Free Books! Free Books! Free Books!

It’s almost here! My new book, Finding Home, will hit the shelves on November 27th.

And when I say new I mean new in almost every conceivable way. It’s a new genre (women’s fiction) a new publisher (Kensington Books) and a new format (trade size plus ebooks plus audio).

But the ideas have been with me forever. In fact, my agent has been asking me to write a similar book for years. “Horses,” she said, “are an enduring topic for women. Women have always loved horses and they will always love horses.” But I dragged my feet. I’m not sure why. Maybe because ranching and horses has become kind of cliché…or maybe because I was afraid I couldn’t do it justice. But once I was in the proverbial saddle, I loved the whole process.

Finding Home is the story of a young woman finding her place in the world. It’s about going home, about growing up, about making life what you want it to be. Along the way there are cowboys and horses and homeless kids and hairless goats. It’s a book that’s very close to my heart…one that encompasses a good deal of my growing up years.

(My brother on our parents’ ranch back when I was a young girl.)

So, in an effort to spread the news, I’m asking a favor of you. If you would be so kind as to tell me the name and location of your favorite bookstore, I’ll do my best to send them an advance reading copy. In addition, YOU too will be entered to win a copy hot off the presses.

Also, anyone who comments on our Riders blog between now and November 22nd will be eligible to win our Thanksgiving Goodies Basket. So please chime in. We’ll be giving away a veritable cornucopia of books and fun stuff to one U.S. resident plus ebooks etc. to an international reader.

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73 Responses to Free Books! Free Books! Free Books!

  1. Lois – I can’t wait to read it! Unfortunately there is no book store near me so I’ll be relying on

  2. TrishJ says:

    So you took that first step on a new direction. How exciting is that!! I live in a very small town and our small independent book store closed 4 months ago. I usually make by reading purchases on-line. Looking forward to the new book.

    • Lois Greiman says:

      Thanks Trish. I’m very excited. Isn’t it sad about bookstores? I always like to just go in and smell the books but so many have closed. My only hope now is that with the demise of lots of the superstores there will be a toe hold for the little independents again.

  3. Carolina says:

    Looking forward to reading your book!

    Our local bookstore is:
    Basically Books
    160 Kamehameha Avenue, Hilo, HI

    • Lois Greiman says:

      We had a little independent Basically Books here in Minnesota, too. Unfortunately, it’s gone. Sigh. But thanks so much for the info.

  4. Mary Louise says:

    Hi Lois. What awesome news. You followed your heart and you won! You rock!! Honestly, this is not a genre I have ever read but I look forward the taking that first step on Nov. 27. Let’s see… book stores..hum do they still exist? It used to be that you could not throw a stone in Boston without hitting bookstore. Now, sadly, that’s not the case. But the store I frequent (too) often is Barnes & Noble, 150 Granite Street, Braintree, MA 02184.

  5. Lois Greiman says:

    ML, you can’t possibly frequent a bookstore too often! Thanks for the info.

  6. squenn says:

    Hey Lois! We just had a Books A Million open in the mall where I used to work. I will be working there for the holidays!!

  7. debradixon says:

    Gorgeous cover and I love the new direction!

  8. Tami says:

    Alas, I have no local book store – independant or franchise. I buy the majority of my books on-line or on occasional visits to the “bg city”. But I would still love to win a copy of your new book. How about a copy for my public library?

  9. I love the cover. I can totally relate to your setting. Best wishes for lots of sales!

  10. Sorry. Forgot my bookstore:
    695 E. Colorado Blvd.
    Pasadena, Ca 91101

    They are an independent.

  11. Teresa Knight says:

    I can’t wait to read your new book. I’ve loved all your books thus far.
    A great bookstore near me is called “A Novel Place” in Osseo, MN. It’s located at 202 County Rd 81. It’s a great independent store.

  12. Lois Greiman says:

    Teresa, I live about two miles from Novel Place. Totally forgot to contact them. :/ I’ll email them right now to see if they want to do an event. Hope to see you there. 🙂

  13. ellie says:

    Congratulations! This novel sounds wonderful. A great Indie located nearby is: Bookworks
    4022 Rio Grande Blvd. NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87107

  14. Lois Greiman says:

    Am LOVING hearing about the bookstores. So good to know they’re still out there.

  15. michelehauf says:

    Major congrats for what I know is going to be a super read!

  16. Jeanne says:

    How about a copy for Maricopa County’s library system, in Arizona? We LOVE cowboy/cowgirl stories here! And ALL of us here in the Phoenix valley share them (their website has an awesome search engine)!

  17. Nora Braun says:

    Can’t wait to get your new book — you’re perfect for writing women’s fiction! There are bookstores in columbia but I have to rely on amazon since I only read ebooks. I love the look and feel of ‘real books’ but these old arthritic hands just won’t let me enjoy them 😦

  18. leannebanks says:

    Congratulations Lois! I’m so excited for you!!!:) xo, Leanne

  19. Na S. says:

    The cover appealed to me right away. Already I want to read it!

  20. Cindy Gerard says:

    congrats on the new release, Lois. I can’t wait to read it. It sounds like a perfect fit for you. Yum Yum.

  21. Rosemary K. says:

    Lois, your new release sounds great. Congratulations on trying something new! Not many of us are all that brave. I can’t wait to read ‘Finding Home’. Sadly there are no independent book stores in my area. I usually shop at BAM in Rocky River, Ohio. They are always helpful but I miss the small store where the owner knew you and would make recommendations on specific authors and books.

