Guest: Leandra Logan

The Riders welcome the luverly Leandra Logan to the convertible, who has some early Halloween fun for us!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Bonfires are a roasting

Pumpkins are glowing

And sacks brim with Three Musketeers…

Ah, yes, the spooky pleasures of Halloween.  While I still enjoy dress-up parties and decking my halls with ghouls, my fondest memories date back to my trick-or-treating days.  The world was a more innocent place, where we were allowed to run rampant through the St. Paul streets of tract housing collecting candy in a pillowcase.  Scampering past the cemeteries in the neighborhood, squealing with delight over scary decorations and music provided by adults who reveled in the holiday spirit brought me and my crew unadulterated joy.

Drama was limited back then.  It was big news if someone was shoved down for their sack or found a razor blade in an apple. (I happened to be especially safe from such hazards because I could run like the wind and didn’t consider any fruit a Halloween delicacy).  Trust was a more common given.  A woman known as the Fudge Lady provided her homemade goods in Saran Wrap as did a few popcorn ball rollers.  We consumed them without a care.

Then it was off to Grandma Irma’s house on Arlington Avenue not far from the elementary school.  She was actually my best friend Mary Jo’s grandma, but lucky for me, Mary Jo was willing to share.  A quintessential gran was Irma, short and round with a twinkle in her eye and a husky laugh full of merriment. She even owned a puppy, one named Pudge, whose toenails clicked across the kitchen floor whenever we showed up at the back door.

To this day, I can’t believe that old lady hosted an annual after-party in her basement for hooligans like us!  Painted walls and tiled flooring in our neighborhood basements were considered fairly swank; and her basement on that night with its cheap paper decorations and buffet of homemade cookies and punch was as appealing as any hotel ballroom at any writers’ convention I’ve ever attended.  The highlight of the evening was bobbing for apples.  Back then the practice was already outdated, but I’ve always wondered if it was something Grandma Irma did as a child.  As a grown woman, I’ve come to feel such gratitude for her putting up with all the pandemonium and what had to be quite a soggy mess.

 Wherever she is in the Heavens, I want Irma to know that her celebration did much to heighten the anticipation of everything that went on that special night.

Speaking of gratitude and anticipation, I’d like to use this venue to reach all my writer and reader friends with a big thank you.  The New Year will mark my five year survival of breast cancer.  I am, to the best of my knowledge, cancer free! The road hasn’t been easy.  My bad reaction to the meds has made my life a painful struggle.  I’ve been living in slow motion, which of course has taken a toll on my writing schedule.  But many loyal people have stuck with me through it all and for that I feel Enormous Gratitude. I anticipate that my writing schedule will again be picking up momentum in the months to come.  I’ve so missed entertaining everyone.

Meanwhile, I have two Halloween stories you might enjoy:

YOU CALLED, Leandra Logan, Deadly Treats Anthology, edited by Anne Frasier

SEND IN THE CLOWNS, Leandra Logan, Amazon Kindle

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Grandma Irma Halloween!

Mary Jane Schultz/Leandra Logan




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11 Responses to Guest: Leandra Logan

  1. Liz Flaherty says:

    A fun post. I remember those safer days, too. And yay on your five years!

  2. Kylie Brant says:

    Welcome, Leandra! Yes, I recall roaming a mile radius from home trick or treating…without adult supervision! We’d have grocery bags full of candy to last us until Christmas. Still love Halloween. Loved making costumes for my kids (although they would have preferred the plastic flammable ones from KMart, LOL!) Loved decorating for the day. At school the kindergarteners still parade through all our classrooms in their costumers, which is a riot 🙂

  3. Lois Greiman says:

    Hey Mary!!! Thanks for joining us. I, too, have stories about adolescent independence that would make modern parents’ toes curl. But it was fun, wasn’t it?
    Love your books. Hope to see more of them soon.

  4. Christie Ridgway says:

    Congratulations on your five years! We love Halloween around here and I loved it as a kid too. I realize it’s almost October and near time to decorate. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Cindy Jones says:

    Fun stories mom! Halloween was always fun at our house! I love both of your Halloween stories. They were page-turners, keeping you guessing until the very end!

  6. The more I think about Halloweens past, the more I remember. Mary Jo and I were a couple of rascals to be sure. Some years near the holiday, we created the neighborhood haunted house in my garage. It was very dark in there with spooky music and decorations galore, such as spiderwebs made of string. There was also a buffet table of delicacies to touch, such as eyeballs (peeled grapes) and brains (cold cooked spaghetti). Yum!

  7. michelehauf says:

    Love your Halloween memories! We don’t do Halloween here anymore. But it’s always fun to see the kids walking outside in their costumes.

  8. Rosemary K. says:

    As we grow older, we appreciate the childhood treats. They make up our happiest memories. I hope that my grandchildren will be able to make their own precious memories. Congratulations! Five years is a great milestone.

  9. Guy Ogan says:

    Congratulations on five years cancer free and on your writing! Your blog brought back a lot of fond memories of running from house to house getting treats and later gatherings at someone’s home for games (bobbing for apples was a big part of that). Since (good) vampires are my genre in my “Immortal Relations” series (second book will be available on Amazon & Kindle by November) I dress appropriately for Halloween, handing out candy to the kiddos, my wife & I are dressed as vampires…lots of fun! This year I’m making the walkway up to our front door passing through a graveyard, complete with headstones and a vampire who rises up out of his grave (pesky ol’ thing)! Unfortunately, children today rarely experience the freedom and joy we did in those more innocent times!

  10. roxrustand says:

    WONDERFUL news about your five years. What a milestone! I loved your post. Form the photo, it look as if you are every bit as fun as the Grandma Irma. The Halloween decorations are so cool! And what darling kids. Congratulations on your books, and best wishes for many more!
    My favorite Halloween memory is putting a costume on my horse, and then going trick or treating on horseback. Six of my friends went along on their horses, too, and it was such fun!

  11. taurus says:

    Congratulations on your five year cancer free annniversary!
    Love seeing all the children dressed up for Halloween. Some of the families bring along the family dog for trick or treat, so we have halloween doggie treats too.

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