Seen Any Good Ones This Year?

Thought I’d post the top movies that I’ve seen this year.  In no particular order.  In anticipation of a great upcoming holiday season of movies, I look back fondly on these titles. [You can click the titles for links to the trailers.]


This one was one of my favorites, by far.  A Norwegian flick that features a heist and some amazing thrillers scenes.  The tension just keeps getting tighter and tighter with this one.  Just when you think the protagonist has been beaten enough, seen it all…the stakes are upped, and he’s faced with a new challenge.  And the star reminds me of a young Christopher Walken. Free on Netflix right now!


Another free NetFlix offering, and also Scandinavian.  This one was fun but mixed in healthy does of horror and thrills and was filmed in the manner of the Blair Witch ‘live-filming’ mode.  The nods to mythology were abundant, and I especially liked the scene where the three billy goats were put out on the bridge to draw in the troll.


Was indeed amazing.  I wasn’t too sure about going to a rehashed version of this movie, that I originally enjoyed quite a bit, but I do like Emma Stone and was curious about Andrew Garfield.  The couple (a couple in real life) had amazing on-screen chemistry, and I think I prefer Garfield’s geek Peter Parker over the previous incarnation.  A fun flick, and I’m glad I decided to see it.


I took a chance on a lot of Netflix’s offerings this year.  While normally I would NEVER go for a wrestling movie (okay, it was mixed martial arts, which makes it a little more palatable to me) I decided to check this one out for one reason: Tom Hardy. Tell me you don’t find the man sexy.  Anyway, another surprising pick, in that this one was filled with amazing acting and emotion. I was crying—a lot!  Watch it to see Hardy, but then enjoy it for the great story and Joel Edgerton’s performance.


I love time travel movies and I hate them. I hate them because if you think about the story too much you start figuring out all the holes and paradoxes and it drives you nuts.  But I love the time travel genre overall, and this movie was awesome.  Joseph Gorden Levitt rocks, and though Bruce Willis has a tendency to twang me the wrong way at times, he put in a great performance as well. And the story…worked.  If you don’t think about it too much.  😉


A French movie called ‘The Fairy’.  This one is as goofy and quirky as it gets.  Another free Netflix flick that was not dubbed nor did it have subtitles, so I watched it in French.  I don’t speak or understand French, but there was more physical comedy and action than dialogue, so I really got the whole storyline.  And it was fun!  I suspect the female lead in this movie must be considered the Belgium Lucille Ball because her physical comedy skills are simply hilarious.  So if you’re in the mood for a little crazy, oftentimes completely whacked, fun, and don’t mind that you can’t understand the language, then definitely check this one out.


Okay, this is an oldie, but a goodie, and I’d not seen it until this year.  (Netflix, again.) Peter O’Toole and Audrey Hepburn stage a heist (man, do I love heist movies) and following the classic romance tropes, the two opposites naturally fall in love.  And I fell in love with Mr. O’Toole.  Wow!  Those eyes!  It’s fun just to click over and watch this old trailer (1966).


I seem to have a theme with my top movies this year—most were foreign.  This one is Russian, and was directed by the same man who did the Nightwatch vampire movies and Wanted (starring A.Jolie).  He does action and story so well, and this is one superhero movie that really stands well next to any American-made hero flicks.  The hero has a magic flying car (I know!) and it includes the standard hero tropes: a parent killed/died in a horrible manner and hero witnesses and vows to save the world, maniacal hand-wringing villain, beautiful waif heroine who is in need of saving.  I dare you to watch this one, and not like it.


Okay, this one ties with Headhunters as my fav.  It’s got Tom Hardy in it, and he was a sort of theme in my movie watching this year.  Because, why not Tom Hardy, am I right?  😉  This one pits two spies in a match to win the girl.  It was panned by critics but I loved it for the fun movie it wanted to be.  If you want to watch it for the spy stuff, then don’t, because it’s silly.  But if you want a fun romance featuring two sexy men, and a lot of laughs, then go for it.  And do be sure to watch the extra endings if you have the DVD.  Ending #2 kills me!  That’s how it really needed to end.  😉  Tom Hardy!

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7 Responses to Seen Any Good Ones This Year?

  1. christieridgway says:

    I love good movie recs, thanks Michele! We are coming into movie-watching season chez Ridgway. We will go for long mos. w/o movies and then go on holiday binge of watching one every day/every couple of days. We’ll kick off with Spyfall on Thanksgiving Day.

  2. loisgreiman says:

    Wow, I’ve hardly seen anyyy of those…and now I’m feeling badly for myself. Must step up my movieing. Saw Skyfall last night, though. Mixed feelings there.

  3. michelehauf says:

    I’m bummed I haven’t seen a lot in the theaters lately, but am very thankful for Netflix. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll give just about any flick at least a ten minute try before turning it off. Have found some really great movies with that method. 😉

  4. Quilt Lady says:

    We don’t go to the movies! Haven’t been to one in years. We use to rent a lot but we don’t do that anymore either. The only time I watch a movie is when its on TV

  5. MaryC says:

    Haven’t been to the movie theater this year. Since I’ve been looking after my niece and nephew, I’ve been watching Disney and Thomas The Tank Engine dvds.

  6. I haven’t seen many movies the last six months. Saw Argo last weekend–pretty good, even if it was an erroneous interpretation of what really happened. The dh and I are really eager to see Lincoln!
    You have an interesting line up of movies here…I need to do come catching up!

  7. donnas1 says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I rarely go to the movies, so I usually have to wait until they hit HBO.

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