the new book and the re-release of one of your favs (and obviously others’ if it won the Rita)! Second, my friend sent me a pic of a Christmas tree totally made out of books! It’s so cool, but I have no idea how to upload the pic here and am afraid to try and screw things up. But in the course of shopping for Christmas gifts for publisher, editors, office staff, etc, I came across this mug that literally had me spewing coffee all over my monitor. Although not necessarily in the spirit of Christmas, I’m guessing almost everyone has someone they’d love to send it to:,506354716

    Happy holidays to all!

    • Love the mug! Ah, yes, a writer’s retribution. I’ve seen several versions of those books made of Christmas trees, and they’re amazing. You know what? You’ve inspired me, Trish. I’m going to try making one.

  3. Sonya Heaney says:

    It’s the summer solstice here! And we’re having a bit of a heatwave.
    Nobody should take down their Christmas things until mid-January – a number of countries celebrate Christmas by the old calendar, which puts Christmas on the 7th of January, and then New Year a week after that!
    Growing up, I always received two sets of presents.
    Non-Americans are blocked from shopping at Barnes & Noble, but the book looks interesting. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the new release and the re-release, Exciting!!

    We had green grass in Iowa (not growing, but still green) until yesterday’s blizzard. And now it seems like Christmas!! We have lots of horsey ornaments on our tree. Nothing as cool as a Lone Ranger lunchbox ornament 🙂 but lots of quarter horses, cowboy boots and such. It’s fun reading the notes above!

  5. Roxanne, I’ve seen pictures of your lovely home on the range where you can look out the window and watch the horses play. It’s been another weird winter so far, hasn’t it? Sixty degrees one day and snow the next. The blizzard went south of us. We’ve had rain since we got our several inches of snow–what we call a dusting in Minnesota–so we have ground cover, but it’s a white crust. Looks good from a distance. Happy merriness!

  6. Nicole says:

    I really love decorating for Christmas. Every year I buy something new and last spring we went to Holland and France and I brought back Christmas decorations from both places. The new ornament, a little boy with a tulip behind his back and the little girl figurine, is adorable. That’s my new thing, ornaments from places we visit.

    I am looking forward to your new book. I have both “This Time Forever” and “Night Falls like Silk” and enjoyed them very much.

  7. Quilt Lady says:

    I do love me some cowboys! No new decor here. We have a mother and baby deer out in the front yard and lights on the porch. Also have a lighted penguin that sets in front of the porch but he has taken a noise dive into the dirt right now because we have had a lot of high winds past couple of days. It was just to cold today to fix him.

  8. I had a plan for my cowboy to make a pair of those cute log deer–cut out the picture and plans and placed them beside a pot of cowboy coffee–but so far no deer.

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