Seven Psychopaths and a Dozen Roses


It’s my birthday!  Well, it is as I write this on November 8.  My wonderful agent sends me roses every year, and this year they’re the color of sunrise.  (That’s actually sunset in the background, off my deck.)  Anyone know what variety these might be?

We’ve had lots going on lately, and when my cowboy asked a week or so ago what I’d like to do to celebrate this particularly significant number of years I’ve been enjoying sunrises and sets, I said I wanted to take in a few movies.  If it’s something good—a big screen picture with a good script and a great cast—I like to go to the theater, sit in the dark with my date, eat popcorn, hold hands and watch from previews all the way through credits.  And this is generally the best time of year for my kind of movie.  For my birthday I get to choose a bunch.  Everything I’ve been waiting to see.  We’ve taken in four so far, and they’ve all been good.  All different, but they all had my requirements in common:  good writing, characters, cast.  I recommend all four—Seven Psychopaths, Argo, The Master, and Flight.

Seven Psychopaths Poster

In Seven Psychopaths, a screen writer played by Collin Farrell is late on a deadline, and all he has so far is the title.  When his ne’er-do-well friend (Sam Rockwell) sets out to hook him up with real psychopaths to help him get ideas, our blocked writer finds himself embroiled in a dog-napping scam with Christopher Walken as the lovable dog-napper and Woody Harrelson as the mobster whose beloved dog is stolen.  I adore good satire, and this one is aimed at Hollywood and lots more.  I laughed myself silly.  If you like the dark humor of In Bruge (Colin Farrell along with the same writer-director—I loved it) this movie’s for you.  And if you didn’t, no matter.  In Bruge wasn’t hubby’s cuppa, but “Seven Psychopaths” had him laughing along with me.  Oh, and don’t walk out on the credits.  There are still laughs to be had.

Flight Poster

Flight is a whole different ballgame.  Intense from the get go.  You’ve seen the upside-down airliner cruising inches above rooftops in the trailer.  That scene comes early, and it’s quite a ride.  This is the story of flawed hero, and the script is phenomenal.  You have one kind of tension in the first half hour and another throughout the rest of the movie.  A smart, skilled, egotistical but basically caring man struggles with his own demons.  Classic, complete with spiritual overtones and a powerful ending.  This is the kind of drama I can sink my teeth into—layers, depth, no easy answers, infinite shades of gray.  Surrounded by an excellent cast, Denzel Washington is superb.

The last movie on my my birthday list—Lincoln, with Daniel Day Lewis—comes out next week, and we’ll hit the first day matinee.  And then there’s Brooklyn Castle, a documentary about a terrific chess team from a struggling junior high school.  Has anyone seen it?  If I missed it, I’ll rent it.  We don’t hear enough about public school success stories and the hard-working teachers who make them happen.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen on the big silver screen lately?  How about the small grey screen? 

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About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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18 Responses to Seven Psychopaths and a Dozen Roses

  1. I’m going to put 7 Pyschopaths on my netflix for when it comes out. Sounds good.
    The best film I’ve seen lately I watched at home. It was Romantics Anonymous and I loved it.

  2. michelehauf says:

    Thx for the review on 7 Psychopaths. I’ve wanted to see it, but In Bruges didn’t do it for me, so if your hubby liked it, then I’m going to go for it this weekend! Then next weekend it’s Lincoln, for sure. My son is vacillating on going to that one, and I told him ANYTHING with Daniel Day Lewis is worth the watch.

    • In Bruge is one of those you either love or hate. Psychopaths is much more accessible, deliciously satirical of shoot-em-up Hollywood, and simply hilarious. Writing and acting–suspension of disbelief ain’t easy to pull off.

  3. Happy Birthday, KATHLEEN!!! I wish I could get my hubby to go to a movie with me–he did it when we were dating, but won’t go now for love or money. Since my daughter works in that industry, she and her boss/co-workers do a lot of movie going and my son of course, goes with his friends–so that leaves me to go by myself. And I do that sometimes, because like you, I want to sit through everything–previews through credits–and no one else likes to do that for some reason. Sounds like you’ve really gotten to see some good ones. The two I really want to see are SKYFALL (I love Daniel Craig as James Bond) which comes out today, and LINCOLN. Those both look really good to me. I hope your birthday was the best one ever!

  4. loisgreiman says:

    Loved Argo. And for something light and sweet Here Comes the Boom was cute. Taken 2 was very disappointing. Movies are what my hubby and I do, too. Love living vicariously in the dark.

  5. kylie brant says:

    Happy birthday, Kathy 🙂 A day of movies would be my favorite way to celebrate. I’d like to just go from one movie to the other all day long 🙂 I did go to Argo last week and it was excellent.

  6. Cindy Gerard says:

    Happy birthday Kathy!! And thanks for the great movie reviews. I want to see the mall. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a movie I can’t even give a rec. I’ll have to see if I can rectify that really soon!

  7. Steph99 says:

    Happy Birthday Kathy! I love movies too. We haven’t seen anything lately, but the Bond movie is out today and I really want to see that! Also want to see Flight, and The Hobbit which comes out next month.

  8. chey says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I can’t remember the last movie I watched.

  9. Quilt Lady says:

    Happy Birthday! We don’t go to the movies anymore. I can’t remember the last movie we went to see.

  10. MaryC says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I can’t remember the last time I was at a movie theater – I’m interested in seeing Argo and Lincoln. I’ve been .watching Foyle”s War on dvd – the main character is Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, of the Hastings Police on the south coast of England during WWII.

  11. donnas1 says:

    I havent been to the movies in almost a year. With no current relationship. Its just too pricey. Sounds like you saw some good ones, cable is my friend.

  12. Kimh says:

    Great prize, have a great week end all

  13. roxanne rustand says:

    Kathy, happy birthday!! What a wonderful tradition you have, sharing good times with your husband at the movies. You’ve given me some great ideas for must-see movies! We nearly went to Argo last night, but the showing we could make was too late. I’m so sorry that Lois concurs with the critics on Taken 2, because I really liked Taken and like almost everything with Liam Neeson in it. Sounds like few people have liked it. I hadn’t even heard about Seven Psychopaths….that one sounds good!

  14. Rox, I love Liam Neeson, too, but I didn’t think Taken was anything special except for Liam.

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