Scrooge or Tiny Tim?

I’m calling it, people. Halloween is here and that means it’s officially the holiday season of 2012. Start making out your menus for Thanksgiving, it’s time to jot down gift ideas for your loved ones, and it’s never too early to stock up on sugar, flour, and butter for any baking you intend to do.

My thoughts–I’m sure all our thoughts–go to those affected by Superstorm Sandy. This year’s season will not be easy for many, and I hope their hearts can be lightened by the good will that flows this time of year. I was just watching a news segment about the burned homes in the Breezy Point area of the Rockaway Peninsula and was so impressed with the determination and community spirit of that neighborhood where approximately 80 homes burned.

Watching the storm coverage felt strange for me in SoCal where the temperature was in the eighties and it felt like summer. We visited NYC in August and were very familiar with the affected areas where the power went out below 39th Street. We were glued to the TV watching that flailing crane. Even as we watched the coverage, we couldn’t wait to get back. We’re rooting for you NYC!

As strange as it might seem to people who live in other parts of the country, SoCal does have a holiday season, even if our temps can be summer-warm. Honest, we do get cool weather (sometimes a coat!) but it’s almost always true that Christmas Day is so warm no one can use the new sweater or robe or flannel jammies.

When I wrote Must Love Mistletoe, a Christmas story, I set it in SoCal. Bailey (yes, like George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life) Sullivan is back at her family’s holiday store called The Perfect Christmas. Cynical Bailey ran away from her hometown because she says she hates the holiday, but when the store is threatened, she returns. There, she’s forced to face her feelings about the season and her feelings for her first love, Finn Jacobson, a Secret Service agent with issues of his own. That book, and it’s companion, Not Another New Year’s, show a warm-weather perspective of this time of year. Even if we don’t have snow, we have fun! You might want to check them out at your favorite e-tailer,currently on sale a lot of places for 99 cents each. Here’s the Barnes & Noble link: And the Amazon link: Must Love Mistletoe (Holiday Duet Book 1)

Bailey begins her story as a self-confessed Scrooge (if you read the book you’ll see her gradual change) but what about you? I will admit to being relieved once the season is over, but right now I’m gearing up for busy times with an excited attitude. Are you looking forward to the months ahead? What are your plans?

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14 Responses to Scrooge or Tiny Tim?

  1. Kylie Brant says:

    I am *always* excited about the holidays 🙂 It means feasts, and gifts and decorations and best of all–family. So count me as a Tiny Tim type. Just hoping the plague doesn’t sweep through the household over the holiday. Ugh. *That* was not fun last year!

    • Oh, it is definitely no fun to be sick during the holidays! For years, Son1 would get the stomach flu after the big feast. We thought maybe he was allergic to turkey, but he ate it other times, no problem. He grew out of it but I now think he was just an overexcited little guy. My bro’s family always comes and stays with us for the weekend so I think he was in such joy over having his cousins around he couldn’t keep food down.

  2. kris says:

    I adored Must Love Mistletoe, but I admit to being kinda like Bailey. I could do without all the hoopla and hype.

    • Thanks, Kris! She was a fun character to write because she could express all that bah, humbug stuff that we all feel at least a little some of the time. (Say when putting together toys in the middle of the night Christmas Eve.)

  3. Kathleen O says:

    I used to look froward to the holidays, but with both my parents gone now, and some of our family having problems with one another, the once most wonderful time of the year is something I just want to get over with. I try, I really do to get that feeling but I have to push myself.. If maybe I had children of my own it would make all the differnce. But that was not to be. I do so love all my nieces and nephews and my cousins children and grandchildren. I have them all here for a night before Christmas, we go to our towns Sparkle in the Park and come back to my house for pizza and other goodies, hot chocoalte and gifts. We have been going to my oldest brother’s house on Christmas Eve and some of us stay over.. It is fun, but there has been a lot going on this year within the family dynamic and I just don’t know if I can find the spirt this year. It’s a little too early in for me just yet. But come the week before Christmas I just may have some of the Wonderful time of the Year…

  4. Cindy Gerard says:

    I’m with you Christie. Love the holidays but do find that I’ve cut back on decorating a bit over the past few years. Not sure why … maybe lazy :o(

  5. leannebanks says:

    I especially enjoy Thanksgiving. Less pressure! But Christmas will be fun no matter what.:) Great timing for your books. A treat every year!;)

  6. loisgreiman says:

    I’m not a huge Christmas fan. I get really tired of the cold and my little family always has other people they need to see these days. So we’re not all constantly together like we used to be. But I do look forward to the food. 🙂 Candied yams….yum.

  7. MaryC says:

    yt stress level increases around Thanksgiving, The schedule is birthday, Thansgiving, birthday, Christmas, birthday, New Year, birthday, birthday and Chinese New Year. Family get-togethers are always fun and the food is plentiful but I’m grateful for the quiet times I can escape reading.

  8. roxrustand says:

    Your book sounds wonderful! And what a great topic. The holidays are such fun. And busy at our house–with three kids born in December and January added into the mix, we’re always celebrating something! I think a recipe exchange would be great idea!!

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