I know.  It’s only November, so why is she talking about Christmas?  Well, since the stores have been pushing Christmas since before Halloween and in some cases even before that, I figured why not?

Because Christmas was my dad’s favorite holiday, I have some wonderful memories of those times in my childhood.  He was really big on surprises.  Like the year he kept telling me I couldn’t get a two-wheel bike because he had to buy some tool and couldn’t afford both. I was heartsick.  All my friends had bikes, and I had to stand on the sidelines watching them have fun with theirs.  On Christmas morning I awoke to find a beautiful blue Schwinn bike standing next to the tree.  I’m not sure who was more delighted – me, because I got my bike, or my dad, because he’d managed to totally surprise me once again.

Then there was the year I found out (kids, plug your ears) there was no Santa Claus. My grandmother and mother were assembling a doll carriage for me.  An argument ensued over whether or not a piece of cardboard was supposed to remain in the carriage.  My grandmother said it was, and my mother said it wasn’t.  Their voices escalated until they woke me up.  I could hear my dad telling them both to keep their voices down, but they continued with the disagreement. (Incidentally, my grandmother was right, the cardboard was what made a flat surface for the doll to lay on, but my mother threw out the piece of cardboard before we figured that out.) I lay there listening to them and trying to figure out why they were doing Santa’s job, then I realized that, for all these years, it wasn’t the jolly old elf who’d left my presents, but my mom and dad. I was devastated.

But some of my happiest memories of Christmas come from watching my own kids tear into their presents and scream with joy when they saw what lay inside. My husband and I had a ritual we started when the kids were old enough to understand.  Every year, we waited until they went to bed on Christmas Eve to put up the tree and haul out the wrapped gifts so when they came down in the morning, Santa’s visit was a total surprise.  Fortunately, their belief in Santa lasted a lot longer than mine.  My son, however, has since told me he suspected it was his parents and not Santa, but never said so because he feared, if he was wrong, “Santa” would stop bringing him gifts.

We now have a beautiful, one-year-old grandson, and I am anxiously waiting for him to celebrate his first Christmas as a toddler that is really aware of what’s going on.

I just finished the fourth book in the Hawks Mountain series, WINTER MAGIC, which takes place at Christmas in Carson, West Virginia.  It will be released later next year.  And it will include a surprise, special Christmas present for all my readers.

Currently, the third Hawks Mountain series book, FOREVER FALL, has just made it to the bookshelves and the e-book market.  Set in Carson, it takes the reader on a journey to prove to a teenager, with the help of a baby simulator, that being a mother at fifteen is not the best idea.  Single hero, Lucas Michaels, the school principal, and Amantha James, one of Carson’s single social workers, are picked by the Board of Education as stand-ins for the girl’s parents to conduct a secret experiment that will decide whether or not the baby simulators are effective and if they will be introduced into the school’s curriculum.  However, to do this, they must move in together with the teenager, which results in complications no one could have foretold and not just with the determined teenager.

May your holidays be blessed and filled with love and surprises.

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17 Responses to IS IT CHRISTMAS YET?

  1. Kathleen O says:

    Christmas was always a great time for my parents, espeically when all their chicks were home for Christmas.. They loved to see us open up our gifts espeicaly my mom. she would never open up any of her gifts until we were all finished. I can still remember when the first grandchild came along. My mom and dad were in heaven watching their granddaughter open all her gifts. Then the other four came along. By the time the two youngest came along, the twins, mom and dad were getting older, but they still got such joy from them. The year dad died, I made mom a Christmas Memory scacpbook of all the wonderful christmas’s we shared as a family and for the kids to be able to share in them to.. It made all my family cry. Now mom is gone too and we get that book out and remember. We are all not toghether at Christmas, but those two wonderful people will always be with us and sharing in our christmas joys no matter where we are..

  2. debradixon says:

    Marge– Thanks for hanging in the ‘vert today! I love Christmas books. Always have. I rarely have the time to do the really big Christmas decorating and perfect present wrapping and cookie backing, but I love the idea of all that. And most of my childhood Christmases were the big, sloppy, all-out, Christmases that make great memories.

    • You’re welcome. I was always a sucker for convertibles. :0) I love Christmas books, too, and couldn’t wait to write my first one, ANGEL UNAWARE, then I got to write another for you at Bell Bridge Books, WINTER MAGIC. (To be released next year) Come on! I had to get the commercial in. Thanks so much for having me here. Happy Holidays, everyone.

  3. Britt says:

    It doesn’t help that there are a million different Christmas commercials on the TV before Halloween. Christmas is the best time of the year. I love listening to music and getting into the holiday spirit. I wish I had the self-control to wait until Christmas Eve to put out the Christmas tree. Mine will be up and decorated this Friday.

    • Oh, Britt, I wish I could say my tree would be up soon. However, I have a new set of tiny hands that would just welcome something that intrguing to investigate. So we’re working at finding a place out fo his reach, but one where he can admire the pretty lights. It’s our one-year-old grandson’s first Christmas and I’m so excited to see his reactions. Have a wonderful Christmas, my friend!

  4. Kylie Brant says:

    Congratulations on your new books, Elizabeth! I, too, love Christmas. But I’m not an early shopper. I tend to sneer at those who brag about getting their shopping done in Oct. 🙂 Who is in the mood that early??? My kids don’t have lists made until after Thanksgiving. That said, one daughter-in-law always lets me pick first from her kids’ lists and sent them to me over a week ago. I now have 4 out of 5 grandchildren’s lists and have ordered about 90% of their gifts. That does make me feel rather smug This is way early for me.

    • Thanks, Kyle. I’ve gotten to the point where the crowded stores take all the joy out the holday for me, so I resort to online shopping. No one gets upset when I take too long deciding or a I hold up the checkout line. Sooooo much less stressful. LOL Merry Christmas!

  5. Cindy Gerard says:

    Your books sound lovely – as do your memories of Christmas. Thanks for riding with us today

  6. Quilt Lady says:

    Your book sound wonderful! We don’t have any little ones in the family anymore. I have a great niece who is five and she always has a good time at Christmas. Christmas is just not the same when the kids grow up.

  7. Hi, Elizabeth! I love sharing Christmas memories, and yours sound much like mine. But I still refuse to give up on Santa Claus. I know there’s a workshop at the North Pole somewhere.

  8. Roxanne says:

    I loved your post, and hearing about your Christmas memories! My parents had my brother and I buffaloed for years. they were evasive about “Santa” as we got older, but we could never figure out how they did it–we’d leave for church together, and when we returned, the Santa presents were there. Always….and we never saw either parent slip away during the service.
    Happy memories….

    I look forward to reading your book!

    • All my Christmas memories hold a very special place in my heart. Especially those that incude my dad. He made Christmas so very special for me. I’m glad you have such happy memories as well. Merry Christmas!.

  9. donnas1 says:

    Thanks for sharing your memories. And I love the in case he was wrong portion!!!

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