What Was That Guy’s Name?

Hey, all!  I’m celebrating yet another book release. I know. Again? I’ve had a lot of stories out this year, most of them novellas. I’ve been busy, what can I say?  Anyway, right now my latest, which pairs two werewolves in a sexy French Alps castle, is FOREVER WEREWOLF.

As a writer who tries to promote her books online, I find myself writing many a blog post when the book comes out.  But the funny thing is, by the time the book is released, I’m already working on a new book.  Sometimes I’m two or three books beyond the current release.  And as so happens with my overstuffed brain, I don’t retain information on those stories for long.  So when I sit down to promote, I sometimes have to ask myself, “Who were the hero and heroine of this story?  What was their story about, anyway?”

Doesn’t sound as if I have it all together, eh? Trust me, I fell in love with Trystan and Lexi while writing the story, but hey, my brain can only store so much.  I’ve got hundreds of characters hanging around in there, begging for their story or in the process of having their stories written, so sometimes, the old guys—aka the current couple—have to get shoved out.  Nothing against them personally.  I just have to refresh my memory on them when it comes time to shout about them to readers.  😉

So here’s what I remember.  Trystan is a fun, cool, determined werewolf who gets along with everyone and wants to learn what it’s like to be a member of a pack (he grew up with a crazy vampire mother and a father who is half vampire/half werewolf. Plus, his twin brother is a vampire. Go figure.).  So, despite his seemingly outgoing, friendly appearance, the dude has issues.  Seriously.  And Lexi, well, she’s a full-blooded werewolf—who has never shifted.  Trust me on that one, major issues, as well.  Now, I also recall much snow, a lot of flirting, alpha wolves challenging one another for the girl, a quest to win the girl, and secrets shared after trust is earned.  Oh, and Trystan falls for Lexi the moment he lays eyes on her, and nothing will stop him from winning her.  Not even an avalanche, of which, there are two.

Even if I don’t remember names, places or situations about past stories, I always remember how I felt writing it, and Forever Werewolf was a fun write!  Sort of like when I read books and years later I can’t recall details but I recall how the story made me feel when reading it.

So, writers, tell me, do you remember the details long after the book has been written?  And readers, what about the books you read?


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14 Responses to What Was That Guy’s Name?

  1. here’s the funny thing…as a reader, I retain the details of books I love. As a writer, no, I don’t remember. When I was doing my edits, I came across a few sentences that made me stop and think “Brilliant!”, sure that it was something my editor had suggested. I’d go pull the early versions of the book and OMG! there was that sentence I have no memory of writing. Do you do that?

  2. kylie brant says:

    Michele, I do exactly the same thing. Sometimes even during writing the book. I zone out and start thinking about something or researching something and then I come back and think, now who are they? What’s his name??? Scary, I know. When I reader mentions a secondary character in a book that just came out, I draw a total blank sometimes. After 30 some books it’s all I can do to remember my kids’ names, LOL.

    • michelehauf says:

      The tough part is, when you’re at a signing, and a reader starts talking about some character and you have to sit there wondering ‘who the heck is she talking about?’ So you just nod your head and agreed. I love that readers know our characters so well!

  3. Christie Ridgway says:

    Oh, boy, that happens to me, too! It was a real challenge with my latest books, a trilogy and then a prequel novella. I kept having to check details to make sure I didn’t screw up something mentioned in one book when I went into another. It was a lot to hang on to.

    Congrats on the new release, Michele!

  4. loisgreiman says:

    I do exactly the same thing. After thirty some books I can’t even remember the titles much less the characters’ names.

  5. roxrustand says:

    I’m with Lois and Kylie on this one! I keep a character and setting bible going when writing a series, but sure wish that I had kept all of those lists in a master notebook. After thirty books, there is so much that I’ve forgotten! I remember being in awe at a workshop given by Leigh Michaels long ago–she fielded questions about her past books and remembered book titles, character names AND plot details. And she has written over a hundred novels! It’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one who forgets book details!

  6. Guy Ogan says:

    Major characters and their actions are recalled by what is left of my brain (I’m almost 70) but I have to check the spelling of even my hotest characters (Magdalena or Magdelana, Eveana or Eviana?). My second adult book, “Immortal Relations, Love & War” will be on Amazon & Kindle by EoM this Oct. I’ve started my thrid in the series & introducing a shifter, who doesn’t know he has the gene until he is leaving a club as my good vamps are walking in, “OOPS, THERE IT IS”; fortunately, my young female vampire-human hybrid is able to calm things down! I look forward to seeing where his and her relationship leads. LOL

  7. Cindy Gerard says:

    So — I’m not senile after all. You just mad my day, Michele. and wow. congrats on yet ANOTHER release. You are amazing!!

  8. Linda says:

    As a reader I must say that no I do not remember every character in a book that I have read. Then again I read over 200 books last year. If I read the first few pages of the book I can usually remember the details, though there are some books that I have read so many times I know the characters by heart.

  9. michelehauf says:

    I do have to say, forgetting things does have its advantages. I can read a book I’ve read years earlier, and it’ll read like new to me. Same with movies. If it’s been three or four years since I saw the movie, it’s all new to me. 😉

  10. leannebanks says:

    Congrats MIchele! I think you have writing super powers!!! xo, Leanne

  11. It’s so much fun when a reader chats you up about characters from books you wrote years ago. I’m working on edits of my first single title (THIS TIME FOREVER) for its new life as a Bell Bride Books release, and it’s like a reunion with old friends.

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