Easy Decorations, Homemade Celebrations

I admit to being a hoarder and recycler.  The name of the game is repurposing, and Halloween is a great time to play.  Old sheets, old wood, old bones—they might rest in pieces in my house, but never in peace.  We took the skeletons out of our closet a couple of years ago and gave them an indecent burial in our little raised garden.  They’ve been rudely dug up and reburied annually.   


Did someone say, “No wire hangers”?  Must have been a short-sighted witch.  A few white hangers and one shredded sheet yield a very nice haunting in no time.  And the babies on my potting bench are just cheesecloth and Styrofoam balls.


Ah.  Papa Specter appears where a patio umbrella once stood.

Halloween 003

This is my grandson’s completely homemade cardboard box costume—his dad’s creation—complete with lights and a door that opened to receive treats.  Something like this is really really hard to part with afterward.

Halloween 009  Halloween 011

They say that Halloween is overtaking Christmas for outdoor decorations.  I believe it.  We’ve had such lovely October weather in Minnesota recent years—knock on tombstones—that I’m getting all kinds of chances to say, “See?  I knew I could use this for something.” 

What’s your favorite re-purposing story?  Are you decorating more these days for Halloween?  Tell us what you do.

Oh oh oh—one more thing to show.  We had a wedding in the family a could of weeks ago.  Older son and his lovely bride had a beautiful, very casual event at her grandmother’s lake cabin in Wisconsin.  I got to do the “cake.”  Foam board with a log from that Clyde cut up.  Topper—hard to see—is a pair of owls made from pinecones and woodsy stuff.


My son (the groom’s) band entertained.  There were bonfires and a feast from the grill.  Nuptials, “up north” style.  Sure did warm this flower child’s heart.  



About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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9 Responses to Easy Decorations, Homemade Celebrations

  1. At the Nature Station near my home they took old cds and made them into bird art. They were awesome.

  2. LOVE Halloween. Decorated yards make me smile. I passed one yesterday that had turned their entire yard into a cemetery complete with old fashioned hearse. SO cool

    The wedding…love what they did. I’m a little tired of the over the top wedding. Yours sounded special and memorable.

  3. christieridgway says:

    Love all the pics! Especially the last one. Lovely low-key wedding. Congrats to the bride and groom. We love Halloween around here. Lots of decorations. I’m enjoying an almost-lifesize vulture that sits on the table in my entry next to a raven and a bottle of “Hemlock” that when it lights up has skulls inside. But lots of Halloween-y stuff all over!

  4. I just heard about a neighborhood in the northwestern ‘burbs that put together a really cool series of haunted yards. It’s a free walking tour. No advertising, but the word’s getting out.

  5. Kylie Brant says:

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Halloween. It’s the child in me, LOL. It ranks right up there with Christmas. I have scads of decorations and my house is decked out right now. It was fun to have the grandkids come a few weeks ago in time to see them.

  6. michelehauf says:

    Aren’t cardboard boxes handy for costumes? My son made one into a train car one year. But I think he had more fun destroying it afterward. 😉 I think it’ll be a chilly night here in MN for Halloween.

    • For the longest time my grandson checked to make sure Wall-E was still in the basement–wouldn’t let anyone take it apart. Finally it was replaced with another cardboard project–a city. His dad is a meticulous cardboard crafter.

  7. debradixon says:

    I’m re-purposing a pumpkin by carving one of those really complicated scenes on it. There are tools and a pattern so I’m no genius. But my mother is. She re-purposes everything. “Oh, no! Don’t throw that away. We can use it for…” When I recycle these days, it’s mostly into the recycle bin. I’m in a de-clutter phase so “saving” things is counter-productive to that mission UNLESS I immediately re-purpose and use it.

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