  22. Tanya says:

    The closest independent bookstore near where I live is Annie’s Book Stop

  23. Aarann says:

    Ooooh, sounds exciting! My favorite bookstore is Half-Price Books, but since they’re predominantly used books, I’m not sure if that works. So I’ll rely on Amazon or possibly Barnes & Noble in OKC for a copy. Can’t wait to read it.

  24. Mine would be a library on the island: prudence island, RI. small island off the coast of RI that I borrow books from off season. Closest bookstore would be over 25 minutes away so I rely on Amazon. Congrats on your new release and happy holidays.


  25. Julia David says:

    Books A Million in Hot Springs, Arkansas. That is our only book store in town. I go to a book exchange, called Just Books, but the only other place to buy books is at the grocery store, WalMart or Sam’s Club.

  26. angadair says:

    Well, with the economy, our book stores have closed. But our public library is in dire need of good books. If you would consider them, their addy is Georgetown Public Library, W. West St., Georgetown, IL 61846 Thank you!

  27. Joanna Helm says:

    Your new book sounds delightful; and I am anxious to read it. I wish you much success with it.
    Words, Wicks and Wood, 516 W. Gallatin St., Vandalia, Il. 62471

  28. CateS says:

    The only bookstore carrying ‘new’ books is Barnes & Noble in my town.

  29. Rena Ackley says:

    My favorie independent bookstore is, Buy the Book in St. Augustine, Florida. They are a wonderful, small store and always helpful in finding new books of interest. Looking forward to your newest novel.

  30. The only book store I have is Books a Million. I get some books online from there and Barnes and Noble. I miss small independant books stores…..Thank you for this goveaway. I would be in heaven with all those books.

  31. Martha Eddy says:

    Borders went out so there is only Barnes and Noble, at Buckland Mall. However, they are more of an e-store there (as in very few books). I shop at Amazon (I’m Kindle not Nook oriented) so how about a copy for the Mary Cheney Public Library, Manchester, CT. If it’s not at the library then I go to Amazon.

  32. Deb K says:

    The Bookworm,4111 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth FL 33461

  33. Stephanie says:

    My favorite bookseller is, and I am so glad you are going to give audio a try. I would LOVE for the Chrissy books to appear in audio some day! My favorite brick and mortar store in Omaha is The Bookworm, a great independently owned store. Good luck and looking forward to my first ever LG Audible purchase.

  34. The closest bookstore to me is Barnes and Noble in Cedar Hill Texas. No independent stores near me unfortunately. I look forward to your new book. Good luck!

  35. catslady says:

    Congratulations! We lost our Borders so I usually visit our Barnes and Noble in Monroeville, PA but in most cases I’ve been using Amazon since it’s a bit out of the way for me.

  36. Quilt Lady says:

    I am sorry to say we don’t have a book store so I have to get my books from the local Walmart or from Amazon. I love reading women’s fiction so I am looking forward to your new book.

  37. Kathleen O says:

    Not sure if you can send to Canada, but my local Chapters/Indigo store is
    Stone Road Mall
    435 Stone Road
    Guelph, ON N1G 2X6
    I will look forard to reading this book..

  38. Our bookstore closed too. If you can’t buy it at Wal-Mart, then I go online to get my books.

  39. Jill W. says:

    I usually order my books online at Amazon – that way I can sit in jammies and no one looks at me weird!

  40. MaryC says:

    My favorite independent bookstore is
    Brookline Booksmith
    279 Harvard St.
    Brookline, MA 02446

  41. krista j says:

    I would love the opportunity to read this author. I will checking her out. I would love the opportunity to win a freebie. 😀

  42. roxanne rustand says:

    Lois, your book sounds absolutely wonderful, and the cover is beautiful. And with your background, I know you will have done a perfect job with all of the research details. I cannot wait to read it!

    Our main indie bookstore is Basically Books, but I know you’ve signed books there and thus know about it already.

  43. MJ says:

    Sunflower Books
    1114 Washington Avenue La Grande, OR 97850
    It’s the cutest little brightly painted house transformed into a bookstore and coffee shop and even though they’re tiny, they still always manage to have exactly what I’m looking for when I go in there.
    I look forward to checking out your new novel!

  44. Lois Greiman says:

    That sounds just beautiful.

  45. I live in such a small town that we do NOT have a bookstore BUT was hoping you might consider our local library…St. Croix Public Library, 11 King, St. Stephen, NB E3L 1E9 Canada
    Phone: (506) 466-7529

  46. Nancy Wolfe says:

    Your book sounds great, love to read it. Unfortunately we do not have a bookstore in my town. I shop

  47. Lois Greiman says:

    Doesn’t it seem like there would be wonderful opportunities for people to open little corner bookstores? Wouldn’t that be fun?

  48. Chelsea B. says:

    Here in Meridian, MS, we have a BAM and a nice little library 🙂 Don’t have an indie, though.

  49. bpratt818 says:

    Looking forward to reading your new book. If I go to a bookstore, I go to Barnes & Noble in Bloomington, IL. I also use Amazon a lot…especially if it is an shook.

  50. donnas1 says:

    Congrats on the new release!! This is my favorite book seller. Its a bit of a drive so I can only make it out when they have an event –

  51. Marsha Hefner says:

    I love to wander around the Barnes & Noble in Carriage Crossing Mall in Collierville, TN. Your new book sounds wonderful!

  52. Jackie says:

    The first thing that drew me to the book was the cover. I am one of those people who buy a book because of the cover. The book sounds very intriguing and I’m excited to read this book. I’m glad you have decided to write a book outside of your comfort zone.

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