This ‘n That

Hey, not much to say today.  No brilliant blog posts come to mind.  It’s the Mexican celebration, Day of The Dead, in which they honor, pray for, and celebrate those they have lost.  It is a time of struggle on the east coast, so my thoughts have been on those people lately.

I do have a digital novella out today, CLAIMING THE WOLF, (details by clicking on the cover in the sidebar).  Werewolves should never get bitten by a vampire.  Bad things happen if they do.  So…of course my hero, a werewolf, does get bitten.  I like to torture my heroes.  What can I say? 😉

Have a great day!  Take a moment to think of those we love and cherish, and then move forward.  Begin anew.  Storms signify new beginnings.  So how can you move forward today?


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7 Responses to This ‘n That

  1. loisgreiman says:

    I spoke to my agent in Manhattan. She said she was leaving the office early to try to find a way home. Holy cow! Craziness. I also heard that insurance companies are planning to start charging more for rates because they believe natural catastrophes will be more common because of climate change. Doesn’t this kinda imply that we should clean up the environment?

  2. Cindy Gerard says:

    I spoke with my agent as well. She said the storm did epic damages. While thankfully the loss of life (while still horrible) was not as massive as 9/11, she says it feels very much like they’ve survived another attack. Much of the city is still crippled.
    Makes me want to count my blessings and make some new resolutions to not take what I have for granted

  3. Kathleen O says:

    In the aftermath of this horrific force of nature, I am so thankful that all my friends and family are safe and sound. It makes all the trival things in are lives seem so much less trival. I am lucky that I live where I do and thave those around me who love and cherish me.. You can’t have it better..

  4. I’m trying to move forward by taking care of a bunch of little tasks that have piled up. Made a list of them this morning and am determined to get through them. I live here on the west coast so was not directly affected by Sandy, but continue to beam good thoughts eastward!

  5. My first calls were to my sister in CT (near Hartford) and my brother in DE. Neither was hit hard, so I’m grateful for that, but watched the news throughout and wept for the heartbreaking losses.

  6. The destruction is absolutely unbelievable. i cannot imagine the scope of loss, and the monumental clean up task ahead. I heard today that some people drowned in their own homes, and the horror of that makes my heart break for what they went through, and for the relatives they leave behind. Katrina, the tsunami in Japan, New York….cataclysmic events all. The world is not such a safe place, and this events make me wonder about what could be next.

  7. leannebanks says:

    I started a book today! Teensey goal. 3 pages. I met it.:) Congrats on your release, Miss Fab Michele!<3

